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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration GSA Helping Gov Go Green! Doubletree Crystal City Arlington, VA Energy, Environmental.

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration GSA Helping Gov Go Green! Doubletree Crystal City Arlington, VA Energy, Environmental and Sustainable Solutions through GSA MAS March 31, 2010

2 Federal Acquisition Service 2 Environmental Services Carolyn DiCugno Energy Management Services Jennifer Hazelman Environmental & Energy Savings Products/Services Lyn DePriest Session Speakers

3 Federal Acquisition Service 3 Environmental Services Schedule 899 by Carolyn DiCugno Assists Federal agencies in complying with environmental regulations; achieving sustainable environmental goals; and supporting green initiatives. 1-800-241-RAIN (7246) environmental

4 Federal Acquisition Service 4 Environmental Consulting Services  Environmental planning and documentation  Compliance  Waste management  Development of environmental improvement programs

5 Federal Acquisition Service 5 Environmental Training Services  Training professionals offer a wide range of environmental management training  Develop conventional courses and presentations  Customize courses  Develop computer/web-based interactive training

6 Federal Acquisition Service 6 Materials and Waste Recycling and Disposal Services  Electronics and universal waste (end-of-life)  Hazardous and non-hazardous materials  Solid, industrial, mining, and oilfield waste  Construction debris

7 Federal Acquisition Service 7 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services  Natural resource planning  Migration pattern analysis  Pollution analysis  Emergency preparedness planning

8 Federal Acquisition Service 8 Remediation and Reclamation Services  Brownfield redevelopment  Wetland restoration  Wasteland reclamation  Emergency response cleanup

9 Federal Acquisition Service 9 Environmental Sustainable Solution  USACE needed Environmental specialist to drill, remove and test more than 50 monitoring wells  Government savings over $54M  Timeframe reduced from 15 years to 4 years  Preferred choice in overall best value

10 Federal Acquisition Service 10 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SERVICES by Jennifer Hazelman Includes the major categories of energy management program support in energy audits, metering and building commissioning, etc. Schedule 03FAC Facilities Maintenance & Management

11 Federal Acquisition Service 11 Laws and Regulations  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009  Executive Order 13514, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance” (October 2009)  Executive Order 13423, “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management” (January 2007)  The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) 2005  The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (originally named the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007)  Agency specific regulations

12 Federal Acquisition Service 12 Reduction Goals for Federal Facilities  Reduce building energy intensity 3% annually or 30% total by FY 2015 (2003 baseline)  Reduce water consumption 2% annually or 26% total by FY 2020 (2007 baseline)

13 Federal Acquisition Service 13 Renewable Energy Goals  EPAct 05 directs agencies to obtain the following percentage of purchased electricity from renewable sources:  2009 3%  2010-20125%  2013 >7.5%  EO 13423 – encourages agencies to obtain half of the renewable energy from new sources and on-site where feasible  EISA directed not less than 30% of hot water demand in new buildings shall be from solar, if cost effective

14 Federal Acquisition Service 14 Green House Gas Emissions (GHG)  Develop GHG Percentage Reduction Target  Scope 1 & 2 by January 3, 2010  Scope 3 by June 2, 2010  GHG Emission Reductions  Energy reduction  Renewable Energy Systems  GHG Emission Reporting  Report GHG emission inventory for FY2010 by January 5, 2011

15 Federal Acquisition Service 15 Energy Management Solutions  Energy Management Planning and Strategies  A four-phase Comprehensive Energy Management Solution consisting of all four phases of an energy project such a building retrofits, renewable energy projects, etc.  Consulting/Auditing/Energy Management Solutions  Concept Development and Requirements Analysis  Implementation and Change Management  Measurement and Verification

16 Federal Acquisition Service 16 Energy Management Solutions  Training on Energy Management  Reducing energy consumption  Energy awareness  Mitigating risk with energy systems  Energy efficient systems  Operational assistance  Obtaining LEED certification

17 Federal Acquisition Service 17 Energy Management Solutions  Metering Services  Install meters and software to track real time data on energy consumption of a facility, building or equipment  Gas, electric, steam and water

18 Federal Acquisition Service 18 Energy Management Solutions  Energy Program Support Services  Billing management and oversight  Allocation of costs  Assistance with preparing energy statements of work  Building Commissioning Services  Includes commissioning, re-commissioning and retro-commissioning services  Ensures a building is designed and operating in the optimal energy efficient manner

19 Federal Acquisition Service 19 Energy Management Solutions  Energy Audit Services  Audits ranging from cursory to comprehensive  Energy analysis, data collection, benchmarking and the identification of energy conservation measures  Development, execution and reporting of audit plans  Resource Efficiency Management  Onsite analysis of current operation, equipment and energy purchasing patterns

20 Federal Acquisition Service 20 Energy Management Solutions  Innovations in Energy  Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies  Solar Energy  Wind Power  Hydropower  Biomass Conversion  Fuel Cells  Geothermal  Carbon Footprint  Sustainability

21 Federal Acquisition Service 21 Energy Management Solutions  Water Conservation  Services and consulting focused on reduction of water usage  Water audits, water balance, and water system analysis

22 Federal Acquisition Service 22 Statements of Work  GSA samples  We are compiling some samples and can provide them upon request  Developing a statement of work  GSA contractors can provide assistance in developing a statement of work

23 Federal Acquisition Service 23 Customer Success Stories  Energy Audits - VA National Energy Business Center  Used Schedule 03FAC for $11 million in energy audits for facilities nationwide  Audits done quickly – short procurement lead times  Allowed for implementation of energy conservation measures in Phase II  Energy Audits & Building Commissioning Services - North Dakota National Guard  BPAs were set up with six energy management schedule contract holders – Schedule 03FAC  BPAs have shortened lead time for National Guard  Able to use for multiple bases without re-competing

