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Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet

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1 Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet
By Jay Conrad Levinson, Mitch Meyerson, and Mary Eule Scarborough Reviewed by Matt Nielsen

2 Jay Conrad Levinson Author of the 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing
Has written 30 Guerrilla Marketing books and 24 other business books Guerrilla marketing is named after guerrilla warfare

3 Guerrilla Marketing at a Glance
Guerrilla Investment Guerrillas invest more time, energy, imagination, and knowledge than money. They work to achieve the best possible outcome using limited resources wisely. Don’t confuse “least cost” with “best cost” Don’t make BIG mistakes, test on small scales first Guerrilla Intent Amazement – “wow” the customer with the little things that set them apart Content – value substance over glitz. Involvement – get customers involved in the experience

4 Guerrilla Marketing at a Glance
Guerrilla Partnerships Not winner take all – know they have to depend on others Seek out partnerships and strategic alliances Guerrilla Psychology Use laws of human psychology and behavior People want to improve their current situation

5 The 12 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them
Mistake 1: Putting up a website with no planning Mistake 2: Failing to research competitors and the marketplace Mistake 3: Developing poorly designed websites that are difficult to navigate Mistake 4: Failing to write effective direct response copy

6 The 12 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them
Mistake 5: Failing to build permission-based marketing lists Mistake 6: no traffic generation strategy Mistake 8: Not using online and offline marketing combinations Mistake 10: neglecting to build virtual teams and partnerships

7 High Impact at a Low Cost – Types of Websites
Squeeze page Sales page/letter Blogs Continuity websites (subscription)

8 Squeeze Page

9 Sales Letter

10 High Impact at a Low Cost – Types of Websites
Squeeze page Sales page/letter Blogs Continuity websites (subscription)

11 Choosing Domain Name and Hosting Company
Short, easy to pronounce and spell Include keywords Buy related or similar names Hosting company Lowest cost isn’t best cost Services, support, security, reliability

12 Outsourcing Web Development
Check out lots of websites Survey current and past customers Finalize your requirements Determine how it will be maintained

13 Direct Response Marketing: Turning Visitors Into Customers
Consumers purchase products, but buy dreams Direct response communication Talk naturally Provide just enough information to help them make a decision Paint a picture

14 Sales Page Create an attention grabbing headline
State their problem, offer a solution Resolve their concerns Offer something irresistible Reverse the risk Call to action

15 Guerrilla Communications – Email
Getting your s opened - Subject lines Getting your s read Getting your readers to take action Make it unique – video and audio

16 Guerrilla Communications – Podcasts
Why Guerrillas use podcasts More tips for effective podcasting

17 Guerrilla Traffic: Driving Visitors to Your Website
Guerrillas link with others Inbound links Links to your site from the outside These links act like votes for your website. Writing blogs and articles are a good way to build links Outbound and reciprocal links Outbound are one way links out of your site, they help enhance your credibility Swap links with others in similar areas, which will enhance customers experience, make it natural Guerrillas add relevant content

18 Guerrilla Traffic: Driving Visitors to Your Website
Guerrillas participate Find out where they gather Become a part of the community Position yourself as an industry expert

19 Guerrilla Traffic: Driving Visitors to Your Website
Guerrillas partner using affiliate programs How are affiliate programs managed?

20 Guerrilla Traffic: Driving Visitors to Your Website
Guerrillas use word of mouth marketing Go viral Use tell-a-friend programs Set up signatures

21 Guerrilla Automation: Online Systems for Effortless Follow-up
Automation is necessary Sequential Autoresponders Sends out s automatically Processing online payments Merchant accounts Gateway from their card to your account PayPal and other third-party processors For a fee they will process your transactions One-stop shopping carts

22 Guerrilla multimedia: Using audio and video for maximum impact
Get both sides of the brain involved Audio People buy from those they know Record testimonials, add audio greetings, use music Video Show testimonials or interviews, demonstrate products

23 Choosing Your Marketing Weapons
Choose those that make the most sense Choose low cost or free first Match them to your audience Quality > Quantity Look towards others in your industry

24 20 Best Weapons Guerrilla marketing internet knowledge and mindset
A well researched written plan for marketing on the internet A professional looking and easy to use website Keyword rich domain name Effective SEO strategies Compelling and well written direct response sales letter Ad tracking software to measure op in and sales conversions Blogs Autoresponders All in one shopping carts campaigns

25 20 Best Weapons list building strategies that combine opt in opportunities with compelling offers Multimedia – audio and video to enhance communication Fusion marketing partnerships – joint venture and strategic alliances Podcasts and nanocasts Teleseminars, teleconferences, and webinars Involvement devices: wikis, surveys, polls, forums, blogs Affiliate programs – yours and others Web 2.0 social media Outsourcing – building a virtual team

26 How Guerrillas Use the Best-of-the-Best Web 2.0 Sites
Social video websites: YouTube use interesting titles and tags to make your videos easy to find Picture sharing websites: and highlight photos of themselves and customers, show their products and services Social networking websites: 40% of MySpace users are years old Make sure to link to your site on your MySpace, spend 1 hour a week reaching out to others to build your network

27 Guerrilla Momentum and People Power
Fusion Marketing Basics Working together is the best way to market your business, the internet makes it even easier as you can work with people from all over the world from your own house Joint venture partnerships Usually temporary partnerships where people combine resources and skills for a single project

28 Guerrilla Momentum and People Power
Strategic alliances work with another person/company on multiple projects on a regular basis – often relying on each other to generate most of their revenue

29 Outsourcing: Building a Virtual Team the Smart Way
Don’t wait too long Calculate what you are losing (money and opportunity costs Write a job description on an outsourcing site. Be short and to the point and include a maximum price Tell them exactly what you want and provide examples of work that you like.

30 Main Takeaways Make use of the underlying psychology behind consumer behavior Make the best use of the resources you have to develop a differentiated marketing strategy Understand that you can’t do it all yourself

31 Pro’s Easy to read and comprehend
Uses examples of the theories in practice Gives sound advice that makes sense and backs it up with evidence

32 Con’s Can be repetitive at times
Basic, may need additional information to put some things into practice

33 Rating

34 Questions?

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