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B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)1 Welcome to the Faculty of Science of the University of Orléans B.R.I. U.F.R.

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1 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)1 Welcome to the Faculty of Science of the University of Orléans B.R.I. U.F.R. sciencesnathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

2 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)2 Location of Orléans B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010 France in the world and EuropeOrléans in France

3 BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL Check the use of your credit card abroad The currency rate The use of your mobile phone abroad The weather: The facilities of your accomodation: pans, saucepans…

4 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)4 Coming to Orléans Orléans is an hour away from Paris. By train: http://www.voyages-sncf.com The university of Orléans is a French state university. The campus is located at Orléans-la-Source, 10kms south from the city center of Orléans, in the department of the Loiret and the region Centre.LoiretCentre The tramway stops (line A) close to the university are Université- Château and Université-Parc Floral. The bus line 20 also leeds to the city center. Please click on the SEMTAO link for further informationSEMTAO B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

5 Information public transport Paris airports to Orléans: FR/Passagers/Acces-Plans-Parking/Paris- Orly/Acces/Transports-En-Commun/ FR/Passagers/Acces-Plans-Parking/Paris- Orly/Acces/Transports-En-Commun/ Interactive plan of Paris public transport:

6 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)6 Brief History of the University of Orléans  It was founded the 27th of January 1306 by Pope Clément V.  It was the 4th university after the universities of Paris Toulouse and Montpellier.  In the Middle Ages, it was known for its teaching of law. As Orléans is close to Paris, it enabled students to travel to and forth to study in both universities.  The campus of the university is situated in a green and peaceful place.  The campus is about a 100 acres. It is situated in the region Centre, in the heart of the Val de Loire. The region is famous for its castles. B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

7 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)7 The University of Orléans 4 faculties:  Faculty of litterature, languages and human science  Faculty of science Faculty of law and Faculty of sports  Engineering institute  I.U.T Since 2004, the university of Orléans has officialy adopted the LMD European system (L: 3 years of study, M: 6 years, D: 8 years). To have a glimpse of our university: watch this video. B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

8 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)8

9 9

10 10 The faculty of science of the university of Orléans The faculty of science is situated at Orléans, Bourges and ChartresBourgesChartres This year, 2009/2010, the Faculty of Science welcomed 2 282 students and 209 doctorates. 6 départments : Biochemistry: BiochimieBiochimie Biology: BiologieBiologie Chemistry: Chimie (dont IUP Chimie)ChimieIUP Chimie Informatics: Informatique (dont IUP MIAGE)Informatique Mathmatics: MathématiquesMathématiques Physics and Engineering science: Physique et Sciences de l’ingénieur B.R.I. U.F.R. 15/07/

11 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)11 Research Laboratories 11 research laboratories (cf campus) Le Laboratoire Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire (CBM) CBM Le Laboratoire Institut de Chimie Organique et Analytique (ICOA)ICOA Laboratoire d'Immunologie et d'Embryologie Moléculaires (IEM)IEM Le Laboratoire de Biologie des Ligneux et des Grandes Cultures (LBLGC)LBLGC Le Laboratoire de Neurobiologie (Neuro)Neuro Le Laboratoire des Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation (CEMHTI)CEMHTI Le Laboratoire Centre de Recherche sur la matière Divisée (CRMD)CRMD Le Laboratoire Groupe de Recherches sur l’Énergétique des Milieux Ionisés (GREMI)GREMI Le Laboratoire Institut de Combustion Aérothermique réactivité et Environnement (ICARE)ICARE Le Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale d’Orléans (LIFO)LIFO Le Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications, Physique Mathématique d'Orléans (MAPMO)MAPMO B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

12 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)12 Practical Information International Relations Office D.R.I. (Direction des relations internationales)  Official documents will be checked:  Identity card, passport, visa if needed  Medical and repatriation insurance from your home country  Bring 4 identity photos:  Photo regulations can be found:  OFII: European students do not have to claim a « carte de séjour » equivalent to a residency permit: B.R.I. U.F.R. 15/07/2010

13 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)13 Administrative and Academic Registration Exchange European students have to register at our faculty. The international relations office will hand-in an administrative file to you. Administrative documents required for all students in France:  A health insurance (sécurité sociale étudiante)  The civil responsbility insurance (assurance responsabilité civile)  An insurance for accomodation (assurance logement)  you can contract these when opening a bank account  For further information on: living in France:  B.R.I. U.F.R. sciencesnathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

14 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)14 Administrative registration A student card will be handed to you: This card will enable you to pay your meals in the restaurants on the campus: A student e-mail address will be created B.R.I. U.F.R. science nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

15 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)15 How much does it cost? Housing Information: financial help for accomodation: One-month Budget in Orléans: meal at a university restaurant:2,90€fast food meal:7€ neighborhood café or restaurant10€–20€sandwich3 to 5€ Coffee 1€–2€Bread0.80€ Croissant1,00 €cheese2,00€ 6 eggs: 1.50€ Recreation and amusement: movie ticket (student rate)5.00€ public museums are free for European Union members adged less than 25. other museums: 5 to 10€ theater ticket 10–30€ newspaper 1.20€ B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

16 B.R.I (Bureau des relations internationales)16 Leisure Orléans city’s website: Campus sport activities: PAC (a cultural passport) Associations Erasmus Student Network:éans Tourism information on Orléans: The weather forecast: B.R.I. U.F.R. sciences nathalie.smith@univ-orleans.fr15/07/2010

17 Do not hesitate to contact me if needed:

18 Key information when leaving Orléans Entities and agencies to warn when you are leaving Orléans Accomodation Matters Please warn the CROUS or your flat owner 1 to 3 months before leaving your flat or room. Please warn the CAF that you are leaving Please warn the electricity, gas agency that you are leaving (1 month beofre) Do not forget to tell your accomodation insurance agency (at least 1 month before) Do not forget to close your bank account by going directly to your bank (2 to 3 months before departure) If you have an Internet or telefone subscription, please warn them that you are leaving (1 to 2 months before departure) International Relations Department Do not forget to hand out the document with the signature when leaving the country. Please come if your internship is not too far to say goodbye.

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