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How do you know if you ’ re doing it right? Evaluating social media impact Liz McCarthy Bodleian Libraries.

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1 How do you know if you ’ re doing it right? Evaluating social media impact Liz McCarthy Bodleian Libraries

2 Liz McCarthy @mccarthy_liz @bodleianlibs

3 Strategy First

4 What Are Your Objectives? specific + business driven Education? Recruitment? Brand awareness / Positioning?

5 Who is your Audience? Who are you talking to? What do you want them to do? How will this help you?

6 What resources do you have to work with?

7 Benchmark

8 Define and articulate your goals Interact with online audience Boost awareness Drive traffic Learn about your community Share information ??

9 Figure Out KPIs

10 Brand Monitoring 1. Listen for online mentions of your brand 2. Listen for positive mentions of your brand 3. Listen for negative mentions of your brand 4. Listen for direct and indirect questions from customers 5. Discover brand advocates 6. Discover brand detractors 7. Discover influencers for your brand 8. Learn where customers are talking about your brand 9. Listen for the most popular topics about your brand 10. Monitor public perception of your company 11. Listen for mentions of executive team 12. Listen for mentions of product misuse | Competitive Intelligence 13. Discover online mentions of your top competitors 14. Discover competitors’ latest product releases 15. Discover competitors’ recent company news 16. Listen for customer comments about competitors 17. Monitor competitors’ blogs for company insight 18. Monitor competitors’ employees social profiles 19. Monitor competitors’ content for levels of customer engagement 20. Discover negative mentions of competitors and treat as opportunities | Industry Monitoring 21. Listen to mentions of your industry 22. Listen for mentions of your brand compared to your industry 23. Listen for mentions of your competitors as part of your industry 24. Monitor share of voice in your industry 25. Monitor industry trends 26. Discover industry issues 27. Monitor industry news 28. Discover industry influencers 29. Monitor perception of industry by larger business community 30. Monitor changes in social media adoption in your industry | Thought Leadership 31. Monitor changes in conversation volume around key issues 32. Discover industry posts that require comment by your company’s subject matter experts 33. Monitor spread of company thought leadership blog posts 34. Identify online opportunities to share thought leadership 35. Identify speaking opportunities for subject matter experts 36. Determine perception of company as a thought leader 37. Determine perception of company employees as thought leaders 38. Discover other industry thought leaders 39. Monitor influence of company thought leaders 40. Monitor influence of industry thought leaders | Lead Generation and Sales 41. Monitor for buying indication terms within your product category 42. Monitor for recommendation requests within your product category 43. Monitor for discussions of your product category 44. Monitor target prospect personas to confirm accuracy 45. Monitor questions and conversations about your product category 46. Discover topics for remarkable content 47. Share relevant content with prospects 48. Answer direct questions from prospects 49. Discover competitive insights 50. Expand pool of prospects| Customer Service 51. Identify customer service issues as they emerge 52. Monitor volume of conversation around customer service issues 53. Respond to customer service issues in real-time 54. Determine if customers are willing to take issues offline 55. Gather customer feedback to share with other teams 56. Build relationships with customers 57. Answer customer questions 58. Respond to positive feedback 59. Share helpful company information 60. Monitor ongoing customers concerns | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 61. Discover relevant industry keywords 62. Monitor selected keywords for content ideas 63. Discover influencers using selected keywords 64. Determine which keywords are performing best 65. Determine which keywords are not performing 66. Monitor spread of content to determine better titles 67. Connect with people in industry to enhance social search 68. Discover relevant blogs to consider asking for backlinks 69. Monitor SEO influencers to keep up with search engine changes 70. Monitor search engine social profiles to keep up with changes (via Jeffrey L. Cohen, Salesforce Marketing Cloud) What do we measure?

11 Measure: Awareness Do more people know about you than before?

12 Are people telling you things about your brand that you need to hear? Measure: Intelligence

13 Measure: Reach Are more people hearing your message than before?

14 Measure: Traffic Is your social media generating traffic?

15 Are people reacting to your content? Measure: Engagement

16 How do we measure Awareness?


18 How do we measure Other brands?

19 How do we measure Intelligence?

20 How do we measure Reach?

21 How do we measure Traffic?


23 How do we measure Engagement?

24 How do we measure Influence?

25 Other tools: Fun Stuff Tweetreach: understand how many people were reached by tweets about a topic. Twitalyzer: allows you to be more targeted in your outreach efforts. Twiangulate: Looks at ‘ hidden networks ’ to help you find influencers

26 Reporting



29 But It ’ s All Too Much! What about the things we can ’ t measure?! Short answer: Stop Worrying

30 Resources Culture 24 Let ’ s Get Real project Culture 24 Let ’ s Get Real project Making Sense of Numbers eConsultancy Nielson State of Social 2012 ReportState of Social 2012 100 Uses of Social Media Monitoring Social Dashboard for Google Analytics Dark Social

31 Credits War bonds rally: WikimediaWikimedia Tate KPIs: Elena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, TateElena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, Tate Monopoly houses: Images_of_Money (Flickr) What do we measure: 100 Uses of Social Media100 Uses of Social Media Binoculars: Gerlos (Flickr)Gerlos Bangkok traffic: Mark Fischer (Flickr)Mark Fischer Excited child: TimParkinson (Flickr)TimParkinson Squirrel: Peter TrimmingPeter Trimming Brain: A Health Blog (Flickr)A Health Blog Facebook/Impressions graph: Elena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, TateElena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, Tate Alice in Wonderland stats: Elena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, TateElena Villaespesa, Tijana Tasich, Tate

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