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Ravenna City Schools Custodial & Maintenance Needs Assessment March 2003.

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1 Ravenna City Schools Custodial & Maintenance Needs Assessment March 2003

2 Words to Describe Department Necessary (4)FriendlyOrganizedUnderstaffed (2) Interesting(2)AmbitiousCaring(2)Disarray CaringLiasonsSteadyContentious Helpful (2)CompatibleThoroughSlackers Dependable (3)Supportive(2)FriendsDeficient ProductiveAmicableExceptionalUnorganized Efficient (3)Professional(2)ImprovingUnaccountable FunCooperativeVitalComplainers Dedicated (5)Hardworking (5)ImportantRifts w Shifts BusyUniqueIrresponsible Loyal(3)PridefulOverworked (2) EnjoyableFlexibleNitpicking PracticalTeam players(2)Unfair HonestOpen mindedLack Pride FamilyExcellentUnderpaid SkilledKnowledgeableInconsistent DiverseRespectful

3 Enjoy most about job Kids(9) Everything Problem Solving Faculty/Staff (3) Job is manageable Learn something new everyday 2 nd shift Taking pride in my work Being part of district Having something to do Being close to home Meeting teachers needs Challenges/ing (3) When day goes as planned Doing things for others Every day is different (6) Being with other people (4) Getting building ready for next day(2) Getting my time in Getting my job done Feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day (2) Leaving my areas looking as good as I can Being responsible for getting things done Making environment pleasing for all

4 Least enjoyable about my job Old building with lots of needsBeing an outsider Routine gets interruptedCafeteria Gets hecticWhen I dont understand something Trying to work around all of the activities (3)Politics When things dont go wellCleaning Big events that take away from regular dutiesCriticism for not getting it done Cleaning up after sick kidsRepetition Not enough time to get the job done(4)Shifting gears Cant keep upProfane language Cant be as thorough as Id likeProperty damage UnderstaffedIrresponsibility Daily demands overwhelmingSeeing teachers disrespected Pulled away from duties for non-emergent reasons Others poor planning becomes my emergencyGoing home Working off the pagerDisregard of some groups Hard physical labor( in summer) (3)Abused Kids Being pushed aroundSummer work Cleaning up after kids who dont careCleaning up after everyone Grab us for ALL their needs whether its our job or not Fear of proceeding when Im not sure if I can do it My shift

5 Times when proud of work Everyday (5) Saw something needed to be done and did it! Summertime teamwork; got it all done (2) Found valuables and turned them in to Admin Included as part of Building staff Committee Appointment Troubleshot prob @ one of the Bldgs Recognized for all my years of hard work Holiday time Enhanced appearance of facility and grounds Citation for excellent work Promoted Teachers gave me a certificate of appreciation Made changes from the routine Took initiative @ Xmas time to do extras Staffing changes Selected to fill in for supervisor(2) Hosted event Appreciated by students for keeping school so clean Kept up with demands of inclement weather Opening Day!

6 What part did you play? Took initiative to do extra (5) Do my best(6)Try to meet everyones needs Got necessary trainingResponsible, reliable Get along with everyoneTrustworthy Always pitch in for events and Worked hard to get it all done participate in activitiesMade facility look great! Hustled! (2) Listened to everyones ideasRushed and worked hard Did some extras for staffAssumed new responsibilities Take pride in my work (3)Good track record; can count on Keep up with everything even if it me means uncompensated overtime Persistence Worked over my lunch hour Do my job

7 Other contributing circumstances Staff (Others) were appreciative (5)Pride taken in my work Others recognized my accomplishmentsLiking who I work with Internal satisfaction of getting it all Principal rewarded us done (2)Recognition of my strengths Compliments (5)Internal motivation People wanted ME in this building!Danny believing in me Principal & Staff see me as part of Support of others in my the teamdepartment Everybody who was there went the Understaffed extra mileWorked as a team Head custodian OKd extra workStudents thanked me Admin approval Need to please staff Overtime allotted Admin recognition for job well done (3)

8 Time when things didnt go well Superintendent was unhappy Overlooked for a promotion Personal challenges Disagreements with Admin on work conditions Favoritism Some get away with things they shouldnt Admin looking the other way Project fraught with problems Pleasing others to detriment of my own health Reassigned with no input from me Summer and others were not doing their part Summer scramble to get it all done Couldnt devote enough time to get the job done well Promises not kept by Admin Pulled from jobs; cant finish Short staffed Didnt get a good evaluation Unrealistic expectations of staff Couldnt get job done by next day Disrespectful/angry faculty Couldnt get job done; understaffed(3)

