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Conference Presentation It’s time to do business ! Lisbon, 25th and 26th May, 2004 4 th.

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1 Conference Presentation It’s time to do business ! Lisbon, 25th and 26th May, 2004 4 th

2 Lisbon, 25th and 26th May, 2004 4 th Why you should come It’s time to do business ! - International leading edge speakers from both business and finance; - Access to innovating projects; - Diverse and complementary subjects: Financing Sources, Entrepreneurship and Technology. The questions we want to answer - What’s the role of Venture Capital in building a more dynamic and entrepreneurial Portugal? -What changes need to be taken to put Venture Capital at the centre of the Portuguese economy? - Should companies be selective when choosing the perfect investor? - Besides capital, which other attributtes can the investor bring to the start-up? - How to reconcile long-term strategy of the company with investor’s objectives? 4 th Venture Capital IT

3 It’s time to do business ! Key Note Speakers Shai Vyakarnam Centre For Entrepreneurial Learning University of Cambridge Director Shailendra Vyakarnam started his working career in small companies, leaving to complete his MBA and PhD at Cranfield School of Management, where he stayed on the faculty for ten years, before taking up a Chair in Enterprise at Nottingham Business School. In April 2001 he was appointed Teaching Programme Director at the University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre and has been made a Senior Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge. He has published several books and journal articles. In 1990 he co-founded Transitions, combining his academic interests with the practical ‘how-to’ for businesses. As a result of this he has worked with over 400 businesses in workshops, consulting assignments and as coach, mentor and non-executive director. The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at the University of Cambridge was created to train, develop and support people who want to turn their innovating ideas into well-succeeded projects. The activities of the Centre combine theory with real life experience giving entrepreneurs all the tools they need. 4 th Venture Capital IT

4 It’s time to do business ! Jack Lang “Serial Entrepreneur” Jack is a serial entrepreneur, business angel, and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Cambridge. Most recently Jack has joined the founding team of Artemi and has authored the 'High Tech Entrepreneur's Hand Book. Formerly Chief Technologist of NTL, Jack has founded a number of high tech companies including NetChannel Ltd (sold to NTL Europe and AOL USA ), Electronic Share Information Ltd (sold to E*Trade) and TopexPress (sold to VSEL). Claude Rameau France Angels Network After working as a consulter for 5 years in European companies, Claude Rameau has joined INSEAD board in the area of economic sciences. With many publications on bookshops, he’s actually Vice President of INSEAD, as well as board member of many Centre Euro-Asian academic institutes. He now runs France Angels Network, the biggest business angel’s organization in France, promoting this type of investors within the high-potential companies market. Speakers 4 th Venture Capital IT

5 It’s time to do business ! Philippe Bloch Columbus Cafe Graduated by ESSEC, Paris, Philippe Bloch is the president of Columbus Café and author of many best sellers related to entrepreneurship like “Bienheureux les fêlés” and “Service Compris” with more than 500.000 books sold. Founded in 1994, Columbus Café is the first and biggest ‘expresso’ bar network operating in France. The American concept relates Italian tradition to the innovation of the new world. Speakers 4 th Venture Capital IT Forrester’s mission is to guide and help marketing annalists and IT professionals’ in the creation of a technologic platform, which brings them competitive advantages. With almost 2000 clients, Forrester is a multinational company with offices in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, UK and USA. Measuring the economic impact of technologic revolutions today is the main purpose of Forrester, U.S. based company since 1983, which counts with about 560 employees and is already quoted in NASDAQ.

6 It’s time to do business ! Chris Curtis CEO Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development Chris Curtis got his first taste of entrepreneurship in the 1970s when he helped a friend launch a clothing store. Bitten by the bug, he soon followed by opening a restaurant and two donut franchises of his own. After selling these successful operations, he turned to helping others as an entrepreneurship consultant. The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) was born in 1995 through Chris’s work within the Nova Scotia Department of Education and remains today within the mandate of this department. As Chief Entrepreneurship Officer of CEED, Chris manages this organization, which is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship in young people by acting as a catalyst in the areas of: Entrepreneurship Education; Research and Program Design; Professional Development and Community Entrepreneurship. Speakers 4 th Venture Capital IT In the past five years, Chris has spearheaded CEED’s growth from a staff of six to 50. Over 30 projects have been developed and implemented by CEED. These include the award-winning Break Into Business Camp, which instils the entrepreneurial spirit in kids aged nine to 15; Open for Business (OFB), an international network of youth-friendly walk-in centres where staff help with the “how to’s” and “next steps” for anyone who wants to start, improve or expand a business; and the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Conference that attracts 500 people annually. CEED’s professional development programs have been attended by educators and economic developers from across the globe.

