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Bulletin n o. 10 BEGINNERS RECORDINGS Raimundo Claudia, photographer and artist from Itatiba-SP, started her recordings not only because she appreciated.

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2 Bulletin n o. 10 BEGINNERS RECORDINGS Raimundo Claudia, photographer and artist from Itatiba-SP, started her recordings not only because she appreciated the subject, but also because she lost both father and brother. She was dedicated and determined and as soon as she sent us her firsts contacts, we realised how sincere she was, and, with all that, the Afterlife Friends supported her in every way. On the left, Claudia's dear father PRESENTATION: Trough spirituality's recommendation, the year 2006 was dedicated to spread Transcommunication. Because of that we published a book and went to many radio, tv and magazines interviews. Their objective was to spread information and bring new people to connect the other side. And this happened many times. Thousands of people had never heard about this subject until they started to record. So we had to know if the technique we expose in the book really works (we use the same technique in our lab) and make the beginners hear voices from the afterlife. We had the pleasure to confirm it. Many readers send us samples to clarify their doubts and we are surprised to see the quality of the material. We accomplished this step and we were advised to go back to the researches in 2007. In this bulletin we approached four of these readers and friends that got great results since their first recordings. A tight hug from Sonia Rinaldi. IPATI – Advanced ITC Research Institute She started to record in september 2006 and soon her father returned his daughter's love showing up as well as her brother João. Even his uncommon name “Fermo” was given, an important proof. Until today, Claudia supports us in many ways, as she herself could see that it was real.

3 Some of Claudia's captions: 1. VOICE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: “Ernani” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Ernani”) CLAUDIA: “can anybody from the station hear me?” (“-Tem alguém na estação me ouvindo?”) I was surprised by the answer and I asked Sonia if there was any Ernani at the station and she confirmed) 2. CLAUDIA: “Hi, João. I'll stop” VOICE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: “It is” CLAUDIA: “I'd like to know if the last contact is confirmed, please” 3. VOICE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: “Beautiful” CLAUDIA: “Dad, do you remember how Carla and me always called you when you came home?” 4. CLAUDIA: “Good afternoon, people from the station. Can I make recordings today? (”CLAUDIA: ”-Boa tarde pessoal da Estação. Eu posso fazer gravações hoje?”) VOZ PARANORMAL: ”-É com Angelina.” (My father was very close to my mother Angelina. I had been recording for a while and he had never invited my mother to take part. I believe he wanted me to call her to talk to him) 5. CLAUDIA: “God bless you, dear! A kiss for you, ok?”CLAUDIA: ”- Queridos, fiquem com Deus, um beijão, viu!?” VOICE: “Ok. I passed” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “-Viu, passei”) 6. VOICE: “Hello” ( VOZ PARANORMAL: “-Olá”) CLAUDIA: “Dad, how are you?” (CLAUDIA: “-Pai, tudo bem?”) 7. CLAUDIA: “Are you there, dad? CLAUDIA: -”Você já tá por aí, pai?” VOICE: “I hear you” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “-Te escuto” )

4 8.CLAUDIA: “Dad, if João is there with you, send him a kiss, ok?” (CLAUDIA:”- Pai, se você estiver com o João, fala pra ele que eu mandei um beijo, tá bom?) VOICE: “Let me send him” (VOZ PARANORMAL: ”-Deixa eu dar”) 9. VOICE: “See you” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Até”) CLAUDIA: “I'll say goodbye to you” (CLAUDIA: “-Pai, eu vou me despedir de vocês...”) 10. CLAUDIA: “Dad, is that you? Can you hear me, dear?” VOICE: “Fermo is here” My father's name is João Fermo, I was so happy when I heard my father saying “Fermo is here”, this is how he called himself what proves that it was really him. 11. VOICE: “I'm there” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “-Estou lá no pé”) CLAUDIA: “Dad, I'd like to know if you can hear me, dad” (CLAUDIA: “Pai, eu gostaria de saber se você está me ouvindo, pai”) My father was always very close to us and I believe he still is. 12.VOICE: “I heard” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “-Eu ouvi”) his was my first ITC experience. I started my first contact mentalizing my father and asking if somebody from the afterlife was hearing me and quickly my brother said “I heard” 13. VOICE: “And mother heard” 14. VOICE: “She's here” VOZ PARANORMAL: ”-Tá aqui”) CLAUDIA: “I wanted to talk to João, my cute brother” (CLAUDIA: “ Eu queria também falar com o João, aquele meu irmão lindo”) 15- VOICE: “Octavio, tomorrow ” I asked to mr. German if they had found my husband's father and if I could talk to him, mr. German says “only tomorrow”

