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SmartPort Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam The fundamental role of inland shipping for the port of Rotterdam and the involvement of ESPR in the research project.

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1 SmartPort Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam The fundamental role of inland shipping for the port of Rotterdam and the involvement of ESPR in the research project IDVV 24 Januari 2012 Prof. Harry Geerlings

2 SmartPort Structure presentation 1.The fundamental role of inland shipping for the port of Rotterdam and its problems 2.ESPR involvement in the project “Impulse Dynamic Traffic Management on Inland Waterways - IDVV” 3.Discussion

3 SmartPort 378 million ton : 100 million ton inland shipping 278 million ton international shipping

4 SmartPort

5 Modal-split targets 1995 – 2003 share inland shipping from 30% to 38%, 2003 – 2008 share inland shipping declined from 38% to 37% 2008 - 2035 growth path in modal-split ambitions: 2020: 41% 2035: 45%.

6 SmartPort 2008: 1,7 million TEU, 2020: 4,5 million TEU 2033: 8,1 million TEU 2020 growth factor 2,7% per year 2033 growth factor 4,8% per year

7 SmartPort

8 - Class (size) of ship - Average load capacity 2000 - Average load capacity 2008 - Growth figure 2000 -2008 - Average growth per year IV 1022 1304 28% 3,1% V 1137 1562 37% 4,0% VI 1744 2219 27% 3,1%

9 SmartPort Interim Conclusion (1) The prospects are promising and there is political support!

10 SmartPort Dutch policy objectives and ambitions Sustainable transport Safe transport Reliable transport times Better use of existing infrastructure Reduction in administrative handling Improvement of the quality of quality of information and data

11 SmartPort Policy letter ‘Varen voor een vitale economie’ Ministry of Economic Affairs - Strengthening the competitiveness of the sector. - The realization of a future-proof network of waterways and ports based on a network and logistic chain approach - Achieving the become the cleanest modality - Execute the CO 2 reduction program - Continuous improvement of safety on inland waterways - Establishing a committee for inland shipping safety. - Stimulating innovation in inland shipping

12 SmartPort European policy ambitions Improving market conditions Modernisation of the fleet Development of skilled labour force Image improvement and awareness raising Improved infrastructure and ports in 2050 50% of these streams transported via rail or inland.

13 SmartPort But is it only a succes story? The sector has, for decades now, a poor image and there are serious concerns

14 SmartPort Inventory bottlenecks inland shipping (1) 1. Infrastructure (waterways, locks, terminals and ships) - Capacity problems in locks - Capacity problems inland connections - No integrated approach to network hinterland - Capacity seaports /congestion on terminals - Availability small vessels - Overcapacity ships - Ffleet development uncertainty - Effects of climate change

15 SmartPort Inventory bottlenecks inland shipping (2) 2. Information and Management Systems 3 Organisation sector and - Unfamiliarity with inland connections - Handling conditions in inland ports - Limited bundling, hopping at terminals - Fragmentation inland: bad position relative to shippers and limited capacity for innovation - Accessibility waterways 24/7

16 SmartPort Inventory bottlenecks inland shipping (3) 4. Other - Depth (big) ships - Slow developing cleaner engines - Limited support changes to legislation - The waterway is regularly confronted with regulatory changes.

17 SmartPort

18 Interim Conclusion (2) However there is a big support and good prospects There is a threat that the sector will lacks behind Something needs to be done to make the sector ready for the 21th century

19 SmartPort Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam The involvement of ESPR In IDVV Part II

20 SmartPort Main research question What conditions are necessary for the growing amount of goods reliable, durable and easy to transport? The focus is on the waterways and the container. - What actions are needed to realize these conditions? - How and by whom the actions should be implemented?

21 SmartPort


23 Project risks Delays in the project because of relatively short duration Poor cooperation from industry because of overload of reearch, crisis or lack of time Too much information to handle Expired in technology-oriented solutions Differences in perception and valuation of solutions

24 SmartPort Tasks EUR (1) WP 1.1. A description of the current container shipping and a problem based on the description of the inland navigation sector WP 1.2 A description of a future for the inland navigation sector - Desk research and workshop performance of IWT sector - Data analysis: performance of IWT sector - Multidisciplinary stakeholder and policy analysis of the inland navigation sector - A number of targeted interviews from inside and immediately outside the IWT sector. - Policy Analysis.

25 SmartPort Tasks EUR (2) WP 1.3 - Identify and appreciate solutions for system renewal WP 1.4 - Design of a transition to a desired future inland shipping sector - maintain and strengthen the international role of main port of Rotterdam; - relieving road transport by water; - thereby improving the quality of life in large parts of the Netherlands.

26 Informele instituties, gewoontes en tradities, normen, religie Institutionele omgeving: formele regels vooral eigendom (juridisch, politiek, bureaucratie) contracten, private organisaties transacties coördineren Aanwending productiemiddelen in productie en consumptie 100- 1000 jaar 10-100 jaar 1-10 jaar Continu Spontaan, niet- calculeerbaar Vormgeving van institutionele omgeving Vormgeving van contracten en organisaties Bepalen van de marginale condities (prijzen, hoeveelheden) Social theories (Economic Sociology) Theory of property right and political theory Transaction cost theory Neoclassical economics and agency theory NiveauTermijnDoelTheoretisch domein

27 Culturele omgeving Geschiedenis, Economische sociologie 100-1000 jr Wet- en regelgeving Bestuurskunde, politicologie 10-100 jr Organisatie van de Sector Bedrijfstakanalyse 1-10 jr Performance sector Vloot/mensen/prijs/ duurzaamheid Operations economics continu Technology en infra Techniek, ICT, geografie 10-100 jr De sector heeft zich op een bepaalde manier georganiseerd en zij presteert gegeven de culturele omgeving, gegeven wet en regelgeving en gegeven de stand van technology en beschikbare infra

28 SmartPort Internal Organsiation Team Kuipers/Van der Horst (up to March 2012) Focus on performance of the sector - Data collection - Characteristics of the inland navigation sector - Organization of the supply chain, process / power relations. Team Geerlings/Kort (up to March 2012) Focus on Policy Analysis and technology dynamics - EU Policy Analysis - Analysis of current EU research - Analysis of technological developments and potential Both: development vision for the necessary turnaround (March 2012)

29 SmartPort Internal Planning (1) December 2011: - Data mining (Kuipers/Van der Horst) - Inventory documents in in the drop box - Coordination with NEA January 2012: - Delivering WP 1.1 - End of the month internal review SW-analysis results - Planning workshop

30 SmartPort Internal Planning (2) Febr. 2012 - Completion of WP 1.1 - Delivering WP 1.2 - End of the month internal review SWOT analysis - Delivering Deliverable 1 March 2012 - Workshop - Completion WP 1.2: vision and necessary trend - Delivering Deliverable 2

31 SmartPort Structure Deliverable WP 1.1 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Interdisciplinary approach: a layered paradigm 1.3 Reporting Structure 2 THE CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT OF INLAND 3 LAW: POLICY ANALYSIS 4 TECHNOLOGY - INFRASTRUCTURE 5 ORGANISATION OF THE SECTOR 6 PERFORMANCE OF THE INDUSTRY 7 SW-ANALYSIS: TO SITUATIONS OF IST problem

32 SmartPort Work in progress Barriers: - Work overload (pressure due to time schedule) - Workshop: from ‘ist-situation’ (problem analysis) to ‘soll situation’: who to invite?

33 SmartPort End

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