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10 Things to do to Keep Your Senior Members Involved.

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1 10 Things to do to Keep Your Senior Members Involved

2 What NOT To Do! "Guess I'm not very good in 4-H. This was my first year, and I didn't seem to do too well. The kids like me OK, but the leaders and junior leaders seem to like the other kids better.“ "Seems like the leaders don't think you know anything unless you get an A at the fair and have perfect writing and spotless paper on your records... guess they don't understand about little sisters and writing with crayons." "Last week, I was supposed to give a demonstration at our meeting. Boy, was I scared! I was making brownies. I was kind a afraid at first, but then I started telling about the day I made some that had dog hair in them. The other kids enjoyed hearing about it, and I thought they'd learn to be careful like I did... but Susie, our junior leader, gave me a dirty look so then I just read from the project book. Afterwards, Susie said I should have used glass bowls and trays and posters and things like that. Guess you just about have to be perfect to be a good 4-H member. I wish Susie had helped me before I gave the demonstration and showed me how not to be afraid."

3 10 O Meet with your teens – without the younger members around O Ask them what they want out of 4-H O Do some super fun leadership/team bonding activities with just them

4 9 O Be flexible O Be firm and fair but understanding about O FFA O Athletics O Rodeo O Homework O Employment O Other commitments

5 8 O Get them involved in 4-H exclusives O Shooting Sports O Baking O Sewing O Home Economics O Rocketry

6 7 O Only Juniors and Seniors may be officers O By doing this you let Junior and Senior Members know how valuable they are and that the club could not function without them

7 6 O Make them Accountable O Your older members need to do all the work – they want to be needed! O Agenda O Treasurers Report O Secretaries Minutes O Song and Recreation O Eye Openers

8 5 O Encourage a Mentoring Program O Assign older members to younger members and give them a list of responsibilities O Record Book help/understanding O Project help/understanding O State Trip excitement O Getting started

9 4 O Keep an Open Mind and listen to what they have to say O They may be getting mature enough to have some very valuable ideas, let me share – as a group, let them develop their program O ie, opening meetings

10 3 O Award them O Examples O Outstanding Senior of the month O Gift cards for major accomplishments O You got caught cards

11 2 O Recognition O Assist them in running for higher offices, let they know they are worth your time O Newspaper articles, not only have your reporter do this, but make sure to highlight your older members O Give your younger members reason to stay so they can earn the same in the future

12 1 O Show them that you love them


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