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CNBM International Corporation. Company Profile CNBM, China National Building Material Group Corporation, is the largest group company in China building.

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1 CNBM International Corporation

2 Company Profile CNBM, China National Building Material Group Corporation, is the largest group company in China building material & equipment industry. It was incorporated in 1984 upon the approval from the State Council of China. It is one of the 143 large-scale groups under the administration of China State - owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. There are over 300 subsidiary factories and companies within our Group; 2 public listed companies in Hong Kong, 4 Public listed companies in China mainland; 11 publicly listed companies in which CNBM has a substantial percentage of shares.

3 Company Profile As the primary subsidiary company of CNBM Group, CNBM International Corporation has grown into a leading production base and renowned supplier of ductile iron water pipe & fittings of both potable and sewage water in China. Annual capacity: 250,000 Metric tons Applied standard: ISO2531:1998 / EN545:2002 / EN598:1995 Manufacturing system: ISO9001:2000 Market: Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America Quality system: ISO9001 The foundry was founded and put into production since 1990s.

4 Introduction of Ductile Iron Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe, a product of advanced metallurgy, offers unique properties for conveying portable/sewage water under pressure. It combines the physical strength of mild steel and long life of gray cast iron, and has been widely adopted in worldwide range. CMAX ® Pipeline products comply with and are tested according to relevant European and International standards. All of our products are manufactured under the quality management system ISO 9001.

5 Certificates ISO9001:2000 ISO2531:1998& EN545:2002 (Part.1) ISO2531:1998& EN545:2002(Part.2) ISO14001:2004

6 Push-on Joint Centrifugal Ductile Iron Pipe DN (mm) Nominal Diameter DE (mm) Outside Diameter Wall Thickness (mm) Approximate Weight of Socket (kg) Weight of Straight Section (kg/m) Total Weight of Standard Working Length L=6m (kg) K8K9K10K12K8K9K10K12K8K9K10K

7 Furnace refining Blast furnace Electric furnace Spheroidization Centrifugal casting Annealing Testing Mechanical properties Polishing ends Inside of pipe Zinc coating Hydro test beveling Cement coating Drying cement coating Polishing cement Coating of big size of pipe Bitumen painting Increasing temperature Testing packing Final product Drying bitumen painting Spectral analysis Flow Chart

8 Iron ore & carbon Resultant of iron ore & carbon burned Raw Materials

9 Testing Process Testing Process Testing Sulfur Testing Silicon, Manganese, Phosphor

10 Melting Equipment Blast Furnace Temperature increases very quickly to ensure a high production efficiency. Waste gas of blast furnaces will be recycled to annealing process.

11 Melting Iron T he temperature of melting iron should be above 1400 The percentage of sulfur is up to 0.01% % after desulfurization.

12 Adjusting the composition of melting iron Adjusting the composition of melting iron Add suitable quantity of steel scrap & silicon-iron into electrical furnace according to the composition of melting iron to meet the requirement Sampling and testing the composition of melt iron after the adjustment, confirming the quantity of magnesium and silicon added. C+1/3Si=CE= 4.2% ~ 4.6% (water cooling)

13 Sampling& Analysis It should be sampled under 200mm of melt iron surface from ladle. It should be sampled on ½ place between the middle of melt iron surface and wall ladle. Spectral analysis after sampled again.

14 Spheroidization Process Less fog, less pollutant Less residue clean melt iron The absorptivity of magnesium is high, but the temperature of melt iron reduced is slowly. Economical energy source Easy to control the composition of melt iron, the percent of magnesium resided is nearly fixed. The speed and quantity of magnesium added are the basis of quality of melt iron spheroidization

15 Composition of melt iron after spheroidization Better quality melt iron spheroidized 3.4%C3.7% 2.0%Si2.4% Mg0.04% Re 0.030% S 0.020% P 0.08% Mn 0.4% Qualified melt iron spheroidized C3.2% 1.8%Si2.6% Mg0.035% Re 0.030% S 0.020% P 0.08% Mn 0.4%

16 Pull out the pipe from pipe mould Centrifugal casting Centrifugal casting Centrifugal Casting

17 Quality control and test Visible test Quality Control & Test

18 It is needed to be annealed under high temperature for ductile iron pipe made by water cooling centrifugal casted. ( ) Annealing Process

19 If there is no any small crack of pipe after test, HBS230HB and elongation 10% Elongation Test

20 Zinc Coating The density is not less than 130g/m2. The minimum density is not less than 110g/m2. Higher density can be applied.

21 Weight of Zinc coating measured

22 Polishing inside of pipe Polishing the socket and spigot Polishing

23 Dimension of spigot measured Dimension of socket measured

24 Mechanical properties test Metallography Tensile test Ring pressed test

25 Hydraulic Test DNK9Time Mpa15s Mpa15s Mpa15s Mpa15s

26 Wall thickness measured

27 Acc to ISO4179 standards and requirements SizeThickness required DN mm DN mm DN mm Cement Coating

28 Drying the cement Lining The pipes should be put in drying pool after 15 min stayed in air which is steam press 0.1MPa temperature humidity85% time 8 hours

29 Polishing the cement coating

30 It should be painted bitumen when the temperature of pipe is up to Heat Treatment

31 It is equal or more than 70um according to ISO2531 standard Bitumen painted

32 Measure the thickness of bitumen coating

33 The bitumen coating will be dry quickly under 6070 when they are put in drying equipment. Drying

34 Finished products in stock

35 Customers & Third party inspector

36 Pipes in truck

37 Pipes in containers

38 Pipes in bulk vessel


40 Look forward to having a prosperous future with you! CNBM International Corporation Head Office: Tel: Fax: Mobil:

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