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1 Queensland Public Libraries Association LibRaries …the fourth ‘R’ Sue McKerracher, ALIA

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1 1 Queensland Public Libraries Association LibRaries …the fourth ‘R’ Sue McKerracher, ALIA

2 2 How do we respond to people who ask us what purpose library and information professionals serve in an information-rich environment, where many people have online access to books and other resources? STRATEGIC RESPONSE

3 3 Inspired, knowledgeable, creative, literate, enterprising, respectful and connected communities, where everyone has equal access to information and ideas OUR VISION

4 4 Library and information professionals help people create better futures OUR MISSION

5 5 Better futures for themselves Students achieving better marks in exams Adults learning new skills in classes Keen readers gaining pleasure from books

6 6 Better futures for their families Wage-earners finding a better job Parents sharing books with their children Grandparents taking children to storytime

7 7 Better futures for those who rely on their expertise Companies relying on their business advisors Patients relying on their doctors Clients relying on their lawyers

8 8 Better futures are achieved by extending people’s knowledge and understanding STRATEGY

9 9 Increased knowledge and understanding come from access to other people’s ideas Commentators in newspapers Academic thinking in respected journals Authors’ ideas expressed in novels

10 10 The role of library and information professionals is to find, share and connect Find partners to enhance the service Find information, document delivery Find items for the loan collection

11 11 Connect with ideas, books, information, knowledge, resources, community

12 12 The services delivered by library and information professionals are unique UNIQUE SELLING POINT

13 13 Nowhere else will you find books, resources, technology, expertise and physical spaces available to everyone and free at the point of use

14 14 Libraries are where art, culture, community, enterprise and learning come together

15 15 Libraries and information services are catalysts for discovery and innovation

16 16 Library and information professionals are trusted guides FEATURES AND BENEFITS

17 17 We know the best places to look

18 18 We know how to search more thoroughly and find things faster

19 19 We help people discover the missing pieces

20 20 In an expanding information marketplace, library and information professionals are more important than ever before MARKET POSITION

21 21 There are more books and resources available now than at any time in history

22 22 People with online access are faced by an overwhelming number of books and resources

23 23 Anyone can surf the internet; library and information professionals help people navigate it

24 24 CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE SECTOR Challenges Changing landscape Freedom of access to information and copyright issues Funding restraints Outdated image of libraries and librarians Opportunities Focus on knowledge and information Technological innovation Community support for library and information services

25 25 How to use The Library Dividend to advocate for Queensland public libraries THE LIBRARY DIVIDEND

26 26 The Library Dividend gives us … THE LIBRARY DIVIDEND

27 27 A document A dollar figure Local comparison Interstate comparison Community endorsement People would pay more Rankings What people value most

28 28 State Library of Queensland resources THE LIBRARY DIVIDEND

29 29 Powerpoint Fact sheet Library value calculator Advocacy plan template Presentations

30 30 What can we do with it? THE LIBRARY DIVIDEND

31 31 News story for the media Opportunity to call on friends and ambassadors for comment Opportunity to seek out existing and new partners Opportunity to sell our story internally, within council Opportunity for the library team to feel good about what they do

32 32 Great conversation starters Nearly half of all Queenslanders are public library members … People value the services we offer – lifelong learning, literacy, internet access, supporting local culture and the arts … Our library returns $2.30-worth of community value for every dollar invested … People would pay $52 a year for library services (more if they could afford to), yet we are achieving all this for just $41 …

33 33 What is your ask? We need a new library We need to upgrade our building We need more staff We need to be included in council strategies around youth, family services, learning, arts and culture We need funding to improve our collection We need approval for our digital strategy We need council to see libraries in a new light

34 34 Ask your Mayor to launch it locally Present it at the next council executive Send a copy to existing and potential partners – U3A, school principal, authors Send a copy to advocates – faith leaders, bookshops, real estate agents, doctors Circulate around council – youth, family services, health, ageing, arts, culture

35 35 What you will need to create THE LIBRARY DIVIDEND

36 36 Covering letter Call to action Key messages for advocates Follow through


38 38 Why are Queensland results different from Victoria and New South Wales?

39 39 Why are Queensland results different from Victoria and New South Wales? The states are very different, especially in their land and population size and diversity Governance, funding, management and operations are different The studies took place at different times over a seven year period

40 40 Why are our council’s libraries returning more or less than others?

41 41 Why are our council’s libraries returning more or less than others? Public libraries are designed around their communities The level of community benefits will depend on the local community

42 42 If people are willing to pay $52, why aren’t we charging them?

43 43 If people are willing to pay $52, why aren’t we charging them? ‘Free at the point of use’ is a core value of libraries the world over, promoting equality of access to information for everyone, including the most disadvantaged in our society.

44 44 How does this return on investment compare with other council services?

45 45 Healthy infrastructure supports a healthy economy, attracting new employers and improving the overall quality of life in our communities. We consistently see paybacks along our roads, rails and bridges. These dividends - safe, secure, efficient transportation - pay us back in our day- to-day lives well in excess of every dollar we invest. Moody’s estimates every additional dollar spent on infrastructure generates a $1.44 increase in gross domestic product. Paul Yarossi, chairman of the American Roads and Transportation Builders Association, February 2012, referring to Moody’s Analytics

46 46 Building your own advocacy plan WORKSHOP

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