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Release Version 10 Enhancements. Application Features.

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1 Release Version 10 Enhancements



4 Application Features

5 Decimal Points Added decimal points for data entry to all entry screens.

6 Application Features Text Drop Box New option to hide or show the text boxes on update screens throughout SurgeOn.

7 Application Features Preference Cards Added ability to capture and display images of equipment and rooms.


9 Application Features Procedures per Case Expanded to 16 from 8.



12 Compliance

13 History Reports Options to remove PHI from Transaction, New Patient, and Visit History Pulls. Variance Reporting Enhancement to automatically create variance record from information entered on case. Variance will be built based on Discharge Disposition code entered at the appointment level. Queries can be performed with the Variance module to view statistics. State Pre-Verification Report New report that is produced prior to submission of the state report to identify errors for possible rejections from the state. IE 8 Experior utilizes current technology and tools for development of the SurgeOn system. To maximize the use of the features and benefits, we recommend using Internet Explorer version 8.

14 Compliance Server Whitepaper R10 Experior ServerWhitePaper.pdf SSL Security Experior recommends that clients who will be allowing remote Internet based connectivity to SurgeOn and/or SSRS reporting services secure their web server with a 256bit SSL Certificate. Clients who operate in an Intranet-only based connectivity environment have the option of purchasing a SSL Certificate, but it is not required. Clients who choose to use our PrintMonitor application for remote printing also have the option of securing the data transmitted through the ftps protocol. Our Technical Support Staff can discuss client specific security needs with your designated IT staff.

15 Reporting Enhancements SSRS Reporting Services New & Improved Intranet RUN Reports Excel Files (CSV Format)

16 SSRS Reporting Services SQL Server Reporting Services contains the following components: Report Server Provides data and report processing, and report delivery. Report Manager Tool used to access and manage the contents of a report server database. Report Builder Report authoring tool used to create ad hoc reports. Report Designer Report creation tool. Model Designer Tool used to build models for ad hoc reporting.

17 SSRS Supported Platforms Database Server Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Bundled with all versions except Basic. User Workstation SSRS runs in a browser window like the SurgeOn product. Does not require a mapped P: drive or ODBC connection. Requirements SSRS requires SQL Server 2008. Please note that Crystal Reports will still be available to use in R2010 if SQL 2008 has not been obtained.

18 SSRS Benefits Cost SSRS is an integral part of SQL Server 2008 and is available in many editions, from Express to Enterprise. When you purchase SQL Server, you get SSRS as well. Web-enabled Because SSRS is a Web-based reporting solution, a single deployed report is accessible to a variety of clients, from the browser to custom Windows Forms. Also, because reports are primarily accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or HTTP Secure (HTTPS), you can view reports from any location that has access to the SSRS Web server, which no longer requires reports to be installed locally with heavy client applications. Export Features Excel, Text, XML, PDF, TIFF, MHTML

19 SSRS Benefits.NET SSRS is developed under.NET like the rest of the ExpertPM product Delivery Options Subscription service can be enabled allowing reports to be delivered via email on a preset schedule. Permissions Access to reports can be setup based on Active Directory security

20 SSRS Sample Report Sample Report

21 RUN Reports PA – Accounts Receivable Enhanced Patient Accounting Reports to include classification of Accounts Receivable P130 series as well as AR Detail and Bad Debt. PA – History Reports Enhanced Patient Accounting History Reports to include classification of Payment Applied to Service Date Range (P375PAY), New Patient Reports (NEWPAT), and Special History Requests (P378). PA - Statistics Enhanced Patient Accounting Statistical Reports to include classification of Statistical Report, P160 series, P161, P162, P163, P164, P166, P167, P168, P169, P170, P172, P173, P175, P176, P177, P178, P186, P188, P192, and P198. Process Enhancement Modified the RUN process to indicate when a report is running and the time it will take to complete. Once process s complete, a link to the file will appear on your screen for easy report access.


23 Intranet Updated Intranet Look Intranet now uses style sheet for layout, colors, and formatting. Excel Files (CSV Format) A comma-separated values (CSV) file is used for the digital storage of data structured in a table of lists form, where each associated item (member) in a group is in association with others also separated by the commas of its set. Each line in the CSV file corresponds to a row in the table. Within a line, fields are separated by commas, each field belonging to one table column. Since it is a common and simple file format, CSV files are often used for moving tabular data between two different computer programs, for example between a database program and a spreadsheet program. (source, Wikipedia) Added Excel files for all source data reports in the system. Help Added Help link to each report much like page help.



26 Excel Files (CSV Format) CSV Data Files Column headers are part of the Excel file. Save file to a local or network directory and manipulate the columns and format. Standard intranet link for source data reports created by Experior. Intranet link for the Dashboard CSV Files created by Experior, AR Aging (AR3), Daily AR (AR6), and Cases (AR8). R2009 includes AR Aging (AR3) and Daily AR (AR6) only.


28 Excel Files (CSV Format) Excel Files Create comma separated value files for standard source data reports that can be imported into any product for data mining and analysis.

























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