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Weight Management: Healthful Eating on a Budget Provided Courtesy of Where health care professionals go for information Review Date 12/09 G-1199.

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1 Weight Management: Healthful Eating on a Budget Provided Courtesy of Where health care professionals go for information Review Date 12/09 G-1199 Contributed by Shawna Gornick-Ilagan, MS, RD, CWPC

2 Tips for Healthful Eating and Saving Money You can do it!

3 Healthful Eating and Saving Money Plan your meals each week

4 Make Shopping Lists Make a shopping list to go along with your planned meals

5 Healthful Eating and Saving Money Shop for produce in season

6 Healthful Eating and Saving Money Look for generic brands

7 Healthful Eating and Saving Money Tuna sandwich with reduced-fat American cheese 45¢ for 3 oz of tuna 9¢ for 2 Tbsp mayonnaise 17¢ for two slices of bread 13¢ one slice cheese Large carrot10¢ Tangerine50¢ Apple21¢ 2 C Crystal Light ® 7¢7¢ Total Cost$1.72 Tbsp=tablespoon

8 Check the Unit Price Get the better buy

9 Healthful Eating and Saving Money Eat before you go shopping Shopping hungry makes you more likely to buy on impulse

10 Become a Flexible Shopper Limit red meat Purchase day-old bread or over-ripe produce, which may save you money

11 Use Coupons Use coupons

12 Eat Leftovers If you do not eat leftovers, only make enough for one meal, so you do not have leftovers Try making leftovers into another meal the next day Keep leftovers for 3-5 days, but make sure you refrigerate them within 2 hours after serving

13 Make Your Own Prepackaged Snacks $2.50 for package (30 count) $3.49 for six packets $.17 for two cookies $.58/pack 100 calories

14 Buy in Bulk It is a better buy and you will use it all Example: –2 pounds (lb) of rice (32 ounces [oz]= $.15/oz –1 lb of rice (16 oz)= $.22/oz

15 Limit Drinks That Cost Money Purchasing a $2 beverage three times/week=$312/year

16 Stick to the Outside Aisles

17 Additional Tips Milk always going bad? –Buy nonfat dry milk powder and make cups as you need them Fruits and vegetables always going bad? –Try freezing grapes –Buy frozen fruits and vegetables –Buy canned fruits and vegetables, such as: Fruit in lite syrup or its own juices Low-sodium or no-salt-added vegetables

18 What Do You Need for Your Health? A variety of foods from the food groups: –Grains –Vegetables –Fruits –Milk –Meat and beans Source:

19 Reading Food Labels: Knowledge Is Power What Is in Your Cart?


21 Comparing Food Labels A healthier choice is typically: Lower InHigher In Calories Sugar Fat Saturated fat Trans fat Cholesterol Sodium Fiber Protein Other vitamins and minerals

22 Virtual Shopping Tour Some Tips for Smart Shopping

23 Virtual Grocery Shopping Tour Pick unsweetened vs sweetened applesauce Cost is the same at $.28 for a ½ C serving Calories/serving: –Unsweetened: 50 calories –Sweetened: 90 calories

24 Great Snacks for Eating on the Run Bananas are healthy foods, filled with nutrients and costing approximately $.20 each This is very low in price compared to a candy bar

25 Opt for Lite Juice Same price for fewer calories Plus all the same nutrients

26 Eat Beans Low-price way to add protein and fiber to your meal plan Add to salads Eat as a side dish Make dips by mashing Experiment with new recipes

27 Carrots Anyone? You can find 10 big carrots for $1, making them just $.10 each

28 Radishes Dip them in some low- fat or fat-free ranch dressing Only $.89-$1/bag

29 Getting a Healthier Salad Dressing Costs the Same 2 Tbsp Italian Dressing 2 Tbsp Fat-Free Italian Dressing 170 calories25 calories 17 grams (g) fat0 g fat 2 Tbsp Regular Ranch Dressing 2 Tbsp Fat-Free Ranch Dressing 290 calories80 calories 31 g fat0 g fat

30 Getting a Healthier Mayonnaise Costs the Same Regular Mayonnaise Lite Mayonnaise Fat-Free Mayonnaise 1 Tbsp 90 calories40 calories15 calories 10 g fat4 g fat0 g fat

31 How Do You Cook Foods? Save money, fat, and calories by using generic nonstick cooking spray vs oil

32 Butter vs Margarine: Picking One for Weight Management Promise ® Fat-FreePromise ® LightRegular Butter 1 Tbsp 5 calories45 calories80 calories 0 g fat5 g fat9 g fat

33 Is It Really More Expensive to Eat Healthy Foods?

34 Get Baked Chips: Same Price, Yet Lower in Fat and Calories VS

35 Jam: Save 45 Calories/Tbsp Sugar-free jam is the best choice for people looking to lose or manage their weight Smuckers ® Strawberry Jelly Polaner ® Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly 1 Tbsp=50 calories1 Tbsp=5 calories

36 Is a Better Option Available? Both snacks cost approximately $.25/bar Sunbelt ® Oatmeal Raisin Low Fat Bar Sunbelt ® Chewy Granola Coconut Fudge Bar 140 calories230 calories 2.5 g fat11 g fat 1 g saturated fat8 g saturated fat

37 Tuna Fish: Brand vs Generic Generic brands cost $.75/can Enjoy the entire can for: –150 calories –33 g protein –1.5 g fat If 750 milligrams (mg) of sodium/can is too much for you, simply rinse the tuna in a strainer

38 Healthier Ground Beef Is More Expensive Ground beef tips: –Eat less –Know that the leaner the beef, the more protein and more iron and B 12 that you get, along with fewer calories and less fat –Nutrition facts are for a 4-oz serving Ground Beef80% Lean85% Lean92% Lean $2.19/lb$2.49/lb$3.39/lb$3.89/lb 340 calories270 calories230 calories160 calories 30 g fat21 g fat16 g fat8 g fat

39 Low-Calorie Treat One package of sugar-free Jell-O ® =$.36 That is $.09 for ½ C or $.18 for 1 C You can buy convenience packages already prepared, but this will cost you more moneya little planning can save you money

40 Final Thoughts Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, manage your weight, and save money on your grocery bills Plan ahead for meals Pack your lunch Create your own list of foods that are healthy and low in price Remember that knowledge is power

41 Want to Learn More? Try the interactive learning model, Stretching Your Food Dollar, provided by Oregon State University, at on/ewfl/module_03/ on/ewfl/module_03/

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