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TLA 2010 Texas Bluebonnet Program Committee BY-NC 2.0.

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1 TLA 2010 Texas Bluebonnet Program Committee">CC BY-NC 2.0

2 Welcome to Bluebonnet 101 To hear the audio part of the webinar, be sure to dial our conference call at 866-740-1260 (toll free). When asked, key in your access code: 4146650 For technical help, contact the ReadyTalk support line at 800-843-9166. Today’s webinar will begin at 3:30pm Central Time, and will last about 1 hour.

3 Information for Later Everyone will receive an evaluation survey after the webinar CE Certificates will be available tomorrow, September 13, on the TLA CE web site: The recorded webinar will also be available on the CE web site at no cost

4 Helpful Tips To minimize background noise, please mute your phone line by pressing *6. You may “ unmute ” your line by pressing *7. Please note the “ Raise Hand ” button on your screen – or you can type questions via the chat box. Twitter hash tag will be #TLAweb.

5 Your Presenters Today Martha EdmundsonDr. Laura Sheneman Also Starring Dixie Allen Cindy Boatfield Amy Fuller Amy Louthan Allison Wilson Aundrea Wright-Young

6 TLA 2010 Texas Bluebonnet Program Committee">CC BY-NC 2.0

7 Texas Bluebonnet Award Mission To Encourage Texas Children to: Read more books Explore a variety of current books Develop powers of discrimination Identify their favorite books

8 Timeline Martha Edmundson

9 TBA Program Timeline September—Continue reading Master List books that were introduced in February. Either review or introduce the Master List books and the TBA Program. Give students and teachers a method of marking their reading. September-January—encourage teacher and student participation by video, Book Talk website, Reader’s Theater scripts, storytimes, etc…. October—The TBA Selection Committee chooses the Master List Books for the following year. November (usually the first weekend)—Master List is announced at the Texas Book Festival. That same weekend it is released.

10 November after list is announced—begin purchasing Master List titles so they will arrive in time to be read by the librarian and ready to be put in place for check-out by February January—choose a day(s) to vote. January--continue to encourage reading, begin publicizing the voting date (s). Do voting activities. Vote and send vote totals into the TLA Offices. February introduce the new Master List. Begin doing programming with the new titles. March or April—TLA Conference. Attend programs sponsored by TBA, go to TBA Luncheon.

11 Summer—RELAX! Registration can be done at any time. It is usually easiest to register at the same time each year, but can be done up to the time you send in your votes.

12 How to Register for TBA Amy Fuller

13 How do I register my library? Make your way to the TBA homepage: Texas Bluebonnet Award Texas Bluebonnet Award

14 Select Forms and Resources on the left sidebar:

15 Select method of registration: online or print

16 Online registration begins with “Institution Type” and “School District.”

17 Select your school and “Look Up Status”

18 Registration status will be shown and the register now button is available.

19 Fill in the requested information and complete online registration using a credit card.

20 To register using the print form, simply click and print.

21 Fill out the form, attach a check or provide credit card information, and mail to the address at the bottom.

22 TBA does not accept money orders, so how can you pay for registration? Ask your PTA/PTO to pay for registration; Use petty cash; Talk to your campus book keeper to see what can be done. Page 5 of the Summer 2010 TBA newsletter might also be helpful : Sole Source VendorSole Source Vendor

23 Available Electronic Resources Dixie Allen & Laura Sheneman

24 Now that I’ve registered…what do I get?


26 Now that I’ve registered…what do I get?



29 TBA Wiki


31 TBA Newsletter

32 Buying the Books Read 5, Then Decide Allison Wilson

33 Buying the Books Q: Do I have to buy every book on the master list? A: No. You should consider: Children’s interests Relevant content Reputable reviews Literary quality

34 Q: Are you sure? Don’t the kids have to read all the books to participate? A: No. The Texas Bluebonnet Award motto is: Buying the Books

35 Q: How many copies should I get of each book? A: It’s up to you! Here are some suggestions: Some libraries buy 3 or more copies of each book. Some school librarians pull copies of upcoming Bluebonnet nominees at book fair. Some libraries get 1 of their copies in an especially resilient binding, like Bound to Stay Bound. Some libraries buy a set of Bluebonnet books from a particular vendor. Some libraries buy different quantities of each book, trying to gauge the kids’ interest in each title. Consider purchasing an audio book of some titles. Buying the Books

36 Q: Once I have the books, what do I do then? A: Hit the ground running. Here’s how: Read the books before you make them available to the kids. Set up a display shelf or bookcase for the books. Give the kids a place to talk about the books, like Mackin Book Talk or your own blog. Engage the kids with activities. Buying the Books

