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State of the School Presentation Friday, September 30, 2011 Russell D. Jones Superintendent.

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1 State of the School Presentation Friday, September 30, 2011 Russell D. Jones Superintendent

2 Who We Are Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American School of Lima is an independent, international school providing a college preparatory program in English for students from age 3 through grade 12. Accredited by AdvanEd (SACS) Authorized by the IBO

3 Instituto Board of Directors Colegio Roosevelt FDR Legal Structure Colegio Roosevelt Charitable Trust

4 Instituto Members U.S. Embassy Goodyear del Perú – John Ospina Newmont Peru - Luis Echevarría Southern Perú Copper - Marco Antonio García Thomas Findley Edward French Tony Hines Arturo Koenig

5 Colegio Roosevelt Charitable Trust Members Bruno Bonierbale Dolores de Goytisolo Tony Hines Eduardo Hochschild Russell Jones Deidre Simon

6 Instituto Board of Directors Dolores Goytisolo Board President Jorge BasadreSoledad Gadea Ignacio BustamanteMaria Lee de Yoshiyama James Cunningham Flavio Mirella Martin FariñaJaime Pinto Eric FlohrJaime Raygada

7 Russell D. Jones Superintendent Oli Tooher-Hancock Assistant Superintendent & Secondary School Principal Rachel Metcalf Primary School Principal María Isabel Payet Business Manager Mary Nakada Director of Communications & Alumni Relations Lorena Chavez-Molina Director of Admissions & Marketing John Kurtenbach Media Center Director Michael Hancock Athletics Director John Lakatos Technology Director School Administration

8 Our Mission Statement “Our Mission is to empower our students to pursue their passion for learning, lead lives of integrity and create socially responsible solutions”

9 Our Vision Statement The school will provide an educational experience that: is academically rigorous enhances student learning through a diversity of teaching practices and styles encourages independent thought, collaboration and artistic expression offers choices in curricular and co-curricular activities promotes environmental responsibility and social awareness is competitive by international standards for a community that is united by the English language.

10 Our Core Values Colegio Roosevelt believes that: Embracing diversity sustains and enriches life. Service develops the individual and builds community. Experience is the most profound source of learning. Each person has the potential to contribute. Individual integrity is fundamental to a healthy community. Choice empowers. Survival of humanity depends on the health of the environment.

11 IB World School The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

12 The Strategic Process

13 Our Strategies Academics Assess student learning against the highest academic standards which will ensure that our EC3- Grade 12 curriculum reflects global educational excellence and is a vehicle to promote optimal student academic growth. Faculty Maximize instructional effectiveness by attracting and supporting a high-performing faculty and staff who are actively engaged in ongoing professional development. Finance and Resources Create a world-class learning environment through the sound management and optimization of our human, financial, and physical resources

14 Our Strategies Community and International Mindedness Foster an inclusive and diverse school community which is supportive of our mission, vision and core values and within which all members understand, support and model the IB Learner Profile. Public Relations Be the preferred educational choice among Peruvian and International families by effectively communicating what distinguishes FDR as a leading American international school.

15 Administrative Goals 1. Continued curriculum development and delivery including: –Mapping and articulating the curriculum –Re-writing our assessment policy and aligning assessment with our learning objectives –Continually seeking to improve our students’ results in all aspects of their learning and development– academic, social/emotional, physical, and community/global mindedness

16 Administrative Goals 2. Attract, train and retain a top quality faculty –Continued focus on hiring and keeping the best qualified teachers –Providing focused and relevant professional development –Building capacity for learning leadership for middle managers, subject area and year group leaders, and committee members.

17 Administrative Goals 3. Thematic Year - Building our Community –Implement the secondary school restructuring –Meet the milestones of the PAC project –Foster continued open communication throughout the community –Assure that our students learn in a safe and drug- free environment.

18 Initiatives, Projects and Accomplishments Restructuring of the Secondary School Global Issues Network Conference Oct 21-23 Wind Turbine Project Inter Class Competition Robotics ADCA Art and Music Increased Afterschool Activities 65 th Anniversary May 26 th 2012

19 EC 4 EC 3 ES 1 K K ES 3 ES 2 ES 5 ES 4 MS 7 MS 6 HS 9 MS 8 HS 11 HS 10 HS 12 PRIMARY SCHOOL PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM (PYP) Early Childhood (EC/K) EC 3 - Kindergarten ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (ES) Grades 1-5 SECONDARY SCHOOL MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAM (MYP) DIPLOPMA PROGRAM (DP) MIDDLE SCHOOL (MS) Grades 6-8 HIGH SCHOOL (HS) Grades 9-12 Colegio Roosevelt Academic Team

