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Projekt grupy polskich matematyków Październik 2004.

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1 Projekt grupy polskich matematyków Październik 2004

2 How do we make decisions thanks to mathematics?

3 Abilities necessary for making decisions: Gathering, selection, demonstrating information, data and their interpretation. Spotting problems and examining them in various cases, e.g. by conducting random experiments or by statistics.

4 Thematic blocks Block 1 Subject: Making and interpretation of diagrams. Block 2 Subject: Random experiment as your ally.  Various forms of presenting the random experiments.  Data gathering, conducting random experiments, examples of games.  An analysis of the results of The Lottery: to play or not to play?

5 THE MAIN PURPOSE: formulating and interpretation of conclusions

6 Additional purposes/actions gathering and selection of information the presentation of data in the form of diagrams an analysis of the diagram, conclusions, modeling of every-day usefulness of teaching – learning process, searching and formulating (discovering) information favourable for making good decisions gathering of the right data, calculating the frequency of the event conducting the random experiments, construction (structure) and presentation of mathematical models, acquisition and applying of the mathematical language, an analysis of the results of the lotteries, making correct choices, estimation whether the game is just regularity attitude to gambling, the capability of estimating chances: success or failure constructive criticism active learning of every single student

7 VALUES, ATTITUDES  consciousness  activity  inquisitiveness  regularity  making choices  accuracy  criticism  order  cooperation,  enterprise  ability to use mathematics in life in every day in communications

8 THE STUDENT CAN: For block 1 show the data on a diagram, analyse diagrams, formulate information basing on the diagrams/ present the information.

9 THE STUDENT CAN: For block 2  conduct the random experiments,  analyse the results of the lottery,  draw the results of the lottery as a diagram.

10 Students’ achievements = the student can:  gather the data  put the data (information) in order make a choice and comment on it make a decision basing on the analysis of information specify the accuracy of the information (result) make a decision basing on the analysis of information conclude whether the game is just.

11 The End Iwona Olearczyk, Tomasz Kulig POLAND

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