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Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

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1 Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

2 The Top 10 Most Endangered Animals
Mountain Gorilla Javan Rhinoceros Komodo Dragon Koala Bear Giant Panda Kagu Snow Leopard Siberian Tiger African Wild Dog California Condor

3 Mountain Gorilla There are about 700 Mountain Gorillas left on the Earth. They live in dense forests in Africa. In a lifespan of years a female Mountain Gorilla might only have 2-6 living young. Mountain Gorillas are herbivores. They eat over 100 different species of plants.

4 Javan Rhinoceros There are about 60 Javan Rhinos left in the world.
They only live in two known locations, Indonesia and Vietnam. The females give birth every 1-3 years. They are herbivore browsers and eat things like twigs, foliage, and fallen fruit.

5 Komodo Dragon There are 4,000 Komodo Dragons left in the world but there are only 400 breeding females. The Komodo Dragons live on Komodo Island. The female lays up to 30 eggs. They are scavengers and eat almost any kind of meat.

6 Koala Bear There are less than 100,000 Koala Bears left in the world.
Their range is all across Australia, especially in Eucalyptus forests. They breed (have a baby) once a year. They only eat Eucalyptus Trees which makes them endangered because people cut their food down.

7 Giant Panda There are only about 1,000 Giant Pandas left in the world.
They mostly live in China. They can have 1-2 babies every year. They are mostly known to eat Bamboo but they also eat flowers, vines, tufted grasses, green corn, honey, and rodents.

8 Kagu There are only 700 Kagu left in the world.
They are found in the mountains of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. They lay eggs a year. They eat only small snails and insects.

9 Snow Leopard There are only about 6,000 Snow Leopards left in the world. They live in Afghanistan to Kazakhstan and Northern Russia and Eastern China. They have 2-3 cubs a year. They eat wild sheep, goats, rodents, hares, and game birds.

10 Siberian Tiger There are about 700 Siberian Tigers left in the world.
They are found in the coniferous forests of eastern Russia. There are 3-4 cubs born in a litter. They eat mostly deer and wild pig but they also eats fish.

11 African Wild Dog There are about 4,000 African Wild Dogs left in the world. They are only found in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert. They may have as many as 16 pups in a litter but many of them die. They eat things like antelopes and zebras.

12 California Condor There are about 200 California Condors left in the world. They mainly live in southern California. They lay one egg about every two years. They are scavengers and eat large and small dead animals like deer, cattle, sheep, rodents, and rabbits.


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