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Preparing for the Careers Fair: The Key to Success.

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1 Preparing for the Careers Fair: The Key to Success

2 Agenda  The Purpose of a Careers Fair?  Preparation for Fair  What to Expect  On the Day  Questions and Answers

3 The Purpose of A Fair  One stop shop for students and employers  An opportunity for you to review different career areas  Students get up-to-date company information  Student and potential employers get to meet face- to-face  An opportunity to ask potential employers questions about recruitment  Company gets student’s C.V. or contact details

4 Preparing for the Fair  Review Companies attending fair –Careers by Degrees 2006 –2007 –Careers website for updated list (Events)  Make list of companies of interest  Include some of the less obvious ones  Compile list of questions for company  Research companies of interest before attending fair – check websites

5 Preparing for the Fair (2)  Update your CV and bring multiple copies  Customise CV if applying for different types of jobs  Highlight significant experience  Plan your strategy – order of priority  Think about how you will introduce yourself  Bring pen and paper to take notes  Bring your copy of Careers by Degrees  Remember 1 st impressions count!!!!

6 Sectors represented  Financial Services  Accounting  Insurance  Public Sector  Chemical/Pharmaceutical  Healthcare  Food & Drink  International Opps  Retail  Marketing  Aeronautical  Manufacturing Eng.  Research  Electronics  Software  Volunteering  International  Consulting  Paper products

7 International Opportunities  Airbus  Lufthansa Technic AG  JP Morgan  Lehman Brothers  Johnson & Johnson  IBEC (EOP programme)  FAS Overseas Graduate Programme  ESL Opportunities  I-to-I Ireland  JET Programme  Perot Systems  Tata Consultancy

8 What To Expect  Stands, Stands, Stands,  High noise levels  Companies with lots of opportunities –Representatives promoting the companies –New graduate recruits –Products, videos, demos  Competition from other students & graduates  Chatting with Company personnel, remember this can be like a pre-interview!!!! Be alert!!!!

9 On The Day  Dress smart – wear comfortable shoes  Positive Attitude  Be enthuastic and knowledgeable  Arrive early while employers are fresh  Make a list of stands you want to visit  Check the numbers & locations of stands  Plan your route around the fair based on the companies you selected  Check at Careers Stand if in doubt

10 On The Day contd…  Keep an open mind about companies  Practise your technique by approaching a few less- popular companies until you feel more confident  Explain why you are interested in their company- talk about what you learned during your research  Know what kind of job interests you  Check application and interview details  Don’t monopolise employers’ time  Don’t expect them to be familiar with your course

11 On The Day contd…  Asking vague questions and being unclear about your career interests will not impress  Their questions; –What interests you in our company? –What type of position are you interested in? –What department are you interested in?  Have your own questions ready  Take notes and ask for name or business card  Be selective about material, freebies and handouts  Make note of companies who have your CV

12 Typical Questions to ask  What degree disciplines do you recruit?  Have you recruited many UL graduates?  What is the typical career path of graduates?  What kind of training/development opportunities do you offer?  What’s the format of your recruitment? –CVs, Applications, Online applications –Aptitude tests, Assessment Centres  What qualities do you look for in graduates?

13 Finally  Think outside the box – big isn’t better  Check out the ‘any discipline’ employers  Call to the Coop & Careers stand for –Queries and information  Complete survey form and win a voucher worth €300

14 Q & A

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