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X-CIEL TECHNOLOGIES An Initiative of X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. © All Right Reserved.

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1 X-CIEL TECHNOLOGIES An Initiative of X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. © All Right Reserved

2 AGENDA 2 3 5 1 4 X-ciel Technologies Services Industries Why X-Ciel X-Ciel Group

3 X-Ciel Technologies is a growing provider of Information Technology Support Services to consumers across a wide range of services as IT Support Services, Web Enabled Services, Web Hosting Solutions, MIS & ERP Solutions, and Customized Applications Software. With a growing global footprint, X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has taken this initiative for the global IT support revolution. We believe that IT is the bone marrow of any organization in this era and we have to have expertise for this domain, X-Ciel Technologies is the answer for all the queries and worries. ABOUT US

4 To deliver best information technologies services to our clients to resolve their complex IT & related services issues by converting our expertise into executions. To be a sprightly solutions provider that is a valued asset to our clients all year round—anticipating IT & related needs, understanding their theme of the business, and providing the expertise and insight to help achieve goals. Vision Mission VISION MISSION

5 Commitment We are fully committed to provide quality services to our clients, which leads to healthy long lasting relationship with them. Integrity Integrity is our fundamental value, we deals our clients with honesty in guidance. Excellence We are stretching quality parameters continuously and delivering the excellence in our services to our client. Leverage We are giving confidence, encouragement to our clients in achieving their purpose very smoothly. VALUES

6 WHAT WE DO IT SUPPORT SERVICES Optimization Optimize the Performance Update Software and Drivers Faster Booting and Shutdown Diagnosis & Repair Fix Software and Hardware Errors Resolve Compatibility Issues Reduce Computer Crashes Elimination of Problems at Root Setup & Install Support for Setup and Installation Customization of Settings Pre-installation Compatibility Check Migration of Settings and Data Virus Removal Setup and Installation of Antivirus Get Rid of Viruses and Spyware Schedule Scans Protection From Hacking and Phishing

7 WHAT WE DO WEB ENABLED SERVICES Social Media Management Chat Support Services Bulk SMS Services Email Marketing E-Commerce SEO, SEO, SEM, PPC Services Content Management Systems Web Design & Development

8 WHAT WE DO WEB HOSTING SOLUTIONS VPS Hosting Enterprise Hosting Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting E-mail Solutions Domains

9 WHAT WE DO MIS & ERP SOLUTIONS Financial Accounting Procurement Sales and Distribution Inventory Management Production Planning Plant Maintenance Quality Assurance HR & Payroll ManagementSystem Administration

10 WHAT WE DO CUSTOMIZED APPLICATIONS & SOFTWARE Operating Systems Database Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Server Environment Methodological Knowledge Products/ APIs Programming and Mark-up Languages Other Customise Apps & S/W

11 WHO WE SERVE Public Sector Service Sector Heavy Industry Consumer Goods Media & Technology Life Science Food & Beverages Startups INDUSTRIES


13 FACTORS WHY X-CIEL TECH TOP TECHNICAL SUPPORT Talented staff experienced in customized technologies. TEAM APPROACH Our technical personals developers, designer, writers SEO experts & other team members work together to get the maximum output. BROAD PERSPECTIVE Counseling in all areas of Tech support, web enable & hosting services, E-Commerce Solutions and other area of services. FULL SERVICE 360 Degree IT Solutions to cover each and every area of technologies requirement of your organization. SERVICE ORIENTATION Talk directly with project leaders that are attentive to your needs UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS Due to experience we can understand your requirement faster and with very less explanations. REASONABLE FEE Our prices are competitive & can go for the best suited in the market without any compromise to the quality

14 TECH EXPERTS THE MULTIPLIERS… Our people take great conceit in delivering specific services to make a positive impact on our customer's goal. Together, our team has joined their experience to deal with the IT Support, Web enable services, Web Hosting Services, MIS & ERP Solution, and other customized Applications & Software to carry out successful solutions for customers. Our Tech Experts are highly proficient with Object Oriented Projects and ensure high valued standards, documentation & easily maintainability. We follow a strict testing & Quality Assurance procedures to ensure we deliver the best quality work.

15 Customer Satisfaction Leadership Documentation Impact of Society Resources X-Ciel Satisfaction Tech Expert Team Business Result X-CIEL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MODEL process


17 REACH US Copyright © by X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means — electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise —without the permission of X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. X-Ciel Technologies ( An initiative of X-Ciel Consulting Pvt.Ltd.) GF/5,C-4, Sector-63 Noida-201301,(U.P.) India +91(120)456-222-7 Techno on Call +91 (999) 08 279 55 For other group services +91 (989) 94 10 100 +91 (880) 03 77 235 +91 (813) 06 02 672 Overseas: Japan MBE 20 B1 Floor Yurakucho Bldg. 1-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 100-0006 +81 (802) 03 05 702

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