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An Eye for ICD-10s Jaye Benson Marketing Manager MEDITECH.

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1 An Eye for ICD-10s Jaye Benson Marketing Manager MEDITECH

2 Overview of ICD-10 Impact of ICD-10 Planning and Preparing for ICD-10 MEDITECH's Road Map

3 Competing Initiatives ARRA ACOs 5010/HIPAA Payment Restructuring

4 Why Move to ICD-10s Improved understanding of health conditions Improved patient outcomes Improved data for disease management (nationally and worldwide) Reduced need for additional documentation from payers Greater Level of Specificity Provides:

5 Myths About ICD-10 It's an I.T. project It's a HIM project They will be revenue neutral

6 I.T. Impact Providers Vendors Clearinghouses and Payers

7 User Impact HIM/Coders Physicians Patient Access and Ancillary Staff Case Managers and Utilization Review Patient Financial Services Contract Management Quality Reporting Decision Support

8 Cumulative Impact of ICD-10s Decreased productivity Increased coder demand UR/AR increase Decreased cash flow

9 Planning for ICD-10




13 MEDITECH and ICD-10s

14 How has MEDITECH been preparing for ICD-10s? Recommendations and Best Practices What's still to come?

15 MEDITECH's Road Map Preparation Began in 2009 ICD-10 Committee Updated all ICD-10 Touch Points in our Systems Dual Coding Functionality Introduced General Equivalency Maps (GEMS) MEDITECH Staff Education Customer Education Best Practice Future Changes








23 Industry Best Practices Identify Your Needs Steering Committee Budget Planning Training/Staffing Reporting Interfaces Financial/Payers Medical Necessity Encoder Interfaces

24 More to Come... Problem List enhancements Physician Documentation enhancements Coder worklist Notices Nomenclature mapping Natural language processing

25 MEDITECH Resources Customer training sessions ICD-10 Resource Center Periodicals, portals, people Your story


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