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Study On Intelligent E-Shopping System Based On Data Mining

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1 Study On Intelligent E-Shopping System Based On Data Mining

2 ABSTRACT E-commerce is a related concept of data mining technologies and the realization process of data mining techniques are described. Combine data mining and guide features of e-shopping site, study intelligent shopping guide system based on data mining. Use data mining technology to guide customers to buy goods or to provide recommendations in order to provide higher quality services. We take the specific case as study object, we use data mining techniques to analyze and propose solutions. The use of data mining provide users with intelligent guide and make users easy in the range of goods which not only save user browsing net and considering time, but also provide users with a good proposal to allow the user to get the appropriate selection of goods, is a kind of high-quality services.

3 EXISTING SYSTEM Ecommerce can be achieved by a variety of electronic means of communication such as phone or fax. But now people are exploring e-commerce based on EDI (electronic data interchange) and the internet. Particularly as internet technology has become more sophisticated, real development of ecommerce will be built on the internet technology. So there were some people who take e-commerce as IC (internet commerce).E-commerce refers to the network as the carrier, the use of digital electronic means to carry out business activities. With the developing of internet technology and the Web technology, various types of e-commerce sites are coming out. It is not difficult to establish e-commerce sites, but to obtain economic and social benefits. On the e-commerce web site, there may be millions of on-line transactions, generating a large number of documents and records of the registration form every day. Ecommerce companies are faced with a wealth of data, lack of knowledge of embarrassment.

4 Problems In Existing System:
The time complexity is very large. There are no guidelines for user to buy appropriate things. The schemes are cost effective.

5 PROPOSED SYSTEM E-commerce has changed people's consumption style, there have been a variety of online stores and Web sites devoted to business, consumers can also buy desirable commodity in homes, but a growing number of similar sites, and also to choose more and more, the face of online shopping, people often will fall into the plight of choice, especially choice of gifts, it is more difficult to select one satisfaction and newer. In real life, when I do not know how to choose, friends or other people as a guide, advise, but not on the Internet. Are there any web site can provide a service as user's guide this election?

6 Smart guide realization of the program: the gift network establish a specialized section “help you to choose gift”, set up a number of multi-issue election, according to prompt the user answer, such as human sex, love, what kind of gifts they had received, and so on, these data will be connected to the database, using data mining to analyze the data, be able to find what kind of gifts send more appropriately, and then return a result to the user, help users make a decision. To achieve this function is to establish a model: study relationship between all information and gifts user chosen.

7 MODULES Admin Login Customer Details Vendor Details Transaction table
Support Counting Vendors Add Products Edit Products View product Details Customers Edit Profile View high sale Buy

Hardware Requirements: Processor : Pentium IV Hard Disk : 80 GB. RAM : 512 MB. Software Requirements: Operating system : Windows XP Technology : Java 1.6 Application server : Tomcat 5.5 Database : SQL Server

9 Thank You

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