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Developed a platform to secure an individual’s digital identity, allowing them to manage and share their personal brand.

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1 developed a platform to secure an individual’s digital identity, allowing them to manage and share their personal brand.

2 Explosion of social media and The IoT Digital identities are compromised A massive global privacy problem hits 10 has a personal branding platform Secured “Spot” to manage and share Others just enjoy relaxing “.me-time”

3 Problem: In our fragmented online experience most users lack privacy and continuity. Solution: 10 provides a system for personal branding by securing your digital identity. Most digital footprints are fractured. 10 represents the next step in tech evolution by providing a tool that allows you to manage your digital identity and personal brand. Problem: A unified global voice is emerging and gaining strength after recent rulings. Solution: 10 enables users to control all aspects of their brand, with no exceptions. Problem: The mobile market place is complex and cost prohibitive for personal branding. Solution: 10’s Exchange: your mobile 10 Spot is published with a click and no charge. Problems and Solutions


5 10 provides a method that secures your digital identity in a responsive environment. 10’s proprietary technology intuitively integrates your content to assist in making your personal brand.  provides users with a responsive integration tool to manage their content  runs on all devices regardless of size, manufacturer or Internet provider  operates a dynamic platform that enables other organizations accessibility  utilizes secured cloud-based technology to ensure reliability and flexibility The 10 Way… 10 sphere: is your private social network or your top ten list contained on any device or environment. 10 mobile: your digital profile and content, analytic data to track visitors, control menu: public, private and secure. What we do different

6 Control your Digital Footprint

7 Manage your Personal Brand API integration for data sync Responsive design interface Personal brand management Unified post, chat and text Digital self-refinement tool Encryption feature options

8 Direct to users that socialize 1-on-1 or in small groups (teens, hobbyist, music, gaming and sports fans.) People looking to control their digital content, promote and brand themselves or have privacy concerns. Self-Employed Professionals (SEPs) are people trading on their name. Marketing Model Loyalty Program earn points and your level climbs. Acquire points by “10ing” (members creating new members) your friends. This drives down the cost of user acquisition, creating organic and possibly viral growth. Other ways to earn points include, winning a verbal brawl playing Brouha. Cross Promotion allows 10 entry points into very specific markets with industry leaders, creating a large number of users instantly (i.e. IMoutdoors now interacts with the hunter on a trip.)

9 Stealth Beta Test 10 used a cluster-targeting technique during our Q1 beta test. Results showed an extremely high demand for a non-branded offering. 10 will continue to market using web-based advertising techniques including mobile, social, in-app, desktop and new forms of innovative multimedia.

10 Revenue Model 10’s value lies in users interacting with one another. Members sharing their brand grows our ecosystem at the Exchange. It stores every piece of consumable data to enable the success of future initiatives. Upsell: in-app payments, games, music, video sharing, dating, gifting, custom designed 10 Spots, ID theft protection, personal branding assistance,.me domains, bundled offerings. Corporate Channels: Organizations that value our platform’s ability to integrate and support their specific needs. This service offering creates value for both parties and allows 10 to maintain its brand identity.

11 What’s trending now? That’s debatable. Social gaming based on wit and intellect that draws a crowd, inspires debate and rewards winners; we call it Brouha and Brawlers (players) are full of ha-ha’s. Traditional debate topics have been replaced with what’s “Trending Now?" Topics ranging from pop- culture to politics are placed in the Arena every 10 minutes. Social media tools (i.e. Tweets, etc.) are the preselected weapons for verbal brawls. By analyzing user experience and talking with some early adopters we know how to improve our core offering and what products and services to add. User Engagement

12 Como DIY app builder 250m users $1.2B valuation WhatsApp Instant messaging app 450m users $19B valuation Wix Domain web sites 42m users $1B 10 Personal Brand 100m users (5yr.) $5B (est.) Valuation Comparison

13 10’s Mission resumes: MicroStrategy,, Red Hat, Enovate, Lenovo, Honeywell, DealerSocket & Wahoo Fitness Grew a start-up to $36 million in revenue President of Copernicus, U.S. Patent Holder Marketing Development for TALK-AOL Founder: Douglas A. Martin Board of Advisors to secure your digital identity and provide a tool for personal branding. We utilize proprietary technology to deliver an expressive instrument of creative freedom and control for you to share or enjoy

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