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53 rd NSNA Convention April 6-10 Salt Lake City, Utah 53 rd NSNA Convention April 6-10 Salt Lake City, Utah.

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1 53 rd NSNA Convention April 6-10 Salt Lake City, Utah 53 rd NSNA Convention April 6-10 Salt Lake City, Utah






7 A day in the life… 9-10: Plenary session 10:30-12: House of Delegates 12-2:30: Lunch and Exhibit Hall 2:30-3:30: Candidates’ Forum 3:30-4:30: Focus session 7:30-9: Resolutions Hearing 9-10: NCANs Meeting

8 Convention Highlights Keynote Speaker: Surgeon General Richard Carmona –“Once a nurse always a nurse,”: his career as a nurse has influenced all aspects of his life – surgeon, military officer, professor, and Surgeon General –In Washington now, he is trying to change the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention

9 The most recent Gallup poll shows that nurses rank #1 in public confidence and trust – above doctors, policemen, and teachers! -Mary Behrens, ANA: Opening Comments

10 Convention Highlights Plenary Session on Mentorship –New NSNA video on mentorship –Testimonies from students, educators, and leaders in the field about how mentorship has contributed to the lives of both new nurses and experienced practitioners –Mentors identify strengths and gifts –Mentorship provides a source of energy at the middle or end of a career – all nurses are teachers!

11 “Mentoring changes the culture of a hospital or university.” -Panel discussion on mentoring

12 Convention Highlights Focus Session on Magnet Hospitals –Program started to recognize excellence in nursing: examines the environment in which nursing is practiced Focuses on nurse leaders –14 “Forces of Magnetism” –Nurses in Magnet hospitals are expected to communicate, participate, be autonomous and responsible, use evidence-based practice, lead, and be committed to life-long learning –

13 “Competence is not about having skills, but using them to achieve desired outcomes.” - MaryMoon Allison, American Nurses Credentialing Center

14 Convention Highlights Focus Session on Writing and Getting Published (Cheryl L. Mee, Editor-in-Chief Nursing2005) –Any nurse can be an author –There is currently a great demand in the publishing world for perspectives from nurses –Learn the process –Start small Letters to the editor, tips column, student newsletters (like the DSNA website!)

15 “Writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” -Mark Twain

16 Convention Highlights Focus Session on Financial Aid: Government NELRP Program –Work at a designated critical shortage facility –Apply to program –Government will pay 60% of your loans in two years of full-time employment, with an option for an additional 25% the third year

17 NSNA Government House of Delegates –Resolutions hearings and debates –Vote new NSNA motions into practice Issues addressed: Osteoporosis screening, shortage of nursing educators, physical education and pediatric obesity, etc. – Parliamentary procedure

18 NSNA Government Election of new officers –New board, new vision Representatives from across the country President-elect Rebecca Wheeler, ABSN student at Emory University –Goals: NSNA as a key resource for all nursing students, increase membership, emphasize the importance of involvement in organizations on every level (school, state, national), NSNA needs to take stands on nation issues and be a resource for legislative action for state organizations

19 North Carolina Caucus Met with outgoing NCANS board State Convention: Mid-October in Raleigh!

20 Exhibit Hall Over 400 exhibitors from all over the country – schools, hospitals, publishers, merchandise Lots of brochures, lots of sign-up sheets, lots of goodies!

21 Points to Take Home… STATE CONVENTION! –October 13-16, North Raleigh Hilton –“Nursing: One Profession, Many Roles” – –This would be a great way to get involved in the larger “world of NSNA” and get our voices heard! –Let’s bring a resolution and some new classmates!

22 Points to Take Home… Mentorship Program –A great way to both provide and receive encouragement and support –Student-to-student: “Seniors” to new students, MSN to us –Most importantly, look for a mentor as you start your career!

23 Points to Take Home… There’s a lot more to nursing and our future careers than we see here at Duke… LOOK at the opportunities, THINK about every possibility, and BE OPEN to new ideas and settings. (We brought back lots of brochures and toys!)

24 Questions? For more pictures and links to NSNA/NCANS and lots of interesting organizations, check out our website!

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