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SPE WITSML: Technology to Business (T2B) for the Oilfield J

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1 SPE 74480 WITSML: Technology to Business (T2B) for the Oilfield J
SPE WITSML: Technology to Business (T2B) for the Oilfield J.Holt, SPE, BP plc; I. Haarstad, SPE, Statoil; J.A. Shields, SPE, Baker Hughes; J.P. James, Schlumberger; D. Seiler, SPE, Halliburton Energy Services “A New Information Transfer Standard”

2 History Amoco Critical Drilling Facility and Advanced Drilling Facility Chevron Data Center Mobil Data Center WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification) DART (Data Automation Real Time) Proprietary Systems

3 Project Goal The “right time” seamless flow of well site data between operators and service companies to speed and enhance decision-making. Domain: Drilling, Completion, Well Services

4 Existing Standards WITS
Designed, implemented, and established as an industry standard in the mid eighties A binary file format for transferring wellsite drilling data No standard programming interface Limited data objects It was great for it’s time, but times have changed.

5 Limitations of Current WITS
Outdated MWD data records Restrictions on number of drill string and casing sections Inflexibility for handling data in different units of measurement Very limited capacity for handling static well information Use of binary data formats is not platform independent WITS records are extensible but not self-describing Limited bi-directional (pull) capability No standard programming interface

6 Potential Scenarios

7 Project Timing Initiation of Project - Oct 2000
Data Objects defined May 2001 July 2001 – Working prototype Wider industry roll-out at SPE Forum + Austin workshop 21/22nd Aug 2001 Data standard design freeze 1st Oct, 2001 January 2002 – Commercial offering by three major service companies and at least one small or midsize company

8 Project Organization Steering Board Technical Teams Program Manager
Data Objects IT Architecture Program Manager Companies involved to date: BP, Statoil,Halliburton, Schlumberger, BHI

9 Software Design Decisions
Web Based & W3C Standards Wide area networking cross platform XML data formats Platform and language independent SOAP for Programming Interface Web server based API Prototype in MS Visual BASIC

10 Open Sourced Deliverables
Definition of Data Objects & Catalogs Example WITSML files Validation tool for WITSML files Example code to read and write simple WITSML data files Documentation

11 WITSML API Interface Definition Prototype Implementation

12 WITSML API - Interfaces
STORE (WMLS) Interface: Provides access to Persistent Store Returns/Accepts entire WITSML Data Objects as XML Documents DOCUMENT (WMLD) Interface: Routes to Local or Remote STORE (WMLS) Interface

13 WITSML API - Interfaces
ITEM (WMLI) Interface: Provides access to WITSML Data Object at individual data item level (isolates application from XML) Provides synchronous validation against schema REALTIME (WMLR and WMLP) Interfaces: Transport of REALTIME WITSML Data Objects Subscribe/Publish Paradigm

14 WITSML API - Interfaces

15 WITSML API - Network Protocol - Data Object Access

16 WITSML API - Network Protocol - Realtime Transfer - Subscribe

17 WITSML API - Network Protocol - Realtime Transfer - Publish

18 Data Objects Well Wellbore Rig Location Units Trajectory Target
Rig Equipment Pump Location Units Trajectory Target Bit Record Bottom Hole Assembly Wellbore Geometry Casing Scheme Open Hole Daily Operations Fluids Report Cement Job Log Real Time Mud Logging

19 Future Data standard owned by on oilfield standards organisation
Still under discussion Now has its own web presence Seek alignment with other XML efforts such as WellLogML Steering Board will continue Original companies plus others

20 Completions & Workovers
Define objects applicable to the completion and workover domain Objects will be consistent with existing WITSML objects Objects will cover the requirements for life-of-well

21 Production Operations
Define objects applicable to the well-centric production domain Objects will be consistent with existing WITSML objects Surface production facilities will not be included in this phase

22 Production Operations
Data object Examples “Smart” completion data – sensor and actuator data, equipment settings Well test data Artificail lift operating parameters Valve, sleeve and choke positions Flow, pressures and temperatures

23 Further Information Web Site:
Full details of object schemas Documentation Downloadable API components

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