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Information Dominance PERS 47 Division Director

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1 Information Dominance PERS 47 Division Director
Navy Information Dominance CAPT Mayer PERS 47 Division Director June 2012 UNCLASSIFIED

2 Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Greenert
We must continue to mature Navy’s recently-formed Information Dominance Corps, which will help develop integrated solutions in unmanned ISR systems, Electronic Warfare, and C5I. UNCLASSIFIED

3 The Threat Cyber threats = 3rd greatest threat to U.S. (behind Nuclear & WMD) Inexpensive Easily developed Low Risk / High Reward for adversaries Creation of a Cyber Weapon requires only a few things: Means: software developers, tools Vulnerability Intent Over 100 countries worldwide have cyber weapons development efforts underway ... (Excerpts of this slide from FCS Network Threat Brief created by Sam Simms, CECOM) Cyber weapons can really encompass many things; from malware to system compromises. If a computer is compromised, it can be used for such nefarious activities as botnets. Cyber espionage is and will be a viable means for our adversaries to gain critical information and technologies that can not only remove our advantage, but advance their capabilities. UNCLASSIFIED 3

4 Nature of Cyber Warfare
Operate, defend, and attack on same platform as adversaries Threat characterization and attribution are challenging Offense and defense have similar features Industry drives cyberspace technology Public, high profile successes breed additional cyber actors Cyberspace: “A global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers.” -DEPSECDEF, May 2008 Cyberspace Operations: “The employment of cyber capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace. Such operations include computer network operations and activities to operate and defend the Global Information Grid.” -CJCS, Sep 2009 (slide from FCC/C10F Command Brief dated 22 Feb 2012) Cyber espionage can be considered a subset of computer network exploitation; however, it is so damaging and distinct, it deserves to be highlighted in these definitions. Computer network exploitations not only includes gathering of data found on the networks, but gathering information ABOUT the network, which could facilitate future exploitation efforts or attempts to deny, degrade or destroy our systems and networks. Computer network attack, to which I just alluded, is any attempt, whether successful or unsuccessful, to deny the use of our networks and systems on which we have become so reliant. Fundamentally different from traditional warfighting domains... Low cost... Anonymous....Global -- Transcending International Borders UNCLASSIFIED

5 Thinking about The Kill Chain
I & W Detect ID Track Assign Engage Assess Putting it into perspective….. Kill chain encompasses all IDC communities and through established procedures and information flow, provide decision makers with requisite info at the right time/place to affect decisions, maintain our information superiority advantage in addition to applying kinetic and non-kinetic effects. Non-kinetics as important as kinetics in the 21st Century 5 UNCLASSIFIED

6 Navy Information Dominance Strategy Map Battlespace Awareness
Strategic Theme: “Maintain Decision Superiority in Combat” Navy Information Dominance Defined: “The advantage gained from fully integrating information functions and capabilities to optimize decision making and maximize warfighting effects.” Value to the Navy Expanded warfighting effects and capabilities to maintain decision superiority in 21st Century combat Assured C2 Battlespace Awareness Integrated Fires Q: How do we create value to the Navy? Engage & Neutralize Hostiles Find & Track our Adversaries Exploit the Environment Monitor Own Force Status Value to the Commander Q: How do we create value to Navy and Joint Commanders? Network the Force Understand the Enemy Shorten the Kill Chain Expand Warfighting Options So, how does the U.S. Navy plan to address these challenges? fully integrating information functions to optimize decision making This slide depicts the strategy to get there………… showing value to the Navy and Commander and describing our capability focus and what our folks bring to the table…… OPNAV is being realigned to create accountability for warfighting and system wholeness by crossing sponsor ownership seams and overlapping assessments. The move is supposed to incentivize total ownership cost by seeking balance, trade space and accountability and also to improve OPNAV management of wholeness in platform areas by instilling rigor and discipline with decision-making pushed down to 2-3 star resource sponsors and having greater transparency and improved derivation of requirements. Executive decision making will be delegated, with N8 as the POM integrator, N1/N2N6/N4 and N9 submitting SPPs and CNO/VCNO providing oversight. Capabilities Secure our Networks & the EM Spectrum Optimize the value of our Information Integrate Information for Warfare Enable Kinetic & Non- Kinetic Fires Q: What is our capability focus? People Warfighting Focus Trained & Ready Multi-Mission Capable Q: What do our people offer the Navy? UNCLASSIFIED

