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1 A new production approach.

2 Innovation … taking shape An intelligent integration of innovative technology, systems and planning. The Spirit of Innovation... …everything we do today and what we plan for tomorrow.

3 Our Mission: To build the world’s best, high value moulds through the integration of technically superior engineering, manufacturing and planning systems.

4 We are guided by ISO 9001 procedural standards.

5 CNC integrated measurement CAE facilities Modular 3D DesignCNC automation

6 Proprietary software; Equipments integration and management; System based on a full CMM control; Full traceably ; Quality certification capabilities.

7 Complete integration with the quality system

8 Modular 3D Design Less risk of components conflict; Better human performance with error free; Automatic components drawings; Shorter design time consumption; More robust design and engineering. 3D design facilities with macros; Parametric strategies; Pre-designed assemblies; Standard mould bases and components; Automatic 2D drawings; Standard components library.

9 Modular 3D Design For those parts classified as standard parts, such as buttons, housings or similar configurations, mould design is automatically generated using the 3D software and the pre-established facilities.

10 Modular 3D Design From the 3D part geometry, the 3D mould design is automatically generated, using the software and the pre-established facilities.

11 STANDARDIZATION All the single components are standardized if there is a minimum chance to do it. The bottom line - cost effective mould investment, high precision and productivity. Modular 3D Design

12 INTERCHANGEABILITY Every single component has a reference and is produced within a given tolerance. The bottom line - Good identification, total interchange ability and quick assistance. Modular 3D Design

13 CAE Facilities. Rheological simulation. Thermal evaluation. Part warp. Fibre direction. Product development

14 CNC Integrated Measurement Preseting of machining parts is the key of the process. Through the SIMPLE software, the information from CAD is integrated to the machining process, with minimum possibility of human error.

15 CNC Integrated Measurement Particular technique was developed to do the presetting of the small inserts.

16 CNC Integrated Measurement Machines are equipped with measuring probs, integrated with SIMPLE software, to mesure the cutting tools and the machined parts.

17 CNC Integrated Measurement All the important machined parts are measured. A measuring report is produced to the quality certification system. The measuring program is automatically generated by the SIMPLE software, using the information from CAD.

18 CNC Automation Milling, EDM and WEDM CNC automation, integrated with SIMPLE software, guarantees less non-productive time, reduces human errors, better production cycles: lower cost, better delivery time and consistent quality.

19 CNC Automation HIGH PRECISION CLAMPING UNITS: Clamping force 60.000N Indexing accuracy 4X 90º, < 0,01mm Positioning and repetitive accuracy 0,002mm

20 IMold OnSite™ You will know exactly what is happening with your mould, as it happens through REPORT

21 A new production approach. OBJECTIVES: Lower cost; Consistent quality; Shorter delivery time.

22 South America Rua Edmundo Doubrawa, 1.800 (Br101, km 31) Pirabeiraba - Caixa Postal 7146 89239-280 Joinville-SC Brasil tel.: +55 (0)47 425 9000 fax: +55 (0)47 425 9100 e-mail : Europe Charneca da Carreira de Água, lt-2 Zona Industrial da Barosa 2400-013 Leiria P.BOX 180 Portugal tel.: +351 244 850 020 fax: +351 244 850 029 e-mail :


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