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More Skill, More Fun, Fewer Injuries Summer Campaign 2011.

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1 More Skill, More Fun, Fewer Injuries Summer Campaign 2011

2 Do’s Decide what kind of riding you’re going to do. Street bike, mountain bike or hybrid? Do some research before buying your bike. Go to a couple bike shops, talk to the staff and ask questions. Wear bright clothing, such as a high-vis shirt.

3 Do’s Get some PPE: Glasses or shades will protect your eyes from glare and bugs Gloves will cushion your hands and protect them in case you fall Padded shorts are great. When you first start riding, you will definitely have some butt discomfort, but it will stop bothering you after a while. Still, there’s a good reason why serious bike riders wear padded shorts.

4 Do’s Carry a small repair kit: two inner tubes, a set of tire irons (levers) for removing the tire, and a couple of CO2 cylinders, or a mini air pump. Learn the hand signals to use in traffic. Be visible, both with your behavior and equipment. I have front and back lights—a bright, white one in front and a blinking red one in back—but usually try to avoid riding at night. If you are commuting, plan your route and recon it before you start. Avoid main roads, try to stick to neighborhoods. Drive the route once to look for hazards.

5 Don’ts Don’t assume that clip-in pedals are easy to use. Practice them stationary for a while. Falling over is embarrassing and painful, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Don’t assume that other drivers are going to do the right thing. Be on the defensive, always. Don’t break the law. Do what the other people are doing. Be predictable.

6 Thanks to PRC Mike Roll, tactical ops/parachute safety analyst at the Naval Safety Center

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