5 ADÃO is another reader that was successful from the beginning. Here are some of his audios. 1.VOICE: “Put up, he's old” Adão's explanation: “A friend looked for him to make contact with her deceased gandmother. This friend is married to an older man and the couple's situation was bad, they were about to divorce. So the grandmother told her to have patience and put up with the situation because the man would need support” 2. VOICE: “see, you crashed the car” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “- Ouça, você bateu o carro”) In the same recording the friend confirmed that she had crashed the car, it was a serious accident and when she was recovering, in her prayers she always searched for her grandmother who she loved so much. This recording was the confirmation that granny was always listening to her. 3. ADÃO: “Mrs. Angelina, will you leave a message for Sonia?” (ADÃO: “ – Senhora Angelina, deixe um recado para Sonia?”) VOICE: “separated girl” (VOZ PARANORMAL: “ – Menina separado!”) Adão explained that her friend called Sonia confirmed that she was stopping a girl from being with the family because she didn't like the girl very much. She was putting her aside and the grandmother disapproved that behaviour.

6 4.VOICE: “I just have to call...” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Basta meu chamar!”) 5.VOICE: “ Doctor is missing you” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Dr. tá com saudades!”) 6.VOICE: “I got it!” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Consegui já!”) 7.VOICE: “Smiling” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Tá sorrindo!”) 8.VOICE: “Nice is leaving” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”A Nice vai sair daqui!”) Confirmed that she had a relative called Nice who died many years ago.. 9. VOICE: “This is pretty” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Isto é bonita!”) 10.VOICE: “Absolute, you know” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Absoluta, sabe!”) 11. Adão: “Who does...” VOICE: “It's your father” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Está teu pai!”) 12.VOICE: “It's going to fail” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Vai falhar!”) 13.VOICE: “You'll get better” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Vai buscar você!”) 12.VOICE - “You go to cure !” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Cê vai curar!”) Adão confirmed that he had found out he had a serious illness and hearing that was a great relief. More of Adão's captions

7 2. DENISSON: “Dad, I just had the impression that you would be arriving” VOICE: -”To take care!” 3. DENISSON: “Dad...” VOICE: “On earth!” (when they confirm that they're on earth it means they can talk, the connection was made) 4. VOICE: “I liked it. Loves you” 5. DENISSON: “Good Afternoon, Mr. German!” VOICE: “Ok” DENISSON: “Thank you for the incentive” 6. VOICE: “Let me remember the house” 7. VOICE: “It's in this house” DENISSON'S TRANSCONTACTS I met Denisson and his wife Isa, from Aracaju, in a presentation in a spiritist congress in their city. Denisson was very interested and had already read our book, he had some questions. I told him I would help him with everything it was necessary to start the recordings in his house. A few days later, he sent his first results. 1. VOICE: “With Cassia” (VOZ PARANORMAL: -”Com Cássia...”) DENISSON: “Any news from my dad, pal? (”DENISSON: -”Alguma noticia de meu pai, amigo?”) Denisson said in his e-mail: “this is the name of my cousin, Rita de Cassia!They said they were with her, it was very good, a great consolation because this cousin and me were going through a difficult situation with my uncle's desease and she could only count on me. It was a blessing to know that our family is still united even in the afterlife. I never questioned this but I was eager to hear the message.””.

8 8.VOICE: “He's important” DENISSON: “I thank you for your kindness The communicators seem to know who is going to dedicate to the contacts. Denisson is important because since the very beginning he has been extremely helpful to whoever needs him. SONIA: “Mr. Narisha, good afternoon, we are opening the station to...” 9. (VOICE: “Denisson!” SONIA: “Nando” This was a joke I made by changing the names, but the spirituality, always aware, informed the correct name of our friend) We made a workshop with our friends in my hotel room in Aracaju in order to practice the recordings. In the picture, Denisson and another friend recording for the first time. It's possible to see our travel kit in use as told in our last bulletin. In this first afternoon, mr. German and Narisha showed up bringing news from Edna's deceased mother and Denisson's father. Denisson put the equipment in his home and since then he's been successful.

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