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Together Everyone Achieves More

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1 Together Everyone Achieves More
There’s No “I” in T.E.A.M.! Together Everyone Achieves More

2 The Importance of Teamwork
Allows everyone to be a part of the whole group More ideas are expressed Work is completed faster Produces a higher quality of work Reduces confusion and chaos Provides a structured environment

3 Creating a Culture of Teamwork
Executive leaders communicate the clear expectation that teamwork and collaboration are expected. No one completely owns a work area or process all by himself. People who hold positions are open and receptive to ideas and input from others.

4 Creating a Culture of Teamwork
Executives model teamwork in their interaction with each other and the rest of the organization. They maintain teamwork even when things are going wrong and the temptation is to slip back into former behavior.

5 Goals When Working on a Project…
Focus team on task Always make sure every member of your team understands the team's assignment. Assign each member of your team a specific task and a date for completion. As a team member, you must be sure to complete your task on time. When you finish your assignment, help other members of your team who might need assistance.

6 Goals When Working on a Project…
If need be, you may re-organize teams to make the project flow more smoothly. Learn the special talents of your team members and assign tasks accordingly. Always try and encourage your team members and be sure that any criticism you give is constructive. Encouragement and constructive criticism is a sure way to promote team work. Summarize and clarify the team's decisions

7 How to Accomplish These Goals
Stay neutral Don't let the meeting run too long, even if it's going well (or people will try to avoid coming next time) Express out loud what seems to be happening (e.g., "nobody seems to be saying much since Jenny suggested ... ") Don't let snide comments, put downs, etc slide by without comment After a person has been quiet for awhile, ask them for their opinion

8 Conclusion Teamwork is very beneficial when working within organizations It is suggested that you implement the tips mentioned before to effectively run your organization If you have anymore questions or suggestions, please call Lakeisha Ferguson Director of Organizational Development or at:

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