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PRESENTS a proposal on computerization of hospitals and clinics

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1 PRESENTS a proposal on computerization of hospitals and clinics
BIRLAMEDISOFT PVT LTD PRESENTS a proposal on computerization of hospitals and clinics

2 Birlamedisoft Company Profile
Organization: An ISO 9001:2008 certified and a Dedicated Healthcare Software Development Company since 2001. Promoters: Founded by Dr. Upma Birla, MS (Obst & Gynae) & Mr. Shrinivas Birla.

3 Cont… BM Team: Very potential and A strong team of Medical and Software Professionals with more than 650+ man-years experience into developing Healthcare softwares

4 Cont… Clients: More than small to big satisfied clients spread across India and Abroad Experience: More than 11 years of Rigorous Healthcare Software development, Testing, Constant Market research, and Inputs from Healthcare professionals and experts

5 Cont… Vision: To make Software that is usable, comprehensible and affordable to the most ordinary healthcare professional, running a small practice anywhere in the World. Mission: To make Birlamedisoft a ubiquitous Healthcare software brand that is synonymous with the best in Quality and the most Useful of Healthcare software programs


Super Speciality Hospital Information Management System. (HIMS) Small Hospital & N.Home Management System (HNMS) Blood Bank Management System. (BBMS) Diagnostics Management System. (DIMS) Lab Management System (LIMS) Radiology Management System. (RDMS) Pharmacy Management System. (PHMS) Clinic Management System (CLMS) Drug Interaction Management System (DRMS) OPD Management System (ODMS) IPD Management System (IDMS) Histopathology Management System (HPMS) Gynaecology& Pediatrics Management System. (GPMS) Ophthalmology Management System (OPMS) Dentistry Management System. (DTMS) Polyclinic Management System. (PLMS)


9 Birlamedisoft Hospital Management Software Versions
WEB BASED HIS SOFTWARE (Fully web based Software) SOME OF THE INTRANET BASED HIS SOFTWARE Xenon V10 Client Server HIS Xenon Express HIS (Only Billing) Xenon V3.2 HIS for small Hospitals

10 Birlamedisoft HIS Features
Short Messaging and Instant ing service implemented Bar Code reader, Digital Signature, Biometric and RFID compatible Software Smart Card Implementation HIPAA, HL7, DICOM, ICD10 Compliant

11 Birlamedisoft HIS Features
Highly secured, User friendly, Reliable and Seamlessly Integrated Web Based Hospital Management ERP Software Automation of the process of collecting and retrieving patient information

12 Birlamedisoft HIS Features
Integration of Patient identification [By unique MRN (Medical Record Number)], Data consistency, and Transparency 256-bit web encryption - the highest level of security available

13 Birlamedisoft HIS Features
Compatibility with DICOM (Digital Imaging And Communications in Medicine) server images Multi Tariff options for accounting purpose Handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Interface for Doctors

14 Quanta V2.0 HIS Lets Explore …………….
The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. (AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY) 111/411, Gulmohar CentrePoint Pune-Nagar Road, Pune , INDIA Cell : / ,02,03 Landlines : ,71,72Fax:

15 Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System SALIENT FEATURES Centralized Database system User Friendly design Complete database Driven Easy to be customized Modular Structure Graphical user interface Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules Easy to install, Easy to maintain Voice tutors of complete software operations Graphical Presentation of MIS Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical Records

16 Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System SALIENT FEATURES Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patient. Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis. Comprehensive Performance Reports. Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas.  Multiple Store Accounting. Interface facility with the Smart Card Technology. History, Clinical Notes, OT details etc. Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust. General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD Patients generated. Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility. Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patients, and request for the Bed Transfers.

17 Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System MODULES Patient Registration Appointment Scheduling Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) IPD Clinical Wards & Bed Management Module Patient Relations (Complains and feedback module) Doctors Workbench Nursing Workbench Operation Theater Management Module Electronic Medical Record & Clinic Specialties Laboratory Information System (LIS) Radiology Information System (RIS) Microbiology Dept Histopathology & Cytology Dept Pharmacy Management Inventory & fixed asset Management Procurement DEPT Blood Bank Management Dietary (F&B) Housekeeping/Laundry Equipment Maintenance System (EMS) Healthcare Packages Patient Billing Insurance and Contracts Management Management Information System (MIS) Hospital Administration (Master Setup and Maintenance) Roster Management (Duty Rosters) HRMS (Human Resource) Payroll Financial Accounting (A/C Receivable and Payable, Budget, Cost centre) Help Desk Patient Module Communication module PACS & Tele Radiology (In-house Development) User management & Authority System Emergency/ Casualty Ambulatory Services Under Development Library management Facility Management Waste management Energy Audit Central Sterilized Supply Department (CSSD)

18 BENEFITS Less Maintenance
Quanta needs very little maintenance cost. Almost maintenance is nil.  Connect multiple branches easily Quanta allow you to operate thru multiple branches connected to central server. Access software from anywhere, anytime  Quanta is available anywhere, anytime. Remote support system never gets you breakdown Quanta maintenance can be performed remotely. Zero hrs.’ downtime.  Never Slows down, browser based software  Quanta is browser based HIS. It runs on all browser and all platforms.  Easily upgradable  Quanta Upgradataion is easy and thru web instantly.  Complete database driven  Quanta is purely written in parameters. No hard coding anywhere. Integrated with all depts. of hospital  Quanta is fully interconnected HIS with all Hospital departments covered. No papers, complete EMR record online  Quanta make hospital paperless. All information is available instantly, anywhere, Anytime. Patients can be registered from any location.  Quanta makes possible to register patients from remote location. Local congestion can be avoided.  Huge income opportunity can be possible Quanta allow opening multiple branches, multiple clinics. Business can be more using Quanta HIS. Open collection centres, franchise of hospitals easily Quanta allow opening unlimited franchise centres. SMS alert facility  Quanta generate SMS/ alerts for immediate attention. Doctors can access patient record from anywhere Quanta allow showing patient records from anywhere using internet. MIS access from anywhere Quanta makes easy for you to travel and see progress of Hospital from anywhere. Complete worries free HIS software Quanta are absolutely worry free software.

19 How the Quanta HIS Software will function in diagrammatic view


21 Quanta EDI Network Electronic Data Interchange between Various Departments

22 Quanta Centralized System Main Hospital and Branches Connection

23 Quanta Integration Architecture HL7 Messaging, Web Services, N-tier Quanta Architecture

24 Quanta Accessing Infrastructure Accessing Quanta on Intranet and Internet

25 Quanta Flow Diagram EMR movement in Quanta

26 Quanta Implementation Plan Quanta roll out plan

27 Quanta Clientele India and International clients

28 Quanta Clientele India and International clients
Upcoming Projects Shri Shani Shingnapur Hospital, Shani Shingnapur, MS, India Greencity Hospital, G. Noida, UP, India MASM Medi Clinics, BlantaMalawi TT Hospital, Mysore, KA, India Bensups Hospital, N. Delhi, India

29 Business Partners Business Partners Network

30 CORPORATE OFFICE Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd.  111/411, Gulmohar Centre Point Pune Nagar Rd, Near Gigaspace, Pune , INDIA. Phones :  Global Contact No. : Sales Dept:   / / / , Landlines : , , , , , Support Dept : / Fax :   Skype : birlamedisoft Web:

31 For more details on Quanta HIS, Visit
End Of Presentation Thank You for watching our presentation We Await Your Valuable Feedback For more details on Quanta HIS, Visit For more details on Birlamedisoft , Visit

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