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Gary Nordquist, City Manager

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1 Gary Nordquist, City Manager
State of the City...Slide It is now my distinct honor to bring you the 2014 State of the City address. This is perhaps an unenviable task this year – there is so much happening in our community – it is virtually impossible to capture it all. Last January, as I took office for the second time as Mayor, I was reminded by my husband John about the level of commitment this leadership role entails for this City. I casually brushed off the comments and then he said.....Marsha...You Just don't Get IT. I thought for a moment.....And answered....I do Get It....I Get It in Wildomar I Get that we are a City with a big vision, that there is heroic work under way to achieve that vision…that we have early signs of success but still a long way to go and financial troubles yet to survive. I Get that the state of our city would depend on you the residents…and on me…and on whether we choose stamina as a community – sometimes in the throes of exhaustion… Whether we choose to work through conflict…and that ultimately the state of our city depends on the choice we make to NOT GIVE UP. I Get that..... Well, looking back over the last year, I can say with confidence that our community has, in fact, chosen determination and persistence in the face of challenges...such as Park Funding Ridiculous Lawsuits The "Great "State of California Taking 25 % of our Revenues …. and for that reason, Wildomar, I tell you that the state of our city remains strong. For the next several minutes or so – it’s my hope that you will see what I see. I Get IT... Sure, I have a unique vantage point in that I get the opportunity to see across the community. I see the wins that are happening. I see the challenges and the failures for sure – but above all else – I see people and businesses and neighborhoods and schools and community organizations who have put in the effort, they’ve prepared themselves…to Move this Community forward. City of Wildomar Gary Nordquist, City Manager Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors Breakfast with the City Managers Meeting June 19, 2014

2 City of Wildomar Enjoying Year 6 We Are Open We Are Growing
1886 & 2008 We Are Open William, Donald and Margret We Are Growing From Agricultural, Hotel and Rail Stop To City of 50,000 As a City, we are enjoying our 6th Year, as a community….128 years. This last year we have seen a resurgence in Development, An overwhelming support to Re-Open our Parks, Great Cooperation with our neighboring Cities and a Re-Newed Relationship with the County… We Are Open! Growing, you bet… Besides the 5,000 new plants at the Parks… We have over 33,000 residents and with all the available land…. We are on our way to a Community of 53,000 residents enjoying the Wildomar lifestyle.

3 Hub of Southwest Riverside County
Lake Elsinore, La Cresta, Menifee, Murrieta and Temecula

4 Get Service in Wildomar
We are Here to Serve and Provide the Local Control and Representation that the Residents voted for when we incorporated. Not only to we conduct the city’s business but many of us represent Wildomar on numerous Regional Board of Directors. We provide service and we Get It! Mayor Marsha Swanson Mayor Pro Tem Ben Benoit Councilmember's Bob Cashman Bridgette Moore Tim Walker City Council-Elected at Large

5 Get Service in Wildomar
City Staff Up to Nine and Growing Interwest Corporation PV Maintenance City Police – Chief Leonard Hollingsworth City Fire – Chief Steve Beach We have the Resources to Provide the Needed Daily Services to the Community. We have an excellent Staff who are very experienced in “Hands On” service delivery We have the support and unmatched expertise of our Contractors: Interwest Corporation for Building Planning Engineering Public Works and Code Enforcement PV Maintence who are just everywhere out in the City and the Law Firm of Burke Williams and Sorenson And the Resources of the Riverside County Sheriffs and Cal Fire…World Class and here at our City.

6 The Numbers Today…. Population-33, square miles Rural Residential 62% Built Out General Plan Update To the Future… Build Out – 53,000 6,500 New Homes 506 Acres - Commercial Development 260 Acres – Business Park / Industrial Fiscally Sustainable

7 The Numbers II (Sequel)
Wildomar Lake Elsinore Menifee Murrieta Temecula County Ages- % Under 5 7% 9 7 % Under 18 30 32 26 27 % Over 65 6 19 10 12 Education…… High School 83% 77 84 91 79 College Degree - BA 17% 15 16 28 31 20 Home Value (median) 2012 $ 237 k $ 216 k $ 202 k $ 286 k $ 311 k $ 248 k Drive Time to Work 37 minutes 43 minutes 38 minutes 35 minutes 33 32 minutes

8 The Numbers III (Trilogy)
Wildomar Lake Elsinore Menifee Murrieta Temecula County Household Income (median) $ 60 k $ 62 k $ 53 k $ 75 k $ 79 k $ 57 k Businesses 2,057 4,021 N/A 9,607 10,547 163,248 Population per Square Mile 1,358 1,431 1,668 3,081 3,319 308 Square Miles 24 36 46 33 30 7,206 Crimes per Square Mile 31 48 43 52 82 92 (California) Crimes per 1,000 population 23 38 25 17 (California) Source: US Census Quick Facts 2010 Crime Data; Neighborhood Scout

9 Starbuck’s “Drive Thru” Clinton Keith Road and Hidden Valley City of Wildomar

10 Sales Tax - Revenue Our Sales Tax Revenues….. A Reflection of the Businesses in Town , is back and growing

11 Property Tax Revenue Our Property Taxes have recovered,
Track Homes….New, that were selling for $250 thousand two years ago are now Selling in the low $400 thousands We processed 49 new homes so far this year = $16 million Assessed valuation 79 new residential permits last year = $63 million assessed valuation There is another 1600 plus units in various stages of planning and permitting process This action is a lot for our Community and it all adds value and increases services levels.

12 Motor Vehicle License Fee General Fund Revenue
Obviously the Great State of California understood this revenue source and “Got It”. With the State taking away 25% of our General Fund Budget our Vision and plans were put on “Pause” Two years Later. We are still here and with Your support of legislation SB 69 and AB 1521, this source of revenue will be restored to Wildomar and other new cities and annexations. Without this support and passage of legislation, It will be virtually impossible for new cities to be created or existing city’s to expand their borders.

13 General Fund Expenses With these Fiscal Challenges
We Got Fiscally Fit, Cutting back costs, Turning off the lights when we leave the room and other common sense, business practices are consistently used in this organization. Our First Year of Cut backs….FY 2011/12… We Finished the year with a surplus of $1,765……yes $1,765. I know most of you have more than that in your daily checking account! We May not be thriving…..but we are surviving… and we have taken the necessary Fiscally Strategic actions to assure that all future residential development will pay it’s own way and add value to the Community!

14 Residential Lennar Homes at Andalusia – Under Construction Palomar
CV Communities-156 New Homes-Palomar

15 OPEN Multi-Family Oak Springs Ranch 312 units Walk To Medial Centers
Walk to Retail Shops


17 Commercial Bundy Canyon Plaza-Circle K OPEN

18 Commercial Projects Rancon Medical Offices
36,000 sq. ft. (Clinton Keith) Baxter Village 75,000 sq ft retail, 204 apts. 67 SFD’s. Wildomar Square Commercial (Hidden Springs/CK) Westpark Promenade I-15 east, north of CK…327 MFD, 102,400 sq ft- Office Walmart Bundy Canyon – I-15 County Property – SJCC Campus Clinton Keith- Between 1-15 and 215


20 Economic /Community Development

21 Clinton Keith / I-15 Overpass

22 Parks OPEN

23 Wildomar….Not Just A City, But a Community
Contacts: Dan York – Assistant City Manager- City Engineer – Public Works Director Matt Bassi – Planning Director Alfredo Garcia - Planner Brian Gumpert – Building Official

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