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Lilias Fraser Projects Manager

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1 Lilias Fraser Projects Manager

2 Scottish Poetry Library Librarian: Julie Johnstone Assistant Librarian: Lizzie MacGregor Director: Robyn Marsack Learning Manager: Georgi Gill

3 So what does the Scottish Poetry Library DO?

4 WHAT DO LIBRARIANS WANT? What should we keep? What should we drop? And… What can we try to do instead?

5 For general users, but also useful for librarians: Online catalogue & postal borrowing Enquiries service (‘Lost for Words’)

6 Full-text poems online

7 Biographies & further reading

8 Search for a single word

9 Browse poems by subject

10 National Poetry Day resources online PDF poster of each of the 8 poems 1 PDF general poster Activities/teaching ideas for each poem 1 set of ideas for adult creative writing and reading groups Biographical information & further poems on each of the 8 poets learn/teachers/national-poetry-day-teachers

11 Monthly newsletter for librarians and teachers, including.. Single author titles Anthologies Children & Young People Small Presses Classics (new editions, re-issues) About (biography, letters, criticism) librarians/what-should-i-buy

12 PDF poem posters Tagged by theme 4 per month – seasonal/topical Extract from a poem Linked to full text of poem on SPL website

13 WHAT DO LIBRARIANS WANT? From what SPL provides already: What should we keep? What should we drop? What can we try to do instead?

14 Full-text poems online Biographies & further info Search by keyword, browse by subject Postal borrowing & enquiries Monthly newsletter: National Poetry Day resources PDF poem posters Monthly new poetry titles

15 Frances Lincoln Books, 2 October 2014

16 Lilias Fraser Projects Manager 0131 557 2876

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