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S trengthening Families Program An evidence-based, family skills communication training program that has been found in research to significantly reduce.

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1 S trengthening Families Program An evidence-based, family skills communication training program that has been found in research to significantly reduce problem behaviors in children, improve school performance, and reduce delinquency and alcohol and drug use in youth. A merican I ndian

2 Ceceilia Tso AITEC Coordinator Grants and Contract Officer University of Utah College of Education Dean’s Office 801.587.8324 office American Indian Teacher Education Collaboration

3 University of Utah 801.577.2668 STRENGTHENING FAMILIES PROGRAM American Indian Trainer of Trainers

4 Strengthening Families Program DEVELOPED BY Karol L. Kumpfer, Ph.D. Professor Dept of Health Promotion and Education University of Utah 1901 East South Campus Drive, Room 2142 Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Phone (801) 581-7718

5 LutraGroup Henry O. Whiteside, Ph.D. Managing Partner, LutraGroup 5215 Pioneer Fork Road Salt Lake City, UT 84108-1678 Phone 801.583.4601 Fax 801.583.7979

6 SFP: Important Points  SFP is three skills courses: Parenting, Children, & Family Skills  SFP skills are for all families  SFP does make learning “Life Skills” easier for high-stress families  “Family” is one or more adults with long-term responsibility for one or more children; a “parent” has that responsibility

7 SFP: Goals and Settings  SFP is therapeutic, but not Therapy; personal disclosure is not required  Strong families reduce risk for many adverse behaviors in children & teens  SFP makes family life less stressful and more rewarding for parents under stress.  SFP is delivered by schools, courts, and community agencies for voluntary, referred, required and mandated families

8 SFP in Practice

9 SFP Cultural Adaptations  African-American, rural and urban  Spanish language translation  Pacific Islander version  Canadian version  Australian version  American Indian versions  Swedish, English, Dutch, Spanish versions Similar results for culturally adapted versions, but 40% better recruitment and retention

10 SFP in Indian Country  Five Feathers SFP in Ft. Hall Shoshone-Bannock (CSAP) (Collette Evans)  Strengthening Ojibwa Families (Les Whitbeck & June Smith, 2000)  Big Lake Project Indian Walk-In Center, SLC (CSAP)  Raindancer Youth Services Utah and New Mexico (CSAT)  Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Connecticut

11 Strengthening Families in Indian Country Oct ‐ 10 Nisqually Tribe, Olympia, WA Nisqually Tribe Aug ‐ 10 Pinón, Arizona Navajo Nation June ‐ 10 Spirituality Conference Rocky Boy, Montana Chippewa Cree May ‐ 10 Rocky Boy, Montana Chippewa Cree Apr ‐ 10 Dawson Creek, First Nations, Canada Cree Feb ‐ 10 Southern Ute Indian Tribe ‐ Ignacio, CO Southern Ute Dec ‐ 09 Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Tlingit Jun ‐ 09 San Ildefonso, Santa Fe, New Mexico San Ildefonso Pueblo Feb ‐ 09 Dillingham, Alaska Kwanlin Dün Jul ‐ 08 Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma Choctaw Apr ‐ 08 Smithers, British Columbia, Canada First Nations Mar ‐ 08 Pequot Tribe, Connecticut Pequot Mar ‐ 08 Pojoaque Pueblo ‐ Santa Fe, NM Pojoaque Pueblo Jul ‐ 07 Sioux Tribe, Sioux City, Iowa Sioux Mar ‐ 07 First Nations (3), British Columbia First Nations Mar ‐ 07 Pequot Tribe, Connecticut Pequot Mar ‐ 07 Prince George, British Columbia Nuchatlaht Tribes Feb ‐ 07 Utah American Indian Tribes (IWIC) SLC UT 10 different Tribes Mar ‐ 06 Pequot Tribe, Connecticut Pequot Feb ‐ 06 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Coeur d'Alene Dec ‐ 05 Wind River Tribe, Wind River Reservation Eastern Shoshones Nov ‐ 05 Santee Sioux, Nebraska Santee Sioux Apr ‐ 05 NICWA Conference ‐ Albuquerque, NM Conference Feb ‐ 05 Southern Ute Indian Tribe ‐ Ignacio, CO Southern Ute Oct ‐ 04 Acoma Pueblo ‐ Acoma, NM Acoma Pueblo Oct ‐ 04 Navajo Nation/IHS ‐ Shiprock, NM Navajo Nation Sep ‐ 04 Shoshone ‐ Bannock ‐ Fort Hall, ID Shoshone ‐ Bannock May ‐ 04 Raindancer Youth Services ‐ St. George, UT 10 different Tribes Feb ‐ 04 Tohono O'odham Tribe ‐ Tucson, AZ Tohono O'odham


