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Attracting Hispanic Patients Staff Meeting Presentation Series Module 7.

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1 Attracting Hispanic Patients Staff Meeting Presentation Series Module 7

2 Top Ancestries In U.S. in 2000 German43 Million Irish31 Million English25 Million United States or American21 Million Italian16 Million Hispanic45 Million Mexican?30 Million Source: U.S. Census Department and Synovate estimates 15 % of U.S. population is of Hispanic ancestry

3 Source: U.S. Census Bureau – March, 2004 Hispanics will reach 24% of U.S. population by 2050

4 10 Fastest Growing Hispanic States (1990-2000) % Growth North Carolina449% Arkansas344% Georgia329% Tennessee299% South Carolina236% Nevada225% Alabama222% Kentucky194% Minnesota189% Iowa169% Source: U.S. Census Department

5 Language Spoken at Home (% of Hispanics) Source: Synovate, U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Nearly two-thirds of Hispanics speak mostly Spanish at home while another quarter say they speak both Spanish and English equally

6 Source: US Census Bureau 2000 Most U.S. Hispanics are bilingual, but older Hispanics are more likely to speak Spanish only LANGUAGE PREFERENCE OF HISPANICS BY AGE

7 Check Census Bureau to determine the % of Hispanic in your area. If Hispanic % exceeds 15% of local population, take steps to attract these patients. Assessing Hispanic Opportunity

8 Hispanic or bilingual employees Hispanic messaging evident in signage (Hablamos Espanol - - We speak Spanish) Bilingual in-store communications (signage, forms, brochures) Conveys friendliness, respect Bi-lingual magazines in waiting area Spanish-language website section Involvement in Hispanic community events Outreach to Hispanic community groups, churches, schools, companies Tactics to Attract Hispanic Patients Source: Saatchi & Saatchi X Insights Team, 2005 and CIBA Vision Recommendations

9 Words to Learn ENGLISH Good morning (afternoon) (evening) My name is… Sit down please What is your name? Open your eye wide Cover your right (left) eye Which is better, 1 or 2, or about the same? Are they clear? I dont understand SPANISH Buenos dias (tardes) (noche) Yo me llamo… Sientes por favor Como se llama? Abra sus ojos bien grande Cubra su ojo derecho (izquierdo) Cual es mejor uno o dos o se ve igual? Estan claras? No entiendo Source: Women in Optometry, November 2007

10 For Discussion How can the office be made to appear more Hispanic friendly? Are office forms bi-lingual? Do marketing materials encourage Hispanic patients to visit the practice? Are Spanish language materials available to explain products, ocular conditions, etc?

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