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Exchange programmes KULeuven Campus Brussels 2015-2016 Dirk G. Van Waelderen.

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1 Exchange programmes KULeuven Campus Brussels 2015-2016 Dirk G. Van Waelderen

2 Why participating? Language Culture Career perspectives Skills Self confidence Making friends

3 Evolution Academic Programmes


5 Which programmes? Erasmus+ Erasmus Belgica Faculty Exchange Agreement Summer school programmes

6 Erasmus+ Erasmus + 2014-2020/2021 Lisbon strategy - innovation Scholarship Integration 2 exchanges 2 destinations

7 Within the framework of a faculty exchange agreement comparable to Erasmus principles Erasmus Belgica scholarship (Bruxelles, Liège, Mons) Increasing language skills while studying in Belgium Prince Filip foundation Erasmus Belgica

8 Faculty exchange agreement Former-Erasmus students No scholarship – but tuition fee at KU Leuven HUB Within the framework of a bilateral agreement Outside europe = mostly for students of the international programmes (eg. BBA/MBA,...) and MEH&SM, CE! Beware of visa

9 Summer school programmes Fee paying List of interested and recommended programmes abroad available Different application and registration procedure to other programmes

10 Who can participate? Bachelor programme who are enrolled with a diploma contract; who, at the time of departure, have obtained at least 108 credits (including tolerable failure credits and/or exemptions) in the relevant degree programme Who have registered all credits from the first programme phase Cumulative study efficiency Master programme You must be registered for a Master programme with a diploma contract Cumulative study efficiency

11 How long can you go abroad? Students spend one academic year or one semester abroad depending on the programme and the level they belong to In the one-year-masters – students can go abroad for one semester Only one exchange per level (Bachelor, Master) Summer school programme = a short period and additional to the exchanges per level

12 Application 16 February 2015: 1. KU Loket>My student file> “Application study period abroad” 2. Motivation letter (min. 200 – max. 500 words in French, English, German, or Spanish – depending on the destination) 3. Provisional Equivalence file/Curriculum proposal

13 Selection interviews When? o February 2015 o If necessary!!

14 Erasmus + grant The Flemish Erasmus Agency attributes a total budget for Erasmus + grants. Students need to submit an online ‘application for an Erasmus + grant’ with the central International Office of KU Leuven (in Leuven). Feedback on the grant, will be given before departure by the IO,

15 Study package: Exemption regulation Is/are the destination(s) you have chosen interesting for your study direction? Compose a curriculum proposal in consultation with Mobility Office – KU Leuven campus Brussels & key person At the host institution, exchange students will follow a fulltime study package approved by KU Leuven campus Brussels The courses followed at the host institution are a part of the individual study programme at KU Leuven campus Brussels.


17 Agreements & destinations? Within ERASMUS+ and other exchange/international programmes KULeuven KU Leuven campus Brussels has Faculty Exchange Agreements for the exchange of students with app. 83 universities and institutes of higher education within Europe and around the world

18 Destinations for Erasmus + Bulgaria University of National and World Economy (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) University of Economics Varna (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

19 Germany Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (Bachelor: CE first+CS+BA) Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Hochschule Hof (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) FH Köln (Bachelor:CS+BA) Fachhochschule Brandenburg (Bachelor & Master CS+BA +CE) Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg (Bachelor:CS+BA) Destinations for Erasmus +

20 Finland Åbo Akademi University (Turku) (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE+MEH&SM) Lappeeranta University(Bachelor & Master : CS +BA+CE)

21 Destinations for Erasmus + Frankrijk Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse (Bachelor: voorrang CE+CS+BA) Groupe ESC Toulouse (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) ESC de Montpellier (Bachelor: CS+BA) Université Pierre Mendes France – Grenoble (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

22 Destinations for Erasmus + France Business School (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Université Catholique de Lyon - ESDES (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Kedge Business School (campus Marseille) (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+ Master MEH&SM) ESCI Marne-la-Vallée - Paris (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Novancia – Paris (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Paris – Dauphine Université (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Ecole de Management de Normandie (Le Havre) (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)


24 Destinations for Erasmus + Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA+CE) Athens University of Economics and Business (Bachelor: CS+BA) Hungary Corvinus University of Budapest (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE+MEH&SM)

25 Destinations for Erasmus + Italy Università degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Università degli Studi di Perugia (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Università degli Studi di Genova (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Università degli Studi di Parma (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Universita Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC (Bachelor + Master: CS+BA)