13 SFP Structure

14 SFP in Practice  SFP: 3 Life Skills Courses: Parents, Children & Family Skills  All three are taught together, typically over 14 weeks  Courses can be “unbundled,” but are most effective when taught together ParentChildrenFamily

15 SFP Typical Class Session Family Style Meal 1 Hour Simultaneously + 1 Hour Children’s GROUP Parent GROUP Family GROUP Babysitting Room

16 Staffing Requirements  4 Group Leaders: 2 for Parent Group, 2 for Children’s Group  Top Qualifications for Leaders:  sincere desire to help families learn SFP  personal skills: one-to-one & group  understanding why and how SFP works  Group Leaders: mix salaried and hourly contracted staff to balance teams to include men & women, ethnicities.

17 Sample SFP Budget -10 families  Group Leaders: (4 x 14 weeks x $20/hr x 5 hrs/week)$5,600  Site Coordinator: (14 weeks x $30/hr x 10hrs/week)4,200  Food: (14 sessions x 10 families x $10/family)1,400  Child Care: (14 wks x 2 staff x $15/hr x 3 hrs)1,260  Supplies: (paper products, toys)440  Completion Incentives: ($50 x 10 families)500  Handbook Duplication: (15 parents + 20 children x $8)280  Manual Duplication: (4 trainers x $30/set – one time)120 Total $13,800 Reunion Session: Group Leaders (4x$20/hr. x 4 hours)$ 320 Site Coordinator ($30/hr. x 10 hours)300 Food (10 families x $10/family)100 Child Care (2 staff x $15/hr. x 3 hours)90 Incentives, supplies190 Total $1,000

18 SFP Course Materials  Group Leader Manuals: Parent’s, Teen’s & Family Groups  Handbooks or Handouts: Parent’s and Teen’s - worksheets, lessons  Implementation Manual: - including outcome, process & fidelity checks

19 NEW SFP Course Materials Spanish 6-11 Spanish 12-16

20 SFP Outcomes

21 Parents’ Influence Equals Peers’  National Longitudinal Adolescent Health Survey (Resnick, et al., 1998)  Social Ecology Model (Kumpfer & Turner,1990/1991)  CSAP’s High Risk Youth Pathway Models (CSAP, 1999)  Models for Substance Abuse, Delinquency, Teen Pregnancy, School Failure (Ary, et al.,1999)

22 Strengthening Families Program NIDA (1982-1986) research and 15 SFP replications found positive results: Improved parenting knowledge & skills Improved family relationships Improved children’s social skills and behavior

23 SFP Parent Results Across Five Multicultural Studies (Kumpfer, Alvarado, Smith, & Bellamy, 2002) ↑ Increased Parenting Efficacy ↑ Increased Parenting Skills ↑ Increased Communication ↓ Decreased Stress ↓ Decreased Depression ↓ Decreased Substance Use

24 SFP Results: Children ↓ Decreased depression ↓ Decreased conduct disorders ↓ Decreased aggression ↓ Decreased tobacco, alcohol, drug use ↑ Increased cooperation ↑ Increased number of pro-social friends ↑ Increased social competencies ↑ Increased school grades

25 SFP 5-Year Follow-up Results (Harrison & Proschauer, 1997) 97% More quality spent time with child 95% More appropriate consequences 94% Increased enjoyment of the child 84% Better problem solving with child 75% Reduced family stress & conflict 68% Holding family meetings monthly 37% Holding a family meeting weekly

26 Effect Sizes for Family-based Prevention Parenting Skills Training.31 Family Therapy.45 Family Skills Training - SFP.82 In-home Family Support 1.62 (Tobler & Kumpfer, 2000)

27 SFP: An Evidence-based Practice  NIDA Red Book  OJJDP Strengthening America’s Families  CSAP Model Program  CMHS Model Program  ONDCP Model Program  International Cochrane Collaboration (Foxcroft, et al, 2003)

28 Evidenced Base Practices Registry  Some of the evidenced base practices can be found on this main registry. (NREPP) National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices


30 How to Contact Us Strengthening Families Program American Indian SFP Ceceilia Tso AI/SFP Trainer Phone (801) 577-2668 E-mail:

31 Ahe’hee’ Thank You

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