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Croatia-Istria Photographed by Ivan Szedo 2009 Be patient! Following a large number of pictures.

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1 Croatia-Istria Photographed by Ivan Szedo 2009 Be patient! Following a large number of pictures.

2 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria2 Limsky Canal

3 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria3 Istria

4 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria4 Porec

5 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria5 Porec

6 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria6 Porec

7 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria7 Porec

8 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria8 Porec

9 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria9 Porec

10 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria10 Porec

11 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria11 Porec

12 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria12 Rovinj

13 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria13 Rovinj

14 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria14 Rovinj

15 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria15 Rovinj

16 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria16 Rovinj

17 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria17 Rovinj

18 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria18 Rovinj

19 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria19 Rovinj

20 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria20 Rovinj

21 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria21 Rovinj

22 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria22 Rovinj

23 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria23 Rovinj

24 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria24 Rovinj

25 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria25 Rovinj

26 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria26 Rovinj

27 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria27 Rovinj

28 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria28 Rovinj

29 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria29 Rovinj

30 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria30 Rovinj

31 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria31 Rovinj

32 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria32 Rovinj

33 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria33 Limsky Canal

34 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria34 Limsky Canal

35 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria35 Limsky Canal

36 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria36 Labin

37 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria37 Labin

38 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria38 Labin

39 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria39 Labin, the coffe-bar- tree

40 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria40 Cres

41 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria41 Cres

42 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria42 Cres

43 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria43 Cres

44 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria44 Rabac

45 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria45 Rabac

46 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria46 Rabac

47 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria47Rabac

48 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria48 Rabac

49 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria49 Rabac

50 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria50 Rabac

51 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria51 Rabac

52 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria52 Sunset inRabac Sunset in Rabac

53 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria53 Rabac

54 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria54 Day and night

55 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria55 Night inRabac Night in Rabac

56 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria56 at sunset

57 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria57

58 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria58 Air dancers at Rabac

59 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria59 Air dancers at Rabac

60 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria60 Morning at Rabac

61 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria61 Morning at Rabac

62 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria62 Morning at Rabac

63 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria63 Sunrise at Rabac

64 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria64

65 2009.08.10.Croatia- Istria65 Thank you for your attention! My next slideshow (click below):My next slideshow (click below): No one has right to copy or reuse any content of this document whitout written permission of the author. Copyright: Ivan Szedo Copyright: Ivan Szedo Equipment: Sony DSLR A900, Minolta lenses

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