24 Federal Acquisition Service 24 Environmental & Energy Savings Products/Services by Lyn DePriest Schedule 56 – Building Materials Schedule 73 – Food Service Schedule 84 – Alarm & ESPCs Schedule 541 – Green Events

25 Federal Acquisition Service 25 Environmental Products  Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment/Supplies, Chemicals and Related Services (Schedule 73)  Energy Star  Fryers, griddles  Hot food holding cabinets  Ovens  Refrigerators and freezers  Steam cookers  Bio-Based / Non-Ozone Depleting / Low Non-Toxic  De-Icers, concrete/asphalt release fluids  Graffiti and grease removers  Diesel fuel additives  Trash cans and liners  Carpet and upholstery cleaners  Bathroom and spa cleaners  Sorbents  Hand cleaners and sanitizers  Personal care and toiletries  Food service containers  Cutlery

26 Federal Acquisition Service 26 Environmental Products  Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies (Schedule 56)  Energy Efficient  Air conditioners (room and central)  Boilers  Fans (ventilating and ceiling)  Programmable thermostats  Water heaters (condensing, solar, high efficiency, whole-home tankless)  Heat pumps  Energy saving lighting (bulbs, fixtures, decorative, LED, retrofit kits)  Bio-Based  Insulating foam  Composite panels (acoustical, interior/structural wall and plastic lumber)  Roof coatings

27 Federal Acquisition Service 27 Environmental Products  Buildings and Building Materials / Industrial Services and Supplies (Schedule 56)  WaterSense  Bathroom Sink Faucets  High Efficiency Toilets  Flushing urinals  Pre-rinse Spray Valves  Showerheads  Weather or Sensor Based Irrigation Control Technologies

28 Federal Acquisition Service 28 Alternative/Renewable/Sustainable Energy Solutions  Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies (Schedule 56)  Solar Energy Systems  Solar Powered Indoor/Outdoor Lighting  Marine, Aviation, Roadway, Signage  Fuel Cells  Wind Energy Systems  Wind Turbines  Hydrogen Based Energy Systems

29 Federal Acquisition Service 29 Alternative/Renewable/Sustainable Energy Solutions  Buildings and Building Materials / Industrial Services and Supplies (Schedule 56)  Sustainable Roofing Systems  Vegetative  Photovoltaic (PV)  Reflective

30 Federal Acquisition Service 30 Energy Savings Performance Solutions (ESPCs)  Security, Law Enforcement & Facilities Management (Schedule 84)  Contractor and Agency enter into agreement for the contractor to perform an Investment Grade Audit (IGE)  Upon agreement of the price, scope of work and M&V Plan a delivery/task order shall be issued by the ordering agency  Upon acceptance of the work, the guarantee period shall begin  Administration Plan and Periodic M&V required

31 Federal Acquisition Service 31 Added Features for Turnkey Solutions  Installation/Integration  Maintenance  Training  Consulting  Ancillary Repair and Alterations

32 Federal Acquisition Service 32 Reducing Your Carbon Footprint  Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (Schedule 541) Note: Schedule 541 does not have an official “Green” designation under the Program or Category (SIN) level, but buying activities may include in their Statement of Work (SOW) requirements for a schedule contractor to offer functions that emphasize and incorporate green attributes in their offerings. Examples are:  Email campaigns -vs- hard copy catalogs  Green events and/or meetings (Statement of Work)  Negotiate catering based on recycled environmentally friendly supplies (plates, cups, utensils etc.)  Require recycle containers to collect cans, plastics and paper products  Maximize the use and collection of recyclable items (badge holders, signage etc.) Think out of the Box!! Make Green Second Nature

33 Federal Acquisition Service 33 Success Stories  U.S. Forest Service  Requirement - Compostable Cutlery for field personnel  Challenge - Sources not on existing contract  Result - GSA solicited and awarded contracts under Schedule 73  U. S. Army Fort Carson (Logistics & Dining Facility)  Requirement – Replace top 40 “hospitality and food service” items with “green” substitutes to help fulfill sustainable procurement goals (environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recycled material)  Challenge - Define top 40 and determine if existing contracts were in place  Result - GSA personnel worked closely with the activity to identify items offered under Schedule 73, and actively solicited vendors with compliant items to offer and receive awards.  Veterans Administration – Dallas, TX & Loma Linda, CA  Requirement - Solar Lighting & Installation (Total Solution)  Challenge – Solar lighting products under schedule, but installation services were not  Result - GSA worked with contractors to modify existing contracts to ensure a total solution was available under contract for the customer

34 Federal Acquisition Service 34 Home to 10 th Mountain Division  Geothermal heat pumps  High efficiency HVAC upgrades  New high efficiency lighting system  Infrared heating system  Pneumatic tool system isolated to reduce energy  Direct Digital Controls (DDC) network  Installation Sq. Ft.: 11.8 million  Contract Dates: 2003 - 2009  Contract Amount: $6.6 million Product/Services Provided Guaranteed ESPC ESPC Project using GSA Schedule 84 Success Stories ESPC – U. S. Army Ft. Drum

35 Federal Acquisition Service 35 Points of Contact  Carolyn DiCugno 253.931.7042  Jennifer Hazelman 816.926.7193  Lyn DePriest 817.574.2372

36 Federal Acquisition Service 36 Closing Thoughts and/or Questions?

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