9 What wed like parents, students and teachers to say about us… We make clean, attractive places to walk into Were a reliable, accountable and responsible crew Were doing a great job Things are better than ever before We meet their needs We do a wonderful job with what we have Theyre always doing more with less We have pride in what we do (2) Were here for the community Theyre impressed by the appearance and cleanliness of the facilities Theyre amazed by how we get it all done We make a good environment for the kids to learn in People feel safe and confident in our buildings We do the best we can

10 Reputation (continued) Were doing a good job (2) The facilities are clean (2) We work together, get along, and everybody is equal Were doing what were suppose to and were doing it well Staff is friendly and courteous and the facilities are clean Can always count on us Were part of the team Theyre proud to walk in our schools because of what we do There has been great improvement in cleanliness and neatness of schools We care about the kids and parents are comfortable with us being with their kids Were not just here for the paycheck Its a fine operation of manpower Theres more than meets the eye Were friendly, efficient and produce quality work We do the best we can

11 Reputation (continued) We make a home-like, safe, secure and comfortable environment Were concerned and we care for kids and teachers We always do our best and theyre pleased with what we do They appreciate us The schools look great and theyre clean The buildings look great and were doing a great job Were approachable and open to feedback We keep clean, well maintained buildings We take pride in our work and maintain the properties We do a good job and were vital to the district

12 Director of Business Operations role in our reputation… Adequate staffingProvide training opportunities (3) Continued interest in employees (2)Listen (3) Reassignment of job dutiesKeep Danny! Periodic allowance of overtimeBe part of the crew Allow sufficient time to complete jobWork along side of us More staffing at nightRespond quicker to work orders Provision of equipment and supplies (11)Effective communication Re-evaluation of staffing patternsTour the buildings Insistence we follow chain of commandManage the customers Keep communication open(2)Give feedback about what you see Continue upgrading equipment Implement safety measures Keep equipment in working orderProvide supervisory trainings Leadership (2)Make everyone accountable (3) Dont overreact to non-emergent situationsBe more visible (2)

13 Bills role (continued) Dont overreact to non-emergent situations Be more visible (2) Advise staff of standards and expectations Confront problems/issues (3) Recognize staffs time constraints Dont put things on the back burner Act on what you hear Dont let things fall thru the cracks Follow up (2) Stand behind staff Hes doing it! Advocate for us Improve communication Demo loyalty to staff Get subs when needed Ask us what works! Help Danny to succeed!

14 Dannys role in our reputation… Troubleshoot with us (3)Respond to custodians needs Listen to us Make sure people are pulling Ensure maintenance requests are their weight (3)completed in a timely manner Enforce accountability (2)Remember where you came from Address absenteeism issueBack up supervisors Address substance abuse issues Support staff & supervisors Be honest with employees Conduct spot checks (3) Believe in us! Check up on peopleBring out the best in people Be a watchdogKeep on top of things Conduct on-site inspections Communicate with Bill Monitor Head Custodians to make sure Coordinate with Admin to get us theyre where theyre suppose to do what we need Spend time at the schools Be more visible

15 Danny continued… Stay connected with staff Manage customers for us Investigate situations Help us get what we ask for Approve overtime periodically Make sure everything goes as it is suppose to Relieve Bill of some of his duties Support us Give constructive criticism Tell people what is expected of them Continue to be hands-on Distribute work more equally Follow up and follow through (2) Get group working as a team Dont overlook things Provide adequate staffing(2) Broaden training available to us Reassess staffing Perseverance Keep the Big Picture in view Be someone we can go to for help Know everyones job and what it takes to get it done Set appropriate expectations and communicate them Provide supervisors with training on how to manage their staff effectively

16 Dannys role (continued) Read the slackers the riot act Confront those not doing their job Crack the whip on those who need it Tell us like it is Communicate directly with staff; not just through labor relations Keep staff apprised of things going on Ask us what we think Engage us in finding solutions Give prompt and valuable feedback Problem solve Genuinely care about staff Advocate for us to Admin Teach us Best Practices Refrain from finger pointing

17 What we have to do for our reputation… Stay on top of things (2) Make sure Im on top of things and doing my job (4) Keep doing what Im doing Update my skills Get the job done Come in to work Bite my tongue and just do it! Stay on task Do my best (7) Ask if anyone from prior shift needs anything Keep positive attitude Do what Im asked to do Keep my head down

18 Our role (continued) Get along with others Follow through Do my work with a positive attitude and hope it spreads Communicate expectations Follow up Investigate Acknowledge jobs that are getting done Speak up Be straightforward with supervisor & Admin Uphold standards and principles of quality workmanship Take pride in my work (4) Give input Be part of the team Do my job right Share my ideas for improving something

