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Copyright © 2011 Micronet Communications, INC Micronet In Perspective.

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1 Copyright © 2011 Micronet Communications, INC Micronet In Perspective

2 Micronet Communications Inc. 2 Making Communication Easier Mission since 1992 Hundreds Millions of Nodes since 1992

3 Micronet Communications Inc. 3 Market Micronet is dedicated to making networking easy and affordable for its home users. Our home networking solutions are radically simple, from routers and adapters to IP phones. Home Networking Our innovative products enable reliable and high-performance business networks. We provide connectivity between buildings, offices and remote workforce. Business Networking Micronet offers a full range of networking products to broadband providers. With our comprehensive solutions, you will be able to deliver reliable products with reduced costs to home and SMB users. ISP / WISP

4 Micronet Communications Inc. 4 Worldwide Channels

5 Micronet Communications Inc. 5 Ethernet Switch Wireless LAN Network Video New Development

6 Micronet Communications Inc. 6 100M/1000M/10G Management Switch Build the Network Infrastructure for FTTx Metropolitan and Enterprise L2 Managed Switch 24G Gigabit + 4 Shared SFP SP1684B L2 Managed Switch 24+2G Combo SP1658C L3 Managed Switch 24 Gigabit + 2G Combo SP6724A L2 Managed Switch 24 Gigabit+10-Gigabit SP6624G4 Ethernet Switch Switch Enterprise

7 Micronet Communications Inc. 7 Fiber Optical Networking Extending the reach and faster, excellent for FTTx 24-port GbE Fiber Management Switch SP6524F 10/100/1000M Media Converter SP364 Series Management Converter Chassis SP1386 / SP1387 Ethernet Switch Fiber Ethernet

8 Micronet Communications Inc. 8 5-port 10/100M Switch SP605K 8-port 10/100M Switch SP608K 8-port GbE Switch SP6108 SP616EB SP684C Ethernet Switch SP624R A Full Range of Unmanaged Switch With Stable, Solid, Fast Network Connection Switch SOHO and SME

9 Micronet Communications Inc. 9 Complete Line of 100M/1000M/10G Switch 1000M+10G 1000M 100M + 1G 100M UnmanagedWeb-managedSNMP-managed

10 Micronet Communications Inc. 10 24 Gigabit Managed Switch SP1684B Introducing SP1684B Gigabit Switch Key Features: Provide 48Gbps and non-blocking data transfer rate All layer 2 management features including VLAN, SNMP, STP, RSTP, and DHCP relay support for large file transfer IGMP protocol support for easily distinguish from other group member

11 Micronet Communications Inc. 11 Wireless LAN Get Connected with Convenience 300M WLAN Broadband Router SP916NE/SP9016/SP9018 150M WLAN Broadband Router SP916NL High Power WLAN USB Adapter SP907NP Wireless LAN_Indoor

12 Micronet Communications Inc. 12 WLAN Outdoor CPE Ideal Solution for WISP 54M 802.11b/g 2.4GHz WLAN Outdoor CPE SP9012 150M 802.11a/n 5.8GHz WLAN Outdoor CPE SP9015 150M 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WLAN Outdoor CPE SP9012N Wireless LAN 150M 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WLAN Outdoor CPE SP9012NL / SP9015N Wireless LAN_Outdoor

13 Micronet Communications Inc. 13 ADSL Modem Router ADSL2+ Modem Router Bringing you right to the Internet! 150M Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router SP3367NL ADSL2+ Modem Router SP3362F 300M Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router SP3367NE ADSL Modem Router

14 Micronet Communications Inc. 14 Complete Line of WLAN Outdoor WiFi + ADSL WiFi 11b/g/n11a/nDual Band

15 Micronet Communications Inc. 15 Introducing SP9018A Key Features: Operate on 2.4/5GHz concurrently Support 50 concurrent users Support Power Over Ethernet feature Support 5 Giga ports LAN Connection 300Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point SP9018A

16 Micronet Communications Inc. 16 Ethernet Switch PoE Switch Family Deliver Power for IP Surveillance, Wireless LAN & IP Telephony PoE Switch 8-port 10/100M, 130W SP6008P L2 PoE Managed Switch 24-port 10/100M + 2 10/100/1000M Combo, 370W SP6824P L2 PoE Managed Switch 24-port 10/100/1000M + 4 Shard SFP, 370W SP6524P L2 PoE Managed Switch 24-port 10/100M + 2 10/100/1000M Combo, 180W SP6824PE-12 Switch, Power over Ethernet

17 Micronet Communications Inc. 17 Complete Line of PoE Switch 1000M 100M + 1G 100M UnmanagedWeb-managedSNMP-managed

18 Micronet Communications Inc. 18 24+2 Combo PoE Managed Switch SP6824P Introducing SP6824P Key Features: 24 PoE ports and 15.4 watts per port. 802.3af compliant with 372 Watts power budget; guard band 32Watts. Include VLAN, SNMP, STP, RSTP, and QoS functionalities and some layer 3 features (i.e. IGMP and DHCP relay) Standard 19” rack mountable and PoE IP camera supported

19 Micronet Communications Inc. 19 IP Surveillance Professional IP Surveillance High Performance Video Security Systems IP Surveillance_Professional

20 Micronet Communications Inc. 20 Home/SOHO IP Surveillance Take Security into your own hand Pan/Tilt IP Camera SP5532SP Megapixel IP Camera SP5522SP SOHO IP Camera SP5512 Micronet NetView Free iphone App IP Surveillance IP Surveillance_Home

21 Micronet Communications Inc. 21 IP Surveillance Network Video Recorder 24/7 Stay Secure, Stay connected Standalone Network Video Recorder SP5720 Standalone Network Video Recorder SP5730-4/8/16 Central Management Software IP Surveillance_NVR

22 Micronet Communications Inc. 22 Complete Line of IP Camera Speed Dome SDMegapixelFull HD Fixed Dome Box/Bullet Cube

23 Micronet Communications Inc. 23 Keep an eye on things, when you can't be there Megapixel IP Camera SP5522SP/SP552SW Micronet NetView @ App Store DaylightInfrared Introducing SP5522SP/SP5522SW

24 Micronet Communications Inc. 24 Micronet Communications Inc. Making Communication Easier.

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