26 Destinations for Erasmus + Latvia University of Latvia (Riga)(Bachelor: CS+BA) Liechtenstein University of Liechtenstein (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

27 Destinations for Erasmus + Lithuania University of Vilnius (Bachelor + Master: CS+BA+CE) Mykolo Romerio Universitetas – Vilnius (Bachelor + Master: CS+BA) Norway Agder University (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

28 Destinations for Erasmus + Austria Fachhochschul – Studiengänge Burgenland Eisenstadt (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Poland Warsaw School of Economics (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+MIBEM) The Cracow University of Economics (Bachelor: CS+BA) University of Warszaw (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE)

29 Destinations for Erasmus + Romania The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (Bachelor + Master: CS+BA)

30 Destinations for Erasmus + Spain Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Bachelor+master: CS+BA+CE) Universidad San Pablo CEU – Madrid (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Universidad Complutense Madrid (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA+CE) Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – Madrid (Bachelor: CS+BA) Universidad de Zaragoza (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla (Bachelor: CS+BA )

31 Destinations for Erasmus + Spain Universidad Pública de Navarra (Pamplona) (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA+CE) Universidad de Cantabria - Santander (Bachelor: CS+BA+CE) Universidad de Salamanca - (Bachelor: CS+BA) Universidad de Alcala - (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA)

32 Destinations for Erasmus + Czech Republic University of Economics Prague (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

33 Destinations for Erasmus + Turkey Marmara University (Istanbul) (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Uludag University (Bursa) (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA) Ankara University (Bachelor: CS+BA) Bilkent University (Ankara) (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA)

34 Destinations for Erasmus + UK Glasgow Caledonian University (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) De Montfort University – Leicester (Bachelor + Master: CS+BA)

35 Destinations for Erasmus + Sweden Umea University (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

36 Destinations for Erasmus Belgica Belgium Ichec – Brussels Business School (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE+MEH&SM+MIBEM) 10/semester Université de Liège (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE+MEH&SM) 3/semester USL (Bachelor CS+BA+CE) Université de Mons (Bachelor +Master CS+BA+CE)

37 Faculty exchange agreement E&B Germany Universität Kaiserslautern (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Hochschule Hof (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) France USTL Lille (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+CE) Kedge Business School (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA+MEH&SM) Austria Fachhochschul – Studiengang Burgenland Eisenstadt (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA)

38 Faculty exchange agreement E&B Montenegro University of Montenegro (Bachelor+Master: CS+BA) Turkey Bilkent University (Bachelor & Master: CS+BA) Poland Warsaw School of Economics (CS+BA+MIBEM)

39 Argentina Universidad de Congreso, Mendosa BBA 5 for 60 months Brasil Ibmec (Portuguese/English) BBA 6/semester or 3/year Faculty exchange agreement E&B

40 Mexico Universidad Regiomontana Mexico (Spanish/English) BBA/MBA 5/year Due to safety reasons currently not possible ITESM (Spanish + English) BBA/MBA 20/year + MEH&SM 1 semester + MIBEM, Peru Universidad de Lima (Spanish) BBA/MBA 2/year Faculty exchange agreement E&B

41 South Africa University of Free State (UFS) (English) BBA/MBA 2/year South Korea Inha University (English) BBA/MBA 3/year Hanyang University (English) BBA/MBA + CE 6/year USA Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (English) BBA 2 students

42 Application procedures Deadline: 16/02/2015 Deadline: 01/06/2015

43 More detailed information Brochure “Cross your boundaries” Website – student portal Toledo community: Mobility Office KU Leuven Campus Brussels Mobility regulations (website and toledo community) Mobility Office KU Leuven Campus Brussels @ T’Serclaes 5B

44 Mobility Office KU Leuven Campus Brussels Contact information Mobility Office, KU Leuven Campus Brussels Campus Brussel – T’Serclaes 5B - Warmoesberg 26 - 1000 Brussels Tel.: +32 (0)2 210 16 27 and +32 (0)2 210 13 37 mail: Staff: Dirk Van Waelderen (Mobility Coordinator) Suzanne Steijleman (Outgoing E&B and Arts) Rebecca Rampelberg (Incoming E&B and Arts) Hugo Serwy (Incoming and outgoing Law) Toon De Kock (Vlir-Uos) E-mail: Closed on Monday morning till 13.00 and during occasional meetings. Open from 9 am until 4pm

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