7 Our Professionals = Information Dominance Corps
Initiatives: Cross-polinization Education Initiatives Milestone and Command Screening Board Corps-wide Flag Officer Selection and Assignment Cyber Engineers, Warrant Officers, Information Engineering Duty Officer Ultimate objective of the IDC is to improve warfighting effectiveness….bring these 4 sub communities into a cohesive Corps through a variety of these initiatives. 7 UNCLASSIFIED

8 Information Dominance Corps Aligned under OPNAV N2/N6
INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS INFORMATION WARFARE NAVAL INTELLIGENCE OCEANOGRAPHY 182x / 642x / 742x 181x / 644x / 744x 183x / 645x / 745x 1800,6460 IT CT IS AG As a reminder, IDC encompasses officer sub communities and enlisted ratings, along with space cadre as depicted on this slide (over 45K folks). Various Designators SPACE CADRE Over 45,000 Personnel One Corps leveraging expertise across all designators and ratings to achieve superiority in the information spectrum UNCLASSIFIED

9 IDC Career Path Alignment
Lateral Gains: Attrite, Limited Duty Officer on-ramp, and Lateral Transfer OCEANO CAPT Command OCEANO CDR Command OCEANO LCDR Milestone OCEANO Division Officer Community Qualification and Experience Tours 1800 SWO OCEANO Options (4YCS) SWO Option to IW O5 Shore Joint Major Staff Leadership O4 Shore Joint IWO National IWO Coord O5 Sea IWO Planner O6 Sea/Shore Major Cmd O4 Sea IWO Tactical 1810 Lateral gains (Attrite/Lat Transfer/LDO On-Ramp) SWO Option to IP O4 Sea: Afloat Staff Shore: Major/JT/ Navy Staff XO/OIC JT/Navy Staff O5 Op Lead: SG or #Flt N6A CSO Shore: Sea: Cyber LHA/D/LCC/CVN and GSA/SPECWAR Net Ops CO/XO JT/ Navy Staff O6 Op Lead: SG or # Fleet N6/IWC AFPKHANDS Maj Cmd CO JT/Navy Staff ACQ PM 1820 Lateral gains (Attrite/ Lateral Transfer /LDO On-Ramp) This depicts what our career paths look like as we begin the alignment process; there are some challenges: Way we access……2 direct accession communities (Intel and IW); 2 lat transfer communities (IP and Oceano) Milestones – none at O6 for IW and Oceano IPs and Intel have limited command opportunities at O5 SWO Intel Option Trng Initial Op/Sea Duty 2nd Sea/School Shore Duty/ School 2nd Sea Shore Duty incl Senior WC Crs, JSO Tour 2nd Shore/ School CDR OP/Sea Duty Sea - #Flt N2 Shore–Senior Staff Ashore – Intel Ctr CO, Theater J2/N2, Senior Staff 1830 Lateral gains (Attrite/Lateral-Transfer/LDO On-Ramp) IDC Common Core Training O5 Screen Select Tour O6 Screen Select Tour CDR Screen Board CAPT Screen Board Accession Level Mid-Grade Level Senior Level UNCLASSIFIED

10 Proposed IDC Officer - Career Progression
Career Path INIT TRNG 1ST OP/ DIVO TOUR 1ST SHORE DIVO TOUR 2ND OP/ DIVO TOUR 2ND SHORE DIVO TOUR 04 OP MILESTONE (DEPT HD) 3RD SHORE TOUR/ LDRSHP/ STAFF 05 OP MILESTONE O5 COMMAND/ STAFF 06 OP 06 COMMAND/ STAFF SHORE/ SEA GRAD ED SHORE/ SEA LCDR ASSIGNMENT XO/OIC/DH/STAFF CDR ASSIGNMENT CO/DACOS/STAFF CAPT ASSIGNMENT CO/ACOS/STAFF 05 MILESTONE 06 MILESTONE 05 CMD 06 CMD O4 STAT O5 STAT O6 STAT What does it look like when we put it all together? Draft slide for use in all statutory and admin boards (expect this will change slightly for FY-14) Afloat/Shore IDC BQ and IDWO Quals Masters JPME Staff Shore/ Afloat Masters JPME IDC MCC 04 MILESTONE Afloat/Shore IDC IQ DC JOINT MAJ STAFF IDC SLS Afloat/Shore IDC AQ DC JOINT MAJ STAFF SPECIALTY CAREER PATHS Oceanography Information Warfare Information Professional Intelligence ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD SCREEN RATES FY-12: 05 MILESTONE (IP, IW, INTEL)149/ % 05 CMD (IDC) / % 06 MILESTONE (IP ONLY) / % 06 CMD (IDC) / % 06 JNT CMD (INTEL) / % UNCLASSIFIED

