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GRADE 10 TO 11 REGISTRATION 2013/2014 Centennial High School.

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1 GRADE 10 TO 11 REGISTRATION 2013/2014 Centennial High School

2 REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS Centennial Course Guide with Planner Transcript First semester report cards

3 ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Minimum of 100 credits English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2 Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2 Math 20-1, Math 20-2, or Math 20-3 Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20, Science 20, or Science 24 Physical Education 10 Career and Life Management (CALM)

4 ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 10 credits in any combination from: - Career and Technology Studies (CTS) - Fine Arts - Second Languages - Phys. Ed. 20 and/or 30 10 credits in any 30-level course (besides English and Social)

5 CERTIFICATE OF HIGH SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT Total of 80 Credits including the following: Course Eligible Sequences Minimum Credits English Language Arts Social Studies Mathematics Science Physical Education CALM 30-4/20-2 20-4/10-2 20-4/10-3 20-4 /14 10 20 3 Credits

6 CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Total of 80 Credits including the following: Course Eligible Sequences Minimum Credits Knowledge and Employability Occupational courses, or Career and Technology Studies (CTS), or Locally developed course with an occupational focus 30 level 5 credits AND Knowledge and Employability Workplace Practicum course, or Work Experience course, or Green Certificate course 30 level 5 credits OR Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) course 30 level5 credits

7 COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations are in the Registration Guide Review teacher recommendations that are on the January report card A 50% indicates that the student may not be successful at the next level Students are placed in courses that teachers have recommended

8 COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS Correct academic placement is critical ! It is often extremely difficult to change levels once a semester has started Give serious consideration to complementary course selections - changes later are often extremely difficult

9 COURSE SEQUENCING A Grade 11 student requesting a course above grade level (Bio 30, Chem 30, or Physics 30) must have 80%+ in the pre-requisite course & teacher recommendation Students will need to see their counsellor to discuss this Acceptance into the course is always dependent on available space Students wishing to upgrade a mark must do so at Summer School or on-line





14 NEW COMPLEMENTARY COURSES Fashion Studies 10/20/30 Outdoor and Environmental Science 20 Forensic Science 25/35 Introductory Robotics 10

15 POSSIBLE COMPLEMENTARY PATHWAYS COMMERCIAL FOODS 10 Comm Foods 20 (5 cr) Domestic Foods (5 cr) Comm Foods Apprenticeship (20 cr)

16 POSSIBLE COMPLEMENTARY PATHWAYS Cosmetology 10 Cosmetology 20 (5 cr) Cosmetology Apprenticeship (20 cr)

17 POSSIBLE COMPLEMENTARY PATHWAYS Construction 10 Cabinetmaking 20 (5 cr) Construction Project Management 20/30 (10 cr)

18 COMPLEMENTARY COURSES REQUIRING A PRE-REQUISITE CoursePre-requisite Military History 15/25Social 10-1 or 10-2 Psychology 20Social 10-1 or 10-2 Legal Studies 20Grade 11 student Work ExperienceHCS 3000

19 COMPLEMENTARY COURSES REQUIRING A PRE-REQUISITE Course Pre-requisite Religious Meanings 20 / Social 10-1 or 10-2 World Religions 30 Comparative Government 20 / Social 10-1 or 10-2 International Politics 30

20 GRADE 10  11 COURSES As a Grade 11 student, you must: Register in a minimum of 7 courses plus CALM Register in an English, Social Studies, Math, and Science class(es) Register to repeat a course if you failed it in Grade 10

21 GRADE 10  11 COURSES Have a minimum of 75-80 credits by the end of Grade 11 If you are taking a course at summer school, you still must register in the course here If you have failed a course you will not be allowed to take a spare

22 CHOOSE WISELY If you have questions, please speak to your Counsellor Verification forms will come out later Verifications do not mean that you are in the course (it just confirms that these are the courses you have chosen)

23 CHOOSE WISELY Choose wisely as the course decisions you make are what determines the courses that will run next year Adjustments may be made when verifications come out Changes after that may not be possible

24 REGISTRATION FOR NEXT YEAR Student should begin the registration process after today’s YOTES class by discussing this with your parent(s)/guardian(s) Be prepared to record your course selections on a Program Planner in your next YOTES class, March 1st Record your course selections on page 73 in your registration guide

25 REGISTRATION FOR NEXT YEAR Students will meet with their counsellor the week of March 11th to review & register for the courses they have requested for next year

26 SUMMER SCHOOL Students register for Summer School in May with their counsellor Summer School is meant only for those who have passed a course but would like a higher mark OR they are repeating course they received 40%+ Summer School is not meant for “first time through” Summer School will run July 2 – 31 (mornings or afternoons)

27 CENTENNIAL COUNSELLORS Counsellors see students according to student’s surnames: Mrs. Greyson: A-G Mrs. Floyd: H-N Ms. Hunter-Burge: O-Z

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