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Europeana and Antoine Isaac Dublin Core Conference special session 5 September 2013.

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1 Europeana and Antoine Isaac Dublin Core Conference special session 5 September 2013

2 Europeana Data Model: an example For a general presentation on Europeana and EDM rationale see

3 Provided Cultural Heritage Object (CHO) and descriptive metadata

4 Web Resources – digital representations

5 Aggregations – Bundling it all together

6 Why using Europeana tries to disseminate data to reach out to as many users as possible Search engines Customization of result lists – rich snippets Knowledge Graph Search Engine Optimization Developers more comfortable with parsing web pages

7 In fact: and RDFa Europeana has been publishing structured metadata via its portal since a while One application case: customization of public domain pages by Creative Commons, with details on the work and Europeana usage guidelines for public domain works

8 Europeana, Creative Commons and RDFa B11FA7317F5FE43B96B.html

9 The Creative Commons Public Domain page triggers a script that harvests mark-up on the Europeana object page


11 Going further Creative Commons uses 5-6 fields, Agreed upon with the developer(s) there What to publish further? as a standardized form of more web page-based data exchange And it has a case – several ones in fact Still quite prototype-ish

12 Current EDM – mapping EDM mapping ProvidedCHO & Proxyschema:CreativeWork dc:contributorschema:contributor dc:coverage dc:creatorschema:creator dc:date dc:descriptionschema:description dc:format dc:identifier dc:languageschema:inLanguage dc:publisherschema:publisher dc:relation dc:rights dc:source dc:subjectschema:about dc:titleschema:name dc:type dcterms:alternativeschema:alternativeHeadline dcterms:conformsTo dcterms:createdschema:dateCreated dcterms:extent dcterms:hasFormat dcterms:hasPart dcterms:hasVersion dcterms:isFormatOf dcterms:isPartOf dcterms:isReferencedBy dcterms:isReplacedBy dcterms:isRequiredBy dcterms:issuedschema:datePublished dcterms:isVersionOf dcterms:medium dcterms:provenance dcterms:referencesschema:mentions dcterms:replaces dcterms:requires dcterms:spatial dcterms:tableOfContents dcterms:temporal edm:currentLocationschema:contentLocation edm:hasMet edm:hasTypeschema:additionalType edm:incorporates edm:isDerivativeOf edm:isNextInSequence edm:isRelatedTo edm:isRepresentationOfschema:about edm:isSimilarTo edm:isSuccessorOf edm:realizes edm:typeN/A edm:unstored edm:wasPresentAt edm:europeanaProxyN/A edm:userTagschema:keywords or schema:comment edm:year ore:proxyForN/A ore:proxyInN/A owl:sameAs rdf:type Aggregation and EuropeanaAggregation ore:aggregatesN/A edm:aggregatedCHON/A edm:countryschema:addressCountry edm:dataProviderschema:provider edm:hasViewschema:url edm:isShownAtschema:url edm:isShownByschema:contentUrl edm:landingPageschema:url edm:language edm:objectschema:image, if preview opt-out is NOT activated edm:previewschema:thumbnailUrl if preview opt-out is NOT activated edm:providerschema:provider dc:rights edm:rights edm:ugc edm:unstoredN/A WebResourceschema:WebPage or schema:MediaObject schema:url dc:descriptionschema:description dc:format dc:rights dc:sourceschema:encodesCreativeWork dcterms:conformsTo dcterms:createdschema:dateCreated dcterms:extent dcterms:hasPart dcterms:isFormatOf dcterms:issuedschema:datePublished edm:isNextInSequence edm:rights Agentschema:Person or schema:Organization skos:prefLabelschema:name skos:altLabel skos:hiddenLabelschema:additionalName skos:noteschema:description dc:date dc:identifier edm:begin edm:endschema:deathdate edm:hasMetschema:knows edm:isRelatedTo edm:wasPresentAt foaf:nameschema:name rdaGr2:biographicalInformationschema:description rdaGr2:dateOfBirthschema:birthdate rdaGr2:dateOfDeathschema:deathdate rdaGr2:dateOfEstablishmentschema:foundingDate rdaGr2:dateOfTermination rdaGr2:genderschema:gender rdaGr2:professionOrOccupatio n schema:jobTitle owl:sameAs Placeschema:Place wgs84_pos:lat wgs84_pos:long wgs84_pos:alt wgs84_pos:lat_long skos:prefLabelschema:name skos:altLabel skos:hiddenLabelschema:additionalName skos:noteschema:description dcterms:hasPart dcterms:isPartOfschema:containedIn owl:sameAs

13 Current implementation A glimpse of an object’s full data B1642B11FA7317F5FE43B96B.html?format=labels Anatomy of results from an RDFa parser Several flavors of data in it…

14 a schema:CreativeWork; schema:name "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro face..."; schema:about "Cofre-relicário"; schema:addressCountry "Portugal"; schema:contentUrl ; schema:creator "Desconhecido"; schema:description "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro faces. A urna é decorada com um friso perlado que rodeia representações da Virgem com o Menino, do Calvário e da Virgem em Glória, nas quatro faces. As arestas da tampa são emolduradas por pequenas caneluras; nas duas faces principais um entrelaçado encerra uma arcaria polilobada."; schema:image ; schema:provider "Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação", "Museu de Alberto Sampaio"; schema:url, ; data

15 dc11:creator "Desconhecido"; dc11:date "XIII"; dc11:description "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro faces. […]."; dc11:format "Altura: 9,5 cm; Profundidade: 10 cm; Comprimento: 19,5 cm"; dc11:identifier "MAS O 37"; dc11:rights "Copyright © Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação"; dc11:subject "Cofre-relicário"; dc11:title "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro face..."; dc11:type "Ourivesaria"; edm:country "Portugal"; edm:rights ; edm:dataProvider "Museu de Alberto Sampaio"; edm:provider "Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação"; edm:isShownAt ; edm:isShownBy ; edm:landingPage ; edm:object ; DC / EDM data

16 og:description "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro faces. A urna é decorada […]"; og:image " ype=1&size=FULL_DOC"; og:site_name "Europeana"; og:title "Cofre de base rectangular com tampa de quatro face... | Desconhecido"; og:type "website"; og:url " 96B.html”. FB OpenGraph data

17 xhv:license ; cc:attributionURL ; cc:morePermissions ; cc:useGuidelines ; Creative Commons data

18 Observations is simple Not everything can be mapped We’re losing grain, including some of the core benefits of Europeana moving to the richer EDM! But it’s ok, because it matches needs And in fact it’s not entirely because of And we can publish different flavors of the data in RDFa

19 Thank you! Questions? Antoine Isaac

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