11 IDC Leadership and Milestone
Screen Board Objective: Identify the best and fully qualified IDC officers to serve in key leadership positions Process: A formal administrative board approved by Commander, Navy Personnel Command Screen for CDR/CAPT Milestone, CDR/CAPT Command First board convened13 Sep 2010 Second board convened 12 Sep 2011 Third board scheduled for August 2012 *** Please update your Contact information****** IDC is only in its 3rd year of conducting administrative screen boards……what does that mean? EXPECT change We will operate like the rest of the Navy. This year’s board earlier than planned – record must be ready!

12 IDC Screening Flowpoints O-5 CMD / Milestone Screen
COMMANDER CAPTAIN Yrs in Rank Selectee (FY13) Yr 1 (FY12) Yr 2 (FY11) Yr 3 (FY10) Yr 4 Yr 5 IP IW Intel Oceano O-5 Milestone Screen O-6 Milestone Screen O-5 CMD Screen O-6 CMD Screen O-5 Milestone Screen O-6 CMD Screen O-5 CMD Screen This depicts steady state (ultimate goal). Most communities will get 2 looks for milestone and 3 looks at command (2nd milestone look and 1st command look are concurrent). Most communities will screen for milestone in year of selection. Transition to get to this steady state will vary by community: -IP: O5 MS (slide); O5 CMD (PYGs 9-12); O6 MS (slide); O6 CMD (PYGs 9-12) -IW: O5 MS (PYGs 10-13); O5 CMD (slide); O6 CMD (slide) -Intel: O5 MS (slide); O5 CMD (PYGs 8-12); O6 MS (PYGs 9-13); O6 CMD (slide) -Oceano: as depicted in slide O-5 Milestone Screen O-6 Milestone Screen O-5 CMD Screen O-6 CMD Screen O-5 CMD / Milestone Screen O-6 CMD Screen

13 Graduate Education and Fellowships
LT grad ed options Naval Postgraduate School — master’s degree, JPME I National Defense Intelligence College (NIU) LCDR grad ed options Service Command and Staff colleges CAPT and CDR grad ed options Senior Service Schools, NDU — master’s degree, JPME II (7 quotas) Other graduate programs and fellowships Olmsted Scholarship, Pol-Mil Masters CMU, Federal Executive Fellowship, Legislative Fellowship, SECDEF Corporate Fellow, CNO Strategic Studies Group, MIT/WHOI Quotas vary by sub community IW – Historically receive 15 NPS quotas annually in EE, COMPSCI and CYBERSYSOPS curriculum which is based on 99 SUBSPEC outplacement requirements. IWs also receive 5 JR SVC college quotas (3 NWC, 1 Air, 1Army/USMC), 6 SR SVC college quotas (3 NWC, 1 Air, 1 NDU, 1 ICAF) Intelligence Historically receives NPS Quotas in a variety of Curriculum ranging from C4ISR on the technical side to National Security studies. We also receive up to 5 quotas to NIU at DIA, as well as Quotas with all of the Service War Colleges. Grad Ed provided so as to make member qualified for follow-on assignment, not just as a “bennie.” Check NPC homepage for latest information and relevant NAVADMINs UNCLASSIFIED 13

14 The Future Way Ahead Align Validated Fleet Work by Designator thru the following steps. NAVMAC Study to identify and validate IDC work across the IDC. Incorporate the Zero Based Review for CYBER. IDC Organizational Development Afloat Concept/ Experimentation. Single IDC Competitive Category (FITREPS). Common Administrative Screen Boards. Single Flag IDC Statutory Board (O7 & O8) Lots of dialog between Millington and N2N6. Monthly phonecons with VADM Card. CNO Exec Board 19 Mar (contributed to brief). IDC Flag Community Leader meeting (briefed way ahead on board). Lots of initiatives out of these events: To meet the desire align IDC fleet work by we must first Identity IDC work completed by Non 18xx designators (est approx 400 billets). Additionally, we may experiment with Afloat Manning and other organizational constructs (IWC on CSG staffs). Since the IDC is supported thru numerous BSO’s we will work with each community to identify areas where is makes the most sense to conduct these experiments. **Move to URL – down the road – requires continued study to see if this is the right move UNCLASSIFIED

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