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Journey Towards a Brighter Future: Value-Driven Resources in a Time of Change 2009-10 Albemarle County Public Schools.

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1 Journey Towards a Brighter Future: Value-Driven Resources in a Time of Change 2009-10 Albemarle County Public Schools

2 courageous confident creative Be courageous. Be confident. Be creative.

3 Vision Goals Mission Values

4 F o c u s Core on Our Core Operational Support Instructional Support Learners & Learning

5 On the path to World Class All schools remain fully accredited. Twenty schools met or exceeded 29 different requirements for statewide SOL testing to meet AYP. ACPS students achieved above a 90% pass rate on reading, science, history, and writing SOLs, and an 89% pass rate in mathematics across all grade levels (3-12). Seven elementary schools were recognized by the Virginia Board of Education for raising the academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students. As a division, 99.93% of our teachers are Highly Qualified under the provisions of the NCLB Act. Eighty-two percent of ACPS graduates pursue post-secondary education.

6 2009-10 Funding Request Goals 1.Enable the Division to build upon its significant achievements. 2.Deliver the necessary changes to create 21st Century learning in all of our classrooms. 3.Maintain public accountability and fiscal prudence.

7 Fiscal Accountability The 2009-10 budget was aligned with the Division’s Strategic Goals. The budget incorporates recommendations from the Resource Utilization Study conducted in 2007. A long-range master facilities planning process began in October 2008, and will continue through June 2010. Division plans are now based upon a 2-year projection of revenues and expenses. The County has made significant strides in teacher salaries, particularly since 2004.

8 courageous confident creative Be courageous. Be confident. Be creative.

9 Resources for Realtors

10 Your portal for 1-page school profiles, tips for new residents, and school performance data


12 Questions?

13 Revenue Assumptions Additional local revenues totaling $340,810 (0.34%) Overall state reduction of 10% (~$3.2M) No increase in Federal revenues Designation of $800K from the fund balance as recurring funding Designation of $1M from the fund balance as one-time funding for recurring initiatives

14 Expenditure/Reduction Assumptions Given the current revenue scenarios, salary and step increases are not possible Maintenance of existing VRS rates through 2008-10 biennium Focus on classroom teaching and learning with substantial reductions for the third year in non-instructional departments and activities Six percent increase in health care costs Enrollment growth and an increased number of FRL-eligible students results in the need for 5 additional classroom teachers

15 Fiscal Year Revenue Comparisons FY 2008-09 $151, 295, 942 FY 2009-10 $149, 071,850

16 Expenses by Appropriation Category FY 2008-09 Adopted FY 2009-10 Requested

17 Expenses by Appropriation Category Expenses 2008-09 Adopted 2008-09 with Technology Distributed 2009-10 School Board’s Proposal Change Considering Technology Instruction$111,607,144$110,191,574$109,346,432-0.77% Admin, Attendance and Health $11,161,411$9,446,587$8,665,473-8.27% Transportation$9,770,408 $8,717,314-10.78% Building Services$14,106,960 $14,819,5695.05% Transfers$4,650,019 $4,349,069-6.47% TechnologyN/A$3,130,394$3,173,9931.39% TOTAL$151,295,942 $149,071,850-1.47%

18 Response to Resource Utilization Study 11% overall reduction in Transportation budget Elimination of 22.42 FTEs through restructuring of centralized positions Master Planning Committee: Determined that three small schools cost $1.3 million more to operate than one school with 600 students

19 FTE Additions & Reductions 2007-082008-092009-10Total September 30th Enrollment 12,49112,53112,543 Division Square Footage 2,242,491 2,316,441 School Staffing12.0212.852.6627.53 Centralized Services Staffing -6.11-15.31-22.42 Total Staffing11.026.74-12.655.11

20 Reorganizing Our Support Structure Instructional Coaching Teams Teams with content and pedagogical expertise: Instructional Coordinators Curriculum Technology Integration Partners (CTIP) Novice Teacher Mentors Math Specialists Literacy Specialists

21 2008-09 Organizational Chart

22 Reorganization Goal

23 Does Coaching Lead to Implementation?

24 VERIP CHOICE VERIP CHOICE: 2 Years of Medical Coverage – OR – Cash Equivalent

25 Per Year, for 2 Years Only: Approximately $400,000 in additional support for Title 1 Approximately $1.5 million in additional support for Special Education Stipulations: Unclear as to the “rules” for how these funds must be distributed Unsure about the requirements that may accompany these funds (clarification expected by end-of-month) Stimulus Package: 2009-10 & 2010-11

26 Establish efficient systems to support Establish efficient systems for development, allocation, and alignment of resources to support the Division’s vision, mission, and goals.

27 1.No salary increases 2.Positions are reorganized to create efficiencies and provide better levels of service 3.Operating monies have been redirected to support the Division’s core work 4.There is a resounding commitment to the Division’s core work 5.Operational increases/improvements are funded through redirection of resources In This Funding Request …

28 Retirement Incentive

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