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Suelene Vaz da Silva (IFG) Francisco José Quaresma de Figueiredo (UFG) Brazil.

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1 Suelene Vaz da Silva (IFG) Francisco José Quaresma de Figueiredo (UFG) Brazil

2 Institutions Brazil - IFG (Goiânia Campus) Germany – University of Worms Participants - 26 (13 partners) Brazilians: 10 students and 3 professors Germans: 12 students and 1 professor


4 Sustainability in some regions of the state of Goiás – Brasília – Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros – Goiânia – Caldas Novas – Fazenda Santa Branca – Pirenópolis

5 The peers discussed the level of sustentability in these regions in the teletandem sessions and negociated the development of a project about this issue. The project was finished when the German learners visited Goiás/Brazil, especiaaly the regions mentioned, at the end of the teletandem project.

6 [Openmeetings – 26/08/2010 – Talking about sustainability] Natalie: Yes, and about the project? Are you preparing something, yeah? Teego: Yes. We’ve prepared some, like, definitions and some basics we have to know, yeah. Natalie: What kinds of definitions? Teego: Like, what is sustainability and what is sustainable tourism and in comparison to ecotourism and adventure or nature tourism and something, then what, like, how we wanna plan it, like, to do this concept thing, this tourism concept. And then we describe the management basics, like, first we have to analyze it, then we have, like, plan, organize, set the goals, aims, yeah, just some basics which are not really, like… Natalie: Just some basics? Teego: Yeah, well it’s just, like, theoretically, so we didn’t really compare or put it straight on the regions, just some theoretical bases, what we are planning to do, actually.


8 Fazenda Santa Branca


10 Personal information. Cultural aspects related to both countries. The target language itself.

11 [Openmeetings – 28/08/2010 – Portuguese learning] Gustavo: O plural, Lini. O plural é isso aqui ooh... O plural seria assim... O plural seria esse ooh... ‘vocês foram’. Lini: Hum. Gustavo: ‘Vocês foram’. Lini: E ‘nós’? Gustavo: Nós? ‘Nós fomos’. Lini: ‘Nós fomos’. Gustavo: Very good! ‘Nós fomos’. Lini: ‘Fomos’. Gustavo: Muito bem, Lini. E para falar no futuro. Para falar sobre o futuro, in the future tense, é muito simples, você pode falar assim ooh, for example, eu, ‘eu vou comer’, ‘eu vou comer’. Eu... Lini: Como em espanhol? Ah, eu vou. Unhum. Gustavo: Exactly. Like I’m going to, I’m going to. Eu vou, aah, dormir... I think you won’t have problems with this. Lini: ‘Eu vou comer’. ‘Eu vou dormir’.

12 [Openmeetings – 26/08/2010 – English learning] Natalie: No, ok, and then I have that I can show for you the photos about our cities in this program Openmeetings, I will, I will pass, I will see ‘verificate’, ‘verificate’ exists this word? This word ‘verificar’? Teego: [Chat] Verify Natalie: Oh, yes, ‘verify’. You have to teach me English too, yes? Because you know much, much more than me. Teego: No problem. Natalie: Yes? So I want that you correct me when I’m wrong. Teego: Yep, but often you are not wrong, like, only couples, only a few times and then I will correct you, of course. Natalie: Yes, you can correct me. So what is the word, ‘verific’? Teego: ‘Verify’. Natalie: ‘Verify’. So I will verify with, verify, yes, I will verify yes, thank you. I will verify about this possibility for you, I show you the photos and if it is possible I will show to you.

13 [Openmeetings – 53 – 28/08/2010 – German learning] Natalie: Yes, all the words… Yes, I’m confusing… all the words that has this, the stress. And how do you say ‘irmã’ in German? Teego: ‘Irmã’ was, eh, sister, wasn’t it? Brother? Sister? Natalie: Yes. Sister. Teego: Sister. Sister would be, ah… Teego: [Chat] Schwester. Teego: Schwester. Natalie: Uau! Schwester. Teego: The first three letters is always like a /∫/ basically ‘sh’ in English /∫/, yeah? And then the ‘w’ is /v/ Schwester. Natalie: Schwester, Schwester. Teego: Yes, Schwester. Natalie: Yes? Schwester? Teego: Yes, perfect. Natalie: Schwester. My Schwester. I have just one Schwester. And a brother…

14 Learning of English and Portuguese; Face-to-face interaction in Goiás; Academic development - participation in two academic events; Construction of a teletandem learning laboratory at UFG and IFG; Writing of an article in English.


16 Suelene Vaz da Silva Francisco José Quaresma de Figueiredo

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