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Are you Undecided? Your in luck! If you are looking for direction you have come to the right place!!

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1 Are you Undecided? Your in luck! If you are looking for direction you have come to the right place!!

2 Menu 1.Fun Statistics 2.Tips to get started 3.Things to consider Lifestyles Abilities Interests 4.Getting to know your options 5.How to choose a college major 6.What resources are offered 7.Do’s and Don’ts 8.Tips and Suggestions 9.Career Center Information

3 You are not the only one that can not decide. Did you know that 3 out of 4 college students are unsure about their major. 1/3 of college students change their major twice before completing their degree. You are not alone!!! However, not choosing a major is costly, time consuming, and more often then not very frustrating. Good News!!! We have the resources to guide you in the right direction all you have to do is use them.

4 First step is to get started. Come to the Career Services Center and seek assistance. Talk with your teachers and other people in the professional world that may help you gain insight into different professions. Start asking yourself questions. –Where do you see yourself in 5 years? –How much schooling do you want to complete? –Where would you like to live? –What working conditions would you prefer?

5 Getting Started Start researching different career opportunities. The Career Center has software to help you do this. – User Id: dartonc Password: gcis609 Look for jobs that might interest you and see what qualifications they require. – Start a part time job so you can begin to gain experience!!! This is one of the most important factors in gaining employment after college. Write your interests down and keep track of your thoughts.

6 Things to Consider What is a college major? –It is a specific academic subject area or professional field that you study to enable you to complete high level work in one field. –Some college majors enable you to do more then one type of work in a broad field. Ex. Communications, Psychology, Sociology

7 Major misconceptions! The best way to find out about majors is to take courses. I’ll just get my Gen. Eds. out of the way first. Picking a major and a career are the same thing Choosing one major means giving up all the others. The major I pick now will determine my lifelong career. (Courtesy Penn State University) NO TEST can tell you what to pick! Ultimately the decision is yours.

8 Things to Consider Lifestyle/Abilities/Interests What are they and how do they impact your decision. For Example: If you detest the sight of blood and want to work 9-5 Mon-Fri nursing is probably not the field for you. Consider taking the Career Inventories that your college offers. The Strong Interest Inventory helps you narrow down your interests, values, and hobbies while comparing them to careers. The Myers Briggs helps you identify college majors and careers that will relate well to your personality. Talk to those in the field. College is full of professionals with experience, take advantage of this.

9 How to Choose a College Major 1 st Take time to consider your options Do your research Confirm ideas with Career Inventories and talk with other professionals See your advisor to change your major or come to the Career Center. Either way you should be able to get sufficient information in regards to that major.

10 Using Your Resources Career Center –Myers Briggs Type Indicator –Strong Interest Inventory –One on One Career Counseling –Georgia Career Information System Research System –Resume and Interviewing Assistance Faculty and Staff Internships Work Study Computer Guidance Career Research Software

11 Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Use online Resources. Talk with professionals. Take your core requirement’s first. Take classes that interest you. Come to the Career Center. Start researching different options. Don’t Do not take random classes. This can become costly and possibly confusing. Do not choose majors based on other thoughts and feelings. Don’t go after whatever is the easiest if it does not suit your interests. Don’t sit around and think the answer will find you.

12 Tips and Suggestions Use the Department of Labor’s website to start your research. Complete and Interest or Personality Indicator. Network with everyone that you come in contact with. Consider your Lifestyle/Interests/and Abilities when making this decision.

13 Career Development Center Darton College Building C-228 229.317-6866 Contact the Career Services Coordinator with any additional questions. Dacia Stone Call to setup an appointment if you need help finding a job, choosing a major, building a resume, or preparing for your future.

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