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Middle East Analysis The recent Israeli Military Actions.

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1 Middle East Analysis The recent Israeli Military Actions

2 Recently, Israel has launched a major offensive in several Palestinian towns. More than 10 cities occupied Around 2.000 prisoners taken Thousands of weapons confiscated Source:

3 Some groups have claimed that the Israeli action is unjustified and illegal. Main Statements 2) Palestinians have no alternative to defend their cause besides terror 3) Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is not responsible for the terror acts 1) Israel is committing a genocide against the Palestinian people

4 Let’s take a look at each of these statements

5 Statement 1: Israel is committing a genocide against the Palestinian people. What is a genocide? “Deliberate extermination, total or partial, of a community, ethnic, racial or religious group” (source: Houaiss)

6 Let’s check if Israel is indeed committing a genocide. a) Israel has one of the world’s best armies, with 3.900 tanks, 440 combat planes and 534.000 troops Question: if Israel really intended to exterminate the Palestinian people, would the number of daily deaths caused by a whole army be 2? b) During these 18 months of Intifada (uprising), about 1.200 Palestinians and 300 Israelis died. It’s about 2 Palestinians per day (up to April/07/2002 source: How many would have died so far if the Israeli government had really decided to order the army to kill? Source:

7 Let’s compare some historical events with the current Intifada. Number of dead Intifada 1.200 Note: the areas of the above squares are proportional to the number of dead in each event. (up to April/07/2002 source: Holocaust 6.000.000

8 What are the proportions? 6.000.000 --------------- 18.000.000 1.200 --------------- 8.000.000 Sources: MEMRI Institute,

9 It is possible that abuses occur within the Israeli army. These must be investigated and punished. Nevertheless, to compare the recent military actions with a genocide is as absurd as stating that every Arab is a terrorist.

10 Statement 2: Palestinians have no alternative to defend their cause except terror. I’m doing this to protest the occupation

11 Are concessions from Israel only granted through terror? Land voluntarily granted to Egypt in exchange for peace. Peace with Egypt (1979) Peace with Jordan (1994)

12 Let’s recall what took place in Camp David and Taba. In the Camp David (2000) and Taba (2001) negotiations, the Barak government offered Palestinians the broadest concessions in the region’s history Was the Israeli offer perfect? Possibly not, but it was very similar to the Palestinian demands and it was a genuine attempt to solve the conflict. The Palestinians could have continued in the negotiations and achieved by dialogue what they are not achieving now by terror. Israeli OfferPalestinian DemandQuestions 97% of the West Bank and Gaza + 3% of lands within Israel 100% of the West Bank and Gaza Territories Palestinian East Jerusalem Jerusalem 4 options of citizenship to refugees. Limited number will move to Israel All 3 million refugees will be able to become Israeli citizens Refugees Sources: MEMRI Institute,, Palestinian Media

13 What was the Palestinian reply to Camp David? Instead of remaining in the negotiations, the Palestinian Authority has lauched a bloody uprising and a wave of terror attacks against Israel.

14 Is terror a legitimate answer to political stagnation? Sources: Peace Watch, News Report Oslo Accords and Rabin Government One of the deadliest waves of attacks occurred during the period of biggest advances in the political stage

15 Terror is unjustifiable Terror is not an alternative to negotiation Just like Egypt and Jordan negotiated with Israel and are today in peace, the Palestinians could have chosen the diplomatic road.

16 Statement 3: Arafat is not responsible for the terror attacks. Can’t reach it

17 What does Arafat say? In Arabic, 3 days earlier: In English: Sources:, “I’m ready to sacrifice 70 martyrs to kill each israeli” (On the official Palestinian Radio, 18 december 2001) “I condemn the suicide attacks against Israeli civilians" (New York Times, 03/02/2002) “ The Fatah movement proudly glorifies it’s heroin martyr, from the Alamari Camp, the martyr Wafa Idris” (About the woman suicide bomber, Ramalah, 31/01/2002)

18 Sources:, What does Arafat do? Letter from the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade to the Palestinian Authority: "5) (…) We require a weekly average of 5 to 9 explosive charges to squads in various areas“ The Palestinian Finance Minister signed this document, directly financing a terrorist group. Results….

19 The obstacles to peace. The suicide bombings will continue until Israel ends the occupation… Of the West Bank and Gaza? … of Israel. Hamas

20 In the last years, the Palestinian population literally went through a brainwash of anti-Israel hatred. Page 64 of the Palestinian Authority’s official 5 th grade book: “there’s no Israel” “The fight will continue untill all of Palestine is liberated" (Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Voice Radio, 11/11/1995) Education of the young

21 In many cases, it’s not about creating Palestine. It’s about destroying Israel. Palestinians celebrate the suicide bombing of the Sbarro pizza house Palestinian painting glorifying the suicide bombings Children are taught to hate: what kind of future is being built?

22 Until education for peace prevails, the blood bath will continue in the Middle East.

23 Only dialogue and respect for the rights of both peoples, Jewish and Palestinian, can bring peace.

24 We would be thrilled if you could share your opinions with us at Nevertheless, the recent military operations are legitimate defense against a wave of terror that has left hundreds of dead. Just like any other democracy, Israel also makes mistakes. It is entirely valid to criticize the Israeli government and question it’s actions. Final thoughts. Every government in the world has the right to defend it’s citizens. Presentation prepared by a group of young Brazilian volunteers who believe in peace. Now it’s up to the Palestinians to definitively renouce terror and Israel to support any initiative that may lead to the end of this terrible war. Nani

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