37 Youth Participation Amy Louthan


39 Select “TX Bluebonnet Award”

40 Select “Forms & Resources”

41 Select “Youth Participation”


43 Find your TLA District Number

44 Select “membership committees and units” under the “About TLA” tab

45 Select “Districts”

46 Find your TLA District

47 Supplies/TBA Store/ Video Discussion Cindy Boatfield

48 Purchase DVD to promote the Bluebonnet Master List ($30) [TBA Video Streaming & Reproduction Payment Form This is a separate form on the TBA website. ] Bookmark sets ($5 per set of 100) Spine labels to mark Bluebonnet titles ($4 per 100). To advertise your program: Texas Bluebonnet Award Supplies

49 To reward your Bluebonnet readers: Award certificates ($6 per 25) Lapel pins ($5) Pencil sets ($3 per 10) Mini blue backpacks with the TBA logo ($15) NEW! Bluebonnet zipper pulls ($1 each) You can also purchase: Gold seals ($4 per 12) to mark the winning title. Sticky note pads ($4 per 2) for your library communication.

50 How to Order ONLINE TLA secure on-line store.


52 BY MAIL Print and complete the pdf order form. IN PERSONPurchase supplies during conference at the TLA Store. BY PHONE Place your order by phone using a credit card. Call Julie Serafini at 1-800-580-2852 However, it is much easier to order online! OR Note: The DVD and bookmarks for the new list released in Nov. are always available at Conference first. These two items are in production prior to conference. Other Ways to Order

53 D VD 2010-2011 The Bluebonnet Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Medallion

54 2010-2011 DVD Purchasing Order DVD online, by mail, in person or by phone ($30) TBA Video Streaming & Reproduction – Once payment is received an email will be sent to the individual who placed the order. It will contain the FTP site along with the user name and password necessary to download the file. – The price structure is as follows: $250 - 10 or fewer campuses or copies $300 - 11-20 campuses $400 - 21-30 campuses $500 - 31-40 campuses $600 - 41-50 campuses $700 - 51+ campuses

55 Questions about your order: Call Julie Serafini 1-800-580-2852 Happy Shopping!

56 How to Vote Aundrea Wright-Young

57 Voting Keeping track of what is read Choosing a day Creating excitement How to vote Sending in votes

58 Keeping Track

59 11 Birthdays All Stations Distress The Cabinet of Wonders Down Down Down Sparrow Girl Mudshark Squirrel’s World Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet Dying to Meet You The Uglified Duckling The Hinky Pink Surfer of the Century Pirates Tap Dancing on the Roof The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow Texas Bluebonnet Reading Program 2010-2011 If you read, or have read to you, one of the 20 books listed, do the following: When you finish reading the entire book, color the corresponding area of the Texas map. If someone else reads the book to you, you may color that area on the map. If you read or have read to you at least 5 of the 20 books listed you qualify to vote in January, 2011 for your favorite! Name:_________________________ Room #__________ Teacher _______________________ Umbrella Summer 14 Cows for America Home of the Brave That Book Woman

60 When to vote Voting is due to the TLA Offices by the last Friday of January by Midnight. Select a day or days that do not interfere with the school calendar. The actually voting can be done in whatever way best suits your set up.



63 Two ways to have students vote

64 School districts electronic systems Irving ISD graciously lets Bluebonnet voters use their website. It is made available in early January. That link is:

65 Sending in votes: Final tallies for each title are all that are sent in—not all votes. For snail mail, the tally sheet is on the website. Vote tallies are usually sent electronically. All instructions are detailed on the Voting resource page. Electronic voting does not send you votes into the TLA Offices.

66 Winner announced: The winner is usually announced several days after votes are due.

67 Questions?

68 For More Information

69 TLA 2010 Texas Bluebonnet Program Committee">CC BY-NC 2.0

70 Brought to you by… TBA Chair Martha Edmundson Dr. Laura Sheneman Dixie Allen Cindy Boatfield Amy Fuller Amy Louthan Allison Wilson Aundrea Wright-Young

71 Brought to You by… Texas Library Association Nan Ellis, Registration Coordinator – Nan Ellis, Registration Coordinator – Mary Ann Emerson, TLA Webmaster – Gloria Meraz, Director of Communication – Ileah Hirschy, Membership & Meetings Associate – Julie Serafini, Programs & Events Assistant – Patricia Smith, Executive Director – Ted Wanner, Continuing Education Specialist Special Thanks to

72 Please remember… Continuing Education Certificates may be printed tomorrow, Sept. 13, on the TLA CE web site: Recordings will be available on the same site Please complete the evaluation survey following the webinar

73 For more information on TLA webinars: Ted Wanner TLA Continuing Education Specialist 512-328-1518 / 800-580-2852

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