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Some General Comments…

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1 Some General Comments…
Follow ALL the steps on the assignment This includes posting to a blog Examples should support your argument. Provide enough detail to do so. A representative quote needs to be longer than 1 sentence. Citations please!

2 Using Citations

3 Why do we need citations?
Provide proof to our claims Give credit where it is due Avoid plagiarism Allows your reader to find what you read Provide additional information outside the scope of your paper

4 When do we cite? Not your original idea Not common knowledge
Using a direct quote Any claim that needs backing up Directing your reader to tangential information

5 How do we cite? CONSISTENTLY!
Never change citation styles mid-way through a paper!

6 Types of Citations Modern Language Association of America (MLA)
American Psychological Association (APA) In 2010, Joe and Bob discovered that citations make you cool. Joe and Bob (2010) discovered that citations make you cool.

7 MLA vs APA in text citations
Author’s last name Omits year Uses relevant page number Used in English, Humanities Author’s last name Date in parentheses Page number if citing something specific Used in Social Sciences

8 APA in Action Other workable definitions of social capital contain similar elements, such as Mark E. Warrren’s more utilitarian definition describes it as being: ...individual investments in social relations that have the consequences, whether or not intended, of enabling collective actions which return goods in excess of those the individual might achieve by acting alone. (Warren, 2008, pg. 125) Writing after Putnam, Warren seeks to define social capital in a way that has the critical capacity to be better able to deal with social ‘goods’ as well as social ‘bads’ (Warren, 2008). In other words, it is not just benign bowling league participants who create bonds via social capital for the greater social good. Terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh and Terry McNichol ‘bowled together’ too.

9 References/Reference List/Works Cited
Last page of your paper For this class: at the end of your blog post Includes everything you cited Other works you looked at but do not quote directly

10 APA References Book: Bakardjieva, M. (2005). Internet Society: the internet in everyday life. Sage Publications Ltd., Thousand Oaks, CA. Journal article: Oldenburg, R. and Brissett, D. (1982). The third place. Qualitative Sociology, 5(4):265 – 284.

11 Edited Anthology: Cheung, C. (2004)
Edited Anthology: Cheung, C. (2004). Identity construction and self-presentation on personal homepages: Emancipatory potentials and reality constraints. In Gauntlett, D. and Horsley, R. (Eds.), Web.Studies (pp. 53 – 55). Oxford University Press, New York. Website: Bartle, R. A. (1996). Hearts, clubs, diamonds, spaces: Players who suit muds. Retrieved July 7,

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