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QuarkNet Associate Teacher Institutes, or What do I do next year? Fred Nelson Manhattan High School Manhattan, Kansas.

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1 QuarkNet Associate Teacher Institutes, or What do I do next year? Fred Nelson Manhattan High School Manhattan, Kansas

2 Have you read the Teacher Expectations for next summer? Working with the mentors to plan a year-2 three-week local institute for the associate teachers Working with the mentors to recruit year-2 teachers On average, ten new associate teachers should join the collaboration

3 So where to begin... Find learning activities for your classroom – Topics in Modern Physics – Particles & Interactions – The Particle Adventure – Online QuarkNet activities – Reading & writing

4 Find some more teachers! How were you recruited? College of Education—Science ed advisor University physics department AAPT section State Department of Education State science teachers association (NSTA chapter)

5 Don’t be a snob Don’t assume you can only invite “physics” teachers! Adjust activities for your audience QuarkNet can help meet requirements of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act

6 Tell your story! Short presentation Deliver wherever you can Give away stuff – Posters – CD-ROMs – Pamphlets – Business cards

7 Find a rationale Survey of Kansas High School Physics Teachers— 2001 Confidence in teaching selected physics topics TopicHighly confident ConfidentA little confident Not confident Basic classical physics 34%40%22%3% Basic modern physics 13%37%40%10%

8 Another opportunity presented from survey data Approach to teaching physics Use of computer data collection technology TopicHighly Confident ConfidentA Little Confident Not Confident Using an Inquiry Approach 11%37% 14% Using Computer Interfacing 10%27%35%28%

9 Do the right thing—use the Standards Science is for all students Learning science is an active process School science reflects the practice of science Improving science education is part of systemic education reform

10 Free stuff for teachers to use Posters Videos CD-ROMS – The Particle Adventure – The Atlas Experiment Rulers Topics in Modern Physics FermiNews

11 Cheap stuff for teachers to use Simulated particle detector – Iron filings – Magnetic marbles – Shoebox lids Simulated Rutherford experiment – Plywood & wood blocks – Marbles – Crude woodworking skill

12 More cheap stuff Indirect measurement – Carbon paper – Marbles Simulated Millikan experiment – Envelopes – Index cards

13 Institute content resources Videos – The Creation of the Universe – Race for the Top Quark (Nova) – Powers of Ten Video CD-ROM – Understanding Uncertainty (TLC) – The Quantum Universe (Annenberg) Magazine reading – Discover – Scientific American – FermiNews Book reading – From Quarks to Cosmos (Lederman) – The Particle Garden (Kane) Websites – QuarkNet – CPEP

14 Pedagogical ideas to consider Inquiry learning – Constructivism – Learning cycle – Learning styles – Cooperative learning Assessments – Traditional – Alternative

15 Logistics at the QuarkNet Center: things you have to figure out Dates Graduate credit Rooms Schedule Computers Lab equipment Other equipment Follow up with mentors – Money ($300/week) – Teacher selection – Expenses

16 Day 1 9:00 – 11:00 Orientation Parking permit Paperwork Center tour 11:15 – 12:00 Faculty presentation—A very brief history of particles 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch on your own 1:00 – 2:45 Browse The Particle Adventure 3:00 – 4:00 Particles & Interactions activity— Fundamentally speaking

17 Day 2 9:00 – 9:15 Questions & answers 9:15 – 10:30 Faculty presentation— Current experiments 10:45 – 12:00 Particles & Interactions activity— Rutherford’s discovery 1:00 – 4:00 Active Learning workshop

18 Some other ideas for sessions Cosmology Fusion Nuclear science Current events National Board Certification Science standards State assessments & accountability

19 Other things you can do What’s your expertise? – Global positioning system – Nuclear radiation experiments – Modeling method – CASTLE electricity – Physics with computers Tours of other facilities

20 By the way, spend your mini-grant $250 Reimbursed Simple classroom transfer plan Books Equipment Materials Software

21 Adult learners Select faculty speakers carefully No more than 90 minutes per session Breaks Activities Parking lot No stupid questions Have more than you think you need

22 Other considerations Produce something Document your workshop Reflection time Bonding time Laughing time Have fun!

23 Goals Learn something about particle physics Experience science being done Take it to your students Keep the dream alive – University-High School Partnerships To infinity and beyond – Year 3 Institute

24 Thanks for your interest

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