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The Teacher in Oz Defining the Reluctant Teacher Within the School Culture July, 2004 Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain Click to advance slides.

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1 The Teacher in Oz Defining the Reluctant Teacher Within the School Culture July, 2004 Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain Click to advance slides.

2 The Reluctant Teacher is Not Overwhelmed by Techno-Negatives Frozen by Anxiety Afraid of Change On a Classroom Power Trip Victimized and Helpless Technologically Inept So what Is the Reluctant Teacher? One answer lies in Oz.

3 Why Oz The Tornado and the Chasm - 2 books by Geoffrey A. Moore Jamie McKenzie - The Reluctant Teacher and Wonder ReluctantsEnthusiasts

4 Oz is Magical Varied Multi-generational Full of reversals and surprises Challenging Frightening It is the opposite of Kansas. It is the world of Technology.

5 Looking for Dorothy

6 The Reluctant Teacher generally has a good affinity for her students is organized - writes thorough reports and comments supports and encourages creativity & creative thinking needs little or no guidance to teach: a confident model for other teachers, often a leader varies curriculum little from year to year uses only "proven" materials in class has a proven track record in the classroom comes "alive" in classrooms & extra-curriculars

7 However, she also does not self-promote will not identify herself as a FITness leader is not self-critical does not display most of her strengths when in Oz [What is FITness ?] FITness

8 Traditional development Transports the Reluctant Teacher to Oz via cyclone Without pre-planning Without anticipated follow-through With minimal or no reward of importance to the teacher With no tangible "support tie" to Home

9 It is Individual Self-contained Outside of "Teaching Life Cycle Time" In "Tornado Time" Supported only for the duration of the journey itself Lacking in accountability and assessment

10 When in Oz The Reluctant Teacher relies upon interpersonal strengths relies upon Enthusiasts is concerned with pragmatic issues adapts but does not change succeeds at short term projects Traditional professional development journeys will not work for these teachers.

11 Redefining the Journey The professional development experience The professional development team The Home front (Kansas - School Culture)

12 The New Journey The situation is assessed: What do I know? What do I need to know? Goals & objectives are set - a path is located - a team is gathered - new objectives are defined Challenges are tackled by observing, questioning, gathering responses, acting, redirecting Information is used Outcomes are presented Reflections and Evaluations are shared

13 The New Journey 1.Task Definition 2.Information Seeking Strategies 3.Location and Access 4.Use of Information 5.Synthesis 6.Evaluation There is no guarantee of success. It takes TIME.

14 A successful journey requires… Focus upon goals Persistence Teamwork Adaptation Help Courage Negotiation Problem-Solving Use of magical objects

15 The New Team

16 They are Enthusiasts Native Awed by magic Imaginative Optimistic Attentive to situational needs Cooperative Risk-takers Eager for self-improvement Reluctant Teacher From Away Nonplussed by magic Pragmatic Pessimistic Attentive to personal needs Supportive Cautious until aroused Content with self

17 School Leadership Telescopic eye Magic-maker Visionary Optimistic Attentive to school needs Expectant A Decision-maker Eager for school growth

18 Enthusiasts Are confident Use logic Lead by solving new problems Accept responsibility "If only " Find a new niche Value Oz Reluctant Teacher Is anxious about outcomes Feels strongly Leads by empowering others Rationalizes "I want to go home " Leaves Values HOME How they respond

19 School Leadership Expects success Organizes & directs Leads by directing & enabling others Provides assessment "I want to change home " Remains in both cultures Values both cultures

20 What about the Wizard?

21 "I am Oz the Great and Terrible" The Wizard creates the illusion that he is… All-Powerful Mysterious All-Knowing A Leader He is the Technology Guru and Technology itself. He creates confusion and promises reward.

22 Humbug He really is a talented manipulator of technology and citizens good at bells & whistles fearful of "real magic" effective only when he is believed in not a team player guilty of underestimating Dorothy He can not help Dorothy. She sees through the ruse.

23 She needs a Witch Witches provide Protection Direction Oversight Means New strategies "Magic" Leadership must become the Witch.

24 Leadership must do what a Wizard can not Command time Command money Command schedules Battle Assess Provide & communicate a vision for the future Be powerful in Oz and in Kansas These require that Leadership…

25 Maintain the Yellow Brick Road Complex construction project Road signs Twists and turns Rest stops Maintenance crews Highway Patrol

26 Get FIT Seek professional development Model use of new & old technologies Support and encourage techno-risks Ride out a Cyclone Secure ownership of the tools of magic

27 and Change Home

28 The Power of Home Predictable Personally rewarding Safe Memory-rich : "business as usual" Satisfying Easy to understand It is the role of Leadership to change this.

29 A new Home has Unexpected communications New collaborations Improved concretes More Enthusiasts Golden Caps in the cupboards A lessening of chores A change in responsibility

30 Making it Happen (ongoing Development) Peer-group participation in guided curriculum development. Support for interdisciplinary courses, alternative schedules and other changes to "business as usual." Decision-making roles for Reluctant Teachers. A Leadership that actively models technology use. On-going discussion of and reviews of goals & progress.

31 The goal of professional development must be for the Reluctant Teacher to embrace a change in HOME and for Leadership to make it happen.

32 The Oz Plan for Professional Development Must be process and concept-oriented, not skills- oriented Must include Enthusiasts Must challenge Must have a clearly defined path Must include "rest time" Must have a magical use of TIME Must be rewarded Is a long-term plan

33 Resources Four Models/Planners - linking to four professional development planning models, 2 traditional and 2 team- basedFour Models/Planners FITness The Total Cost of Change Calculator - use this tool to budget for professional developmentThe Total Cost of Change Calculator Dis-Comfort Zone Detector - an interactive self-survey tool for identifying the elements of Fluency with Information Technology with which members of a professional development team are comfortable.Dis-Comfort Zone Detector

34 In Sum The most important change is NOT in the Reluctant Teacher. It is in the nature, planning and implementation of Professional Development and in the School Culture. Change requires forming a New Team.

35 Further Reading Those interested in further reading should consider: –David Warlick - My 2 Cents Worth: http://landmark- –Jamie McKenzie - Reaching the Reluctant Teacher: and Wonder Boxes,Window Boxes and Window Shades: –Geoffrey A. Moore's Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado are accessible when you read Paul Wiefels' The Chasm Companion, which puts Moore's concepts into plain language and further interprets them.Crossing the Chasm Inside the Tornado The Chasm Companion –Steve Hodas - Technology Refusal and the Organizational Culture of Schools: –Roy M. Bohlin - Avoiding Computer Avoidance: –Wesley Fryer - Working with Reluctant Teachers. TechLearning, April 2004: - this article applies more to Enthusiasts than to the Reluctant Teacher. –National Academy of Sciences. Being Fluent With Technology: Chapter 2: The Intellectual Framework of Fluency with Technology:

36 Find more resources on our companion website: The Teacher in Oz. This topic is further expanded in But not Least…The Teacher in Oz.The Teacher in Oz.But not Least…The Teacher in Oz

37 Credits The text for all quotations contained in this presentation and its notes comes from the Project Gutenberg e-text of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum. Illustrations are from the original 1900 edition and are by W.W. Denslow. They are available online at: The Big6 Skills are from This presentation was prepared for Internet delivery on a Macintosh using the demo version of Impatica for OS X applications: - the purchased version would not have the black bar. This presentation may contain copyrighted material that is used under the doctrine of Fair Use.

38 FITness a scheme for identifying the elements of 21st Century Technology Fluency National Academy of Sciences Committee on Technology Literacy back

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