19 What we would most like to change about our department… Provide more on-site training to update skills Cross training Better pay More staff (7) Get more staff for the summer More evening coverage Better working conditions Reassess efficiency Increase Admin awareness of demand for supplies Everyone held to the same standard of performance (2) Workers who arent pulling their weight would be confronted Better performance evaluations For everyone to get along and past issues to be resolved For everyone (custodians, faculty, admin) to get

20 Most like to change (continued) Increase budget for supplies Have Danny take over maintenance requests Get rid of the pop machines! Communication improved; staff get accurate information(2) Newer equipment Having each custodian take responsibility for their own work Less complaining Better attendance Better determination of whats an emergency Having supervision and help when I need it Get equipment when I request it Increase response time to requests Clarification of who to report to One person directing us vs Principal, Supervisor, Dir Bus. Op. etc Reinstate overtime Use subs for set-up & clean-up Limit job duties that are not routine

21 Incentives/Rewards that motivate us! Appreciation (14)Pat on the back (6) Kind wordsThank Yous (4) Compliments (9)Respect by faculty and staff (2) Praise (4)Positive interaction between shifts Credit for what we doMore staff Recognition (from Bd of Trustees, Performance contest Admin, Community, Parents) (11)Raising the bar Acknowledgment by kidsFeedback that Im doing a good job Concern for me as a person (2)Reinstating overtime Change from routineLiking who I work with Internal motivation (4)More positive work attitudes Personal satisfaction (6)Smiles on faces of those Ive helped Internal sense of accomplishmentSmall gifts (2) ChallengesProvision of tools and training Being treated as part of the teamGetting it done! Flex/Comp timeInvitation to staff events Money$$$ (3) Money for good attendance (5) Increase $ for longevity Better step increases Say YES to me when I request stuff!

22 Additional things you should know about us… Summer Summer is chaos! We need additional help in the summer Standards for summer cleaning need to be defined and enforced bldg to bldg Bill is not in touch w work demands; especially in the summer We need to solve the grounds keeping/staffing issues

23 Performance Mgt needs to confront those who arent pulling their weight Everyone should be kept to same standards without exception Get Head Custodians doing what theyre suppose to be doing Head Custodians need to improve management/supervisory skills Conduct spot checks to hold people accountable Custodians need to have more pride in what they do Everyone should be held to the same standards Its difficult to get routine work done due to so many activities and being understaffed Prioritize and delegate when can People come to work under the influence of substances (3) We should implement random drug screening

24 Communication Admin & Supervisors need to communicate to staff whats going on Communication within bldgs and within dept needs to improve Lack of communication through chain of command Staff needs to see the Big Picture Feel beaten down when bring things up and they arent resolved Flow of communication gets clogged at the Admin level Let staff speak up and hear their voices Should get back to the person who made the request We dont hear back when we make requests Should get back to the person who made the request Chain of command should be followed

25 More things to know…. Hiring Ask current staff for references on new hires Get references for new hires from staff who have worked with them Inequity in hiring, job assignments accountability Public Relations We need better PR! Some perceive us as inferior Theres so much more to our job than sweeping & mopping; wish people knew that People have preconceived ideas about what we do People outside our department need to know different classifications do different tasks

26 Morale There is a subgroup of whiners, complainers, finger pointers who are morale busters Negative attitudes are toxic; whiners/complainers are bad for dept Not everyone can see the difference we make in peoples lives Some staff dont enjoy their work so they dont go the extra mile I like my job; It really fits me Team playing needs to improve (2) Theres animosity among staff Seniority is undervalued Admin needs to demo more goodwill towards our department Dr. Calfee was never introduced to us; made us feel unimportant Feel beaten down when bring things up and they arent resolved

27 And more to know… Discrimination Who you know means everything Theres a lot of favoritism; Who you Know Admin hires contractors for work we could get overtime for Need work more standardized; too much discretion for on-site leaders Supervisory & Admin need to be more generous with positive feedback Teamwork There are rifts between shifts Most of us get along great; weve known each other a long time; weve grown up together 1 st shift needs to be sensitive to what theyre leaving for 2 nd shift Team playing needs to improve (2)

28 And… Integrity Staff isnt being candid about what/how they really feel A lot of people in the dept are telling you (Susan) what you want to hear Future Current Admin (Dr. Calfee) is genuinely interested in us (2) Current Superintendent has had a tremendous impact on this dept; Dr. Calfee is sensible, not egotistical and respectful We need more opportunities to develop and advance our skills Hopeful staffing changes are for the best (2) Future is looking good!

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