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Increasing Physical Stamina Quality Process Improvement HSCI 586 J K.

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1 Increasing Physical Stamina Quality Process Improvement HSCI 586 J K

2 The Problem Statement It takes time and energy to make more energy. To increase physical stamina, time must be spent performing some type of exercise. When time or energy is limited, performing exercise is cancelled. When feeling tired, exercise is cancelled.

3 The Goal To increase physical stamina by exercising 5 times a week in an activity that gradually increases the duration of the exercise.

4 My Lifestyle Working 12 hour shifts is exhausting. Teaching community classes requires extra research and preparation. School work, taking 2 classes. Laundry, shopping, cleaning is necessary. Contact with children and grandbaby is a priority. Exercise has been last priority.

5 Exercise Before Intervention Typically, exercise was done periodically and in spurts. Occasionally running. Leisurely walks with dog. Walking constantly during 12 hour shifts at work. Sleeping 9 and 10 hours at night.

6 Making Decisions Lactation Get Ready for Day Home Work The dogExerciseTVCommitteesHomework

7 Routine Activities Routine Activates List of Routines and Periods of Reoccurrences Activities that repeat 2 or 3 times a week Activates that repeat 2 times a week Activities that occur 2 or 3 times a week Time of dayActivityTime of dayActivityTime of dayActivity 700 wake and get ready for work 500 wake and get ready for work 700wake, TV 0830 to 1530 commuting and working 0600 to 2000 Commuting and working in hospital 0900 to 1000walk dog 2000 to 2100socializing and eating1000 to 1300 Laundry, shopping cleaning, homework 1630 to 1800 Homework or professional work 2100call elderly mother1300 to 1400walk the dog 2200Bed1400 to 1800 Socialize, homework 1800 to 1930Dinner 1800 to 1930Dinner 1930 to 2130 Homework or professional work 1930 to 2100 Computer time or homework 2130 Call elderly mother 2100 Call elderly mother 2200 Bed 2200Bed

8 Move the TV to the cellar so it will not be a distraction When doing errands, run from car to building Park far from work and run to building Walk “Rocky” my dog each morning, 5 times a week. Keep exercise enjoyable by varying the route Make better use of time to increase home exercise opportunities Make exercise productive by getting dog walked at same time. Do not exercise on 12 hour work days. Have a process owner, my husband, Frank Involve my 2 daughters who are runners and value that exercise.

9 The Schedule Change Looking at all options, I found that the most compelling would be to run with the dog each morning, 5 times a week. No one is at home on those mornings and I would have to take the dog out. If I did not do this, the dog would annoy me to do so or go to the bathroom in the house. Also he needed to be fed, so he would be very annoying to me to get us outside.

10 The Schedule Change To help prepare me for running regularly, I would park far from work and run that 2 minutes from the parking lot to the building. I would also do this when shopping because these short bouts of running are easier to do mentally and physically.

11 Exercise Frequency

12 The Results Up until day 27 I had many missed days of running, but always remained within the control limits. Although I was making increases in the distance I was running, there was no statistical improvement. After day 27 I began crossing the UCL which demonstrated significant improvement in my running. Around day 43, my foot was hurting from running and I fell below the UCL. After recovering from that I made significant improvements and can now run 1.5 miles easily..

13 Results The most beneficial change I made was running with the dog, and taking the responsibility for the dog. It was difficult the first 3 to 4 weeks to be motivated to run, but after that it started to feel good and I looked forward to running. I notice an improvement in my stamina and an even greater improvement in my ability to run.

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