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This is more easily said than done. Do you agree?.

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1 This is more easily said than done. Do you agree?

2 Why is Mr Bean considered so funny in Britain? Discuss.

3 What would life in Finland be like for you if you couldn’t read at all?

4 Share your thoughts about this pic with your partner.

5 Imagine a future with everybody having an embedded microchip.

6 What’s the secret of a lasting relationship?

7 Discuss this with your partner.

8 Why does Batman do what he does?

9 What’s your favourite Bat insignia?

10 What are your thoughts on giving a child an unusual name?

11 Yes, it’s a small world. Describe a situation, in which you met someone unexpectedly.

12 Discuss this statement with your partner.

13 Discuss bodybuilding with oyur partner.

14 Which songs do you know by heart?

15 Describe Bond’s lifestyle and his view of the world to your partner.

16 What’s your dream holiday resort?

17 What did you want to become when you were little?

18 How do you deal with people you don’t like?

19 What is your stand in this issue?

20 ’Seize The Day’ Share your thoughts on this.

21 What do you think of when you hear the word Japan?

22 What does this man mean by this?

23 Read this story and then share your thoughts with your partner.

24 Talk about you and chocolate.

25 Do you do your fair share of chores at home?

26 Name some cases, in which common sense was not used.

27 How do you react to criticism?

28 Here’s Dalai Lama giving a high five. Which celebrity would you like to meet?

29 Tell your partner about a daring thing that you’ve done.

30 Are you doing your share to recycle?

31 Now insult your partner with the filthiest English you know!

32 What do YOU do to learn new words and expressions?

33 What can we learn from these stories?

34 How do you take care of your physical fitness?


36 Have you ever been able to get back to your dream?

37 Dressed to kill alright. What do YOU do to attract the attention of the opposite sex?

38 Should food stores in Finland be allowed to carry wine?

39 What else do you do besides eating and sleepimg?

40 What is this cartoon suggesting about politics and politicians?

41 Why do YOU study foreign languages? And yes, Swedish counts as well.

42 Okay, okay! Tell your partner a better joke.

43 When and where do you feel most relaxed and calm?

44 What is it that YOU want to excel in?

45 Are YOU learning from your mistakes?

46 Explain the fun to your partner.

47 Do people spice things up in Facebook?

48 In which ways do Facebook and reality differ from each other?

49 Discuss this statement.

50 These icons got old. How do YOU define ’being old’?

51 How do you feel about the US and Americans’ position in the world?

52 Indeed! Now talk about GOOD music.

53 Have you googled yourself lately?

54 What the f***! Graffiti! Let’s get rid of it! Do you agree?

55 Is there any truth in this?

56 What can YOU do? Note that I’m not asking about what you can do WELL.

57 Go ahead. Make my day! What would you say to the lion?

58 How well do you do your homework?

59 What’s your best excuse for not having done your homework? Let’s come up with some new ones; I’ve heard all the standard ones.

60 Don’t we all just love ice cream? Talk about ice cream.

61 Winter is at its coldest. As a Finn, what do you do?

62 Discuss.

63 Which group do you want to belong and why?

64 What are some other ways of making a quick buck?

65 ’When you’re happy with what you’ve got, you’re rich.’ Discuss.

66 What would YOU like to be held against you?

67 Talk about the power of Mother Nature.

68 What are your instructions to your hairdresser/barber when you go to see them?

69 Talk about you and eggs.

70 Staring is not polite. Talk about polite manners.

71 What are your ambitions in life? What do you want to be when you graduate?

72 What if you just said ’No!’? Discuss.

73 Talk about how wonderful books are and how wonderful it is to read books.

74 Discuss this statement. (PS This is very important.)

75 Do you think there is life in space?

76 What have you learned from your past?

77 What’s your idea of Life?

78 Discuss.

79 What does this mean?

80 How would you go about losing weight?

81 Is there life after senior high school? Discuss.

82 Discuss.

83 Speaking is one thing, READING is another. Are you still an AVID READER?

84 Wine is not in fact the key to a lasting relationship. What is?

85 How do you picture your eventual wedding day?

86 Discuss.

87 Discuss this statement.

88 Is this the truth? Or do you know better?

89 What do we learn from this?

90 Describe her, her story, her life.

91 Discuss. Then dial 112 and the men in white jackets will come for you.

92 What’s happening in this pic?

93 Make your case for NOT banning today’s mobile phones in class.

94 Discuss.

95 Are you a night owl or an early bird?

96 What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

97 The Eskimos know their snow. What’s the English for our ’keli’?

98 What are some of your ways of enhancing your vocabulary?

99 When should a young person move away from home?

100 Talk about today’s consumer culture.

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