7 It’s time to do business ! 25 th May From Concept to Action Investments and Technology Market Turnaround and the return of IPO? IT: A vision over information systems for the last years Opportunities in the New Technologies How can short cycles of life influence investments? CASE STUDY The critical points in launching a new business Focusing R&D on product commercialisation Building a good Business Plan and using it to raise capital Basic Principles to create a company CASE STUDY Theme Panels 4 th Venture Capital IT Steven Gretch, South Africa Faria de Oliveira – Hospitais Privados Portugueses Paulo Ramos – Pararede Carlos Vasconcelos e Cruz – PT Comunicações Moderator: - Maria Manuela (Semanário Económico) Moderator: - Prof. Ricardo Cândido Sousa ( Nothingam Univ.) Chris Curtis – CEED Canada Shai Vyakarnam – Cambridge University Philippe Bloch – Columbus Café Paulo Neves – SDEM – Soc. Desenv. da Madeira Dr. José Roquette - Pestana Pousadas Group and VC

8 Theme Panels It’s time to do business ! 4 th Venture Capital IT The triangle: Portugal - Brasil – Portuguese Speaking Africa What is the best investment strategy in these markets? Venture Capital in Africa? Prior areas/ sectors? Support and cooperation? CASE STUDY Investors vs. Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur/ Business Angel relations How to work day-by-day with future partners Understanding the relationship investors-promoters Entrepreneur and Investor prerequisites CASE STUDY 26 th May Mark Delamere, Nottingham University Siagri Moçambique – Dr Jorge Santos Francisco Banha – Gesventure Jorge Barata Preto – GCI (Mozambique) Miguel Afonso – A Promotora (Cape Verde) Samy Kopit – BNDES (Brazil) Moderator: - Mestre Rui de Carvalho Maria Eugénia Magro – Banco Efisa Jack Lang – Serial Entrepreneur Nasser Sattar – PriceWaterhouseCoopers Francisco Fonseca da Silva – B.Português Gestão Moderator: - Prof. Doutor Luís Nandim de Carvalho Nicolas Eymard – Maaf Gestion-P.equity Banco do Nordeste - Brasil

9 Speakers It’s time to do business ! Last Three Editions Jean Raby –Goldman Sachs Director Arnaldo Rodrigues – Country Manager Motorola Portugal Paul Shreve – New Business Develpoment Cisco USA Paulo Ramos –CEO Compaq Portugal Luís Mira Amaral – BPI Capital Board Member Rogério Carapuça – CEO Novabase Stéphane Roussier – France Finance Technology Group President Christopher Klein – Ernst & Young Andre Jaunay – Business Angels France Network Chris Curtis – Centre Entrepreneuship Canada João Matias – Oracle Portugal Diogo Horta e Costa – Telesp Celular António Nogueira de Leite – University Teacher Alexander Von Friesen – Pricewaterhousecoopers Martin Carr – Business Link

10 Gesventure... The Organization It’s time to do business ! Where do we stand 1 st « Venture Catalyst » in Portugal + 150 Analysed Dossiers 800.000 € raised + 50 conferences as speakers Venture Capital Market Reports ISO 9001:2000 Certification

11 Conclusion The organization of a conference of this size with speakers, critics and world-class businessmen, is only possible if the most active organizations in the market get together and contribute to its implementation and success. We therefore expect to achieve successful understanding platforms to realize, in the fourth consecutive year, the event that represents the state of the art of venture capital in Portugal, which we want to be considered an important mark in international conferences all around the world. It’s time to do business !

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