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Careers Service 1 Why do a PhD? Dr. Tracy Bussoli Careers Adviser for Researchers.

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1 Careers Service 1 Why do a PhD? Dr. Tracy Bussoli Careers Adviser for Researchers

2 Careers Service 2 What is a PhD? A PhD. is an in depth research programme. It is normally undertaken upon completion of a degree course. The work produced for the PhD. must fundamentally be original, in other words written by only you, containing your thoughts and findings. Once all the research is complete, it is presented in a thesis.

3 Careers Service 3 Some Reasons Fascinated by a particular topic Know that you want to work in academia Stay at university 3 more years Recession Good at ………. To be called Dr!

4 Careers Service 4 More Reasons Need it for…. Done well in your degree and asked

5 Careers Service 5 Some people’s reasons Well I always enjoyed understanding things and I also enjoyed very much explaining things to other people. I felt much comfortable in the academic environment and I think this is my way.

6 Careers Service 6 Some people’s reasons I got into research because I really enjoyed science from a very young age and I wanted to pursue a career in academia so the logical path there was to do a PhD and to progress into research that way.

7 Careers Service 7 What to expect To motivate yourself To be proactive To be initially overwhelmed To keep on top of current literature 2-3 weeks holiday although more offered! Long hours but flexible To think about nothing but your PhD…especially when writing up!

8 Careers Service 8 What qualifications do you need? A first or 2:1 degree Or a Masters Postgrad diploma

9 Careers Service 9 Reasons to do a PhD Completely absorbing Become an expert Only way into academia/industry 3 years to develop skills including team working, project management, presentation skills etc. Extremely fulfilling when you finish! Get Dr. before your name

10 Careers Service 10 Why not do a PhD? Academia is extremely competitive and not that well paid More PhDs graduate than posts available Sometimes difficult to convince employers that you are not too specialised…have to put focus on transferable skills Takes three years of life…could be learning on the job skills Some people feel ‘too specialised’ at he end

11 Careers Service 11 Some Figures about PhDs and employment 16,500 PhDs graduated in 2006 cf. 320, 000 undergrads (1:20) Only ¼ of researchers know what they want to do at beginning of PhD In 2005, 28% of graduating STEM PhDs became post-docs. In 2005 7% of STEM PhDs became lecturers

12 Careers Service 12 What do PhDs do? 50% in education 10% finance, IT and business 15% health and social work 15% manufacturing 5% public admin 5% other UK Grad 2004-2006 Survey

13 Careers Service 13 How to choose a PhD? Final year project Talk to people in your department Look at PhDs on various websites, speak to potential supervisor Research the lab/department….speak to people about lab/supervisor Don’t accept until you have done research.

14 Careers Service 14 Where to look for a PhD http://www.findaphd uk uk Nature and New Scientist University Websites

15 Careers Service 15 Books PhD's; What they don't tell you - by Duggi Zuram Reflections on Tutors, Libraries and Other PhD StudentsPhD's; What they don't tell you PhD Study in the Arts & Humanities - by the FindAPhD Team How to apply and how to get by in the Arts, Humanities & Social SciencesPhD Study in the Arts & Humanities A Guide to PhD Research in Computing - by Prof Sean GongA Guide to PhD Research in Computing A short overview of what is expected of both student and supervisor Hints for New PhD Students on How to Write Research Papers - by Prof Shahn Majid A guide for writing in mathematicsHints for New PhD Students on How to Write Research Papers

16 Careers Service 16 Queen Mary Careers Service WG3 Queens Building – 020 7882 5065 Opening times: Monday-Thursday10.30am-5pm Friday10.30am-4pm Drop-in sessions: Monday-Thursday10.30am-12.30pm 2.00pm-4.30pm Part of

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