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The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™ October 31, 2014 Sharon Hayes, Director Public Sector.

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1 The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™ October 31, 2014 Sharon Hayes, Director Public Sector

2 Agenda  DocuSign Vision Leader  K-12 Sample Use Cases  Metro-Nashville Public Schools  Human Resource Use Cases  Summary

3 10+ Years of Continuous Innovation 188 Countries “DocuSigned” 100,000+ paying customers

4 Communications Real Estate Healthcare Technology Financial Svcs Government Everywhere Insurance Choice Across All Industries

5 DocuSign K-12 Sample Use Cases Teachers  Teacher Contracts*  Teaching Plans  Supplies Purchase Requests  Instructor Intent to Return Forms*  Instructional Expense Reporting Students  Medical Information/Emergency Contact Info for Students  Class Registration  Field Trip Permission Slips  Capstone Projects Tracking  Enrollment Agreements  Procurement  Human Resources  Accounts Payable  Trustee and Board Approvals & Minutes Teachers and Students Internal Operations

6 Metro Nashville Public Schools – Case Study DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL6 85,000 students 153 public schools Case Study Gary Appenfelder Director of Purchasing

7 Contract Process

8 Results 100% increase in vendor contracts Truly paperless Average # of Paper Signing Days Average # of DocuSign Days

9 Contracts

10 Additional Benefits  Increased visibility  No more lost contracts  Products and Services faster from Procurement  “Ecstatic” local stakeholders “It has been universal enthusiasm. I am able to serve more clients with the efficiency savings from using DocuSign.” Gary Appenfelder, Director of Purchasing Metro Nashville Public Schools

11 Human Resource Use Cases

12 User Comments “Ability to post notes to approvers and receive notes if declined – nice feature – time reducing in phone calls.” –Project Manager “Being that I am on the road a lot, it’s much easier to submit these electronically.” –Criminal Justice System Trainer “The electronic workflow facilitates approval or disapproval since can act upon the process even if off- site.” –Accounting Clerk, works from home

13  Value is typically grouped into three primary categories:  Identified benefits are mapped to document preparation, execution and completion. 13 Identifying Value Derived from DocuSign Hard Dollar SavingsProductivity ImprovementsRevenue Gains  Reduce document distribution costs  Lower printing costs  Decrease document storage costs  Eliminate certain legacy eSig., time stamping and related systems  Lower document creation costs  Reduce time to distribute documents  Decrease time to manage document status  Reduce time to process signed documents  Decrease document storage / archiving time  Compress signature cycle  Increase sales efficiency (Conversion Rates)  Return on additional revenue

14 DocuSign Certificate of Completion Creates Audit log for: recipient delivery views signing event text of consumer disclosure accepted signer IP address and physical location encryption event of document signer authentication events signature accepted and used Appended to every completed envelope is an encrypted, tamperproof record of authenticity

15 Are Electronic Signatures Legal? Two Acts establish the legality of electronic signatures in the United States : - Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN, 2000) - Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA, 1999) Both ESIGN and UETA establish that electronic records and signatures carry the same weight and legal effect as traditional paper documents and handwritten signatures. Only DocuSign warrants ESIGN compliance.

16 Highest & Broadest Set of Security Certifications DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL16 Confidentiality Documents and data are private, and access is workflow controlled Integrity Documents, both in progress and completed, are tamper-proof Authenticity 3rd parties (e.g. courts) can rely on validity of signers and documents Non-Repudiation Documents are technically, legally, and procedurally irrefutable Availability Critical service is accessible to customers 365x24x7 CUSTOMER BENEFITS Broadest Set of Security Certifications Data Privacy Protection Of Data Global Security Gold Standard: ISO Streamlined Process for EU Privacy Law Compliance Security Framework Service and Reliability

17 Summary – Benefits of DocuSign Solution  No Capital Investment  No application to download or maintain  Encrypted documents – only those given permission can read  Works on all mobile platforms  Ability to store locally  Easy to Use  Works for many diverse business processes  Complete Audit Trail  Saves Time, Trees, and Chasing Paper  Meets Federal and State Legal requirements

18 Product Demonstration DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL18

19 Contact Information  Jennifer Baker, Account Executive   Work:  Cell:  Sharon Hayes, Director, Public Sector   Cell:

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