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Update on Developments in Ukraine Mr. Tymofiy Motrenko, PhD, Head of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine September 7, 2010

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1 Update on Developments in Ukraine Mr. Tymofiy Motrenko, PhD, Head of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine September 7, 2010

2 Consensus between Parliament of Ukraine, President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Ukraine Leadership of the President of Ukraine in implementation of the reforms Program of Economic Reforms: program on the recovery from crisis and structural transformation of the economy Committee for Economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine and relevant working groups National Anticorruption Committee under the President of Ukraine Coordination Center for Economic Reforms Implementation State Agency of Ukraine for National Projects Management Political Context 2

3 Increasing Ukraines position in global rankings: Worldwide Governance Indicators (World Bank): raise from 143 (current level of Ukraine) to 68 position (current level of Poland) Global Competitiveness Index (World Economic Forum) (indicator of quality of public institutions) – improve Ukraines position by 5 points every two years Transparency International – improve Ukraines position by 10 points every year UN On-line Services Rating – improve from 62 (current level of Ukraine) to 32 position (current level of Baltic countries) in 5 years 3 Global Сontext: Сriteria of Efficiency

4 1.Construction of a marine terminal capable of receiving liquefied natural gas 2.Construction of solar and wind power plants 3.Construction of affordable housing, modern systems for solid waste processing 4.Program on provision of the people with high-quality drinking water 5.Establishment of the national information and communication network based on 4G technology 6.Drafting of a strategic plan and city development projects 7.Raising the quality of maternal and child care 8.Drafting and development of the program 2022 Olympic Hope 9.Establishment of a rapid transit line between Kyiv and Boryspil Airport 10.Development of the Ukrainian shipping Reforms: National Projects 4

5 Transition to project management Co-operation with international organizations, foreign investors, donors, private partners Establishment of the working group for the national projects within the Committee for Economic Reforms Technical preparation of the projects according to world standards by the first-class experts New Approaches in the Public Administration 5

6 1.Reform of the public administration and development of the professional associations: optimization of the system and structure of the public administration determination of the legal status and strengthening of institutional capacity of the professional associations 2.Reform of the civil service system systematization of the functional management of the civil service institualization and development of senior civil service separation of political and administrative positions in the public bodies establishment of the conflict of interest management system and corruption prevention at the civil service 6 Administrative Reform (І)

7 3.Introduction of the e-government in the system of the public bodies: delivering of public services in on-line regime electronic documentation-turnover with application of electronic digital signature establishment of information and analytical system for the support of the functional civil service management Administrative Reform (ІІ) 7

8 National Strategy of the Human Resource Development 2020 Presidential staff reserve New Elite of the Nation School for Senior Civil Service Reformed National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Qualitative Human Resource 8

9 Draft Law on Civil Service (revised edition) Establishment of the National Center for Assessment and Development of the Civil Servants under the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine Draft Law on Senior Civil Service 9 Leadership Development

10 1.50 % of public administrative services are accessible on-line 2.25 % of control functions of the state are delegated to professional associations 3.20 % civil servants at the central level and 10 % at the local level have good command of English (or other official languages of the Council of Europe) 4.25 % reduction in the number of central public bodies 5.30 % reduction in the number of local state administrations 6.10% reduction of the expenditures on the public administration 7.3 % annual improvement in civil servants turnover 8.90 % of out-coming documents within public administrations are electronic 9.20 % reduction in the number of civil servants 10 Success Indicators of Reforms

11 Implementation of the new wave reforms as the policy of global reforms and modernization of Ukraine Effective application of all existing resources and focus on the human resources Work on the comprehensive projects concerning improvement of the position and role of Ukraine in the world 11 Trends and Conclusions for the Future

12 Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine Thank you for your attention! 12

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