20 EC 4 EC 3 ES 1 K K ES 3 ES 2 ES 5 ES 4 PRIMARY SCHOOL PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM (PYP) Early Childhood (EC/K) EC 3 - Kindergarten ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (ES) Grades 1-5 Primary School Principal: Rachel Metcalf EC/K Associate Principal: Cate Arnquist Elementary School Associate Principal: Mark Exton PYP Coordinator: Greg Parker

21 MS 7 MS 6 HS 9 MS 8 HS 11 HS 10 HS 12 SECONDARY SCHOOL MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAM (MYP) DIPLOPMA PROGRAM (DP) MIDDLE SCHOOL (MS) Grades 6-8 HIGH SCHOOL (HS) Grades 9-12 Secondary School Principal: Oli Tooher-Hancock MS Associate Principal: Cynthia Wissman HS Associate Principal: John Horsington MYP Coordinator: Jon Field DP Coordinator: Andrew Nicholson

22 School Climate & Communications Recent issues (abduction, parent concerns) PTA Advisories & Parent Coffees Meet the Superintendent Coffees Monday Messenger & School division bulletins Roosevelt Magazine New Website for June 2012

23 Facility Improvements Performing Arts Center Update Media Center Renovation Science lab remodel Synthetic grass soccer fields Elementary School furnishings PTA support for fitness room, tables umbrellas, etc.

24 Emergency Preparedness EQ, Fire and Lockdown Drills Phone Trees Evacuation Procedures GPS in School Buses Perimeter Security System First Aid and CPR Training Security Training for Families

25 Enrollment Trends

26 FDR Nationality Chart Percentage of students by nationality in the academic year 2010-2011.

27 Diploma Student Information2005200620072008200920102011 Number of candidates (including Certificate) registered in the May exam session 3966645662 57 102 Number of subject entries in the session 214366394403416 358 539 Number of Diploma Program candidates (includes TOK, Extended Essay, CAS, 6 subjects) 2235384240 37 57 Number of candidates who successfully passed the Diploma 1932364034 31 55 Percentage of passing Diploma candidates 86949598858496.5 Mean points obtained by candidates who passed the Diploma 323432 30 32 Mean grade obtained at FDR by candidates who passed the Diploma 5.115.395.075.064.85 4.9/4.6 5.1/4.6 Highest Diploma points awarded to an FDR candidate 3942394139 40 42 Future Projections: May 2012: 66 Diploma students (Class with 92 students) = 72% May 2013: 70 Diploma students (Class with 93 students) = 75% IB Diploma Results

28 MAP Results April 2011

29 Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Grade Level% age Reading On or Above Grade Level Grade 180% Grade 254% Grade 354% Grade 450% Grade 574%

30 Class of 2011 College Placement

31 UNIVERSITIES IN THE U.S. Babson College Boston University Brigham Young University Columbia University Cornell University George Washington University Georgetown University Michigan State University Middlebury College New York University Northeastern University Oberlin College Pepperdine University Princeton University Rhode Island School of Design Syracuse University Tufts University of California, Davis University of Colorado, Boulder University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of North Carolina, Wilmington University of Notre Dame University of Texas, Austin Vassar College Wake Forest University Williams College UNIVERSITIES IN PERU Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Universidad de Lima Universidad de Piura Universidad del Pacífico Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola OTHER UNIVERSITIES McGill University, CANADA University of British Columbia, CANADA University of Calgary, CANADA University of Guelph, CANADA University of Victoria, CANADA Universidad de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) IE University, SPAIN Les Roches International School of Hotel Mgmt., SWITZERLAND Universiteit Utrecht, NETHERLANDS Class of 2011 College Placement Partial list of university acceptances

32 Financial Report 2010-2011

33 Total Income Tuition Fees Net14,597,762 Technology Fees398,759 Transportation542,250 Entrance Fees1,804,250 Other Income585,643 17,928,664

34 Operational Income Tuition14,597,762 Technology398,759 Transportation542,250 Others499,458 Total16,038,229

35 Operational Expenses Operational Costs Personnel12,643,806 Facilities Operating Expenses910,241 Instructional Supplies922,341 Non-Salary administrative expenses1,338,627 Total Operational Costs15,815,013

36 Capital Income Entrance Fees1,804,250 Others230,262 Total Capital Income2,034,512 Capital Investment4,287,233 Capital Balance(2,252,721) Initial Balance1,147,000 Bank loan1,500,000 Net capital balance394,279

37 Capital Expenses Capital Investments Facilities Renovation572,918 Construction Projects3,602,515 Transportation Project111,800 Total Capital Investments4,287,233

38 Thanks! Board Leadership Team Faculty PTA and Parents Students

